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Monday 25 February 2013

Lesbian Musical Needs YOUR Help!

Do you love musicals? Do you love lesbians? Of course you do!

Lesbian Love Octagon is an up and coming lesbian musical based in New York City - and they need your help to get up and running.

Check this out:

Doesn't this look great?

Talent, humour and lesbians all rolled into one!

By clicking HERE, you can donate as little as $10 in return for some awesome gifts - you might even get to star in the musical when it begins in June!

This is a project we really believe in, and it would be great if you could get involved.

What are you waiting for? Let's get this on the stage!

Sunday 24 February 2013

Interview with Lesbian Social Networking Mogul, Natasha Nicole Ponomaroff!

Remember that time you asked for us to interview YouTube/Tumblr/Twitter/everywhere famous, Natasha Nicole Ponomaroff?

Well, look what we have here!

(Photo Credit: Pocket Punt)

All Things Lesbian: The accessibility of the internet around the world has led many young (and old!) lesbian and bisexual women to look up to you. How does this feel? Do you ever feel as though you're under any pressure?

Natasha: I feel rather honored to have such an online presence and I honestly would never take my audience for granted. Coming out is never an easy task, accepting your sexuality is never an easy task, and having to go through both on my own wasn't an easy task. If there was ONE thing I hope to be, it's an outlet for other young LGBT youth who may be struggling with the same struggles I once faced. I want them to look at me and my life and realize that things DO get better, and they will. You just have to stay brave and stay true to who you are. Having such a strong online influence does add a degree of pressure. I know I have a lot of younger girls who look up to me making me in an essence their role model. Although I'm no saint, I do like to present myself in the most respectable of ways. I want to teach women to be somebodies, not somebody's. (Great quote, but it's not mine so don't quote me on that one!)

ATL: Just in case our readers having been living under a rock, when you vlog, what do you like to vlog about?

N: When I vlog I literally never have a set plan. I just turn on the camera and open my mouth, whatever I think about, I vlog about. You can imagine how much footage I don't end up using because I have a tendency to just ramble away! I usually like to throw in one or two quotes of inspiration and/or motivation, but I try and do it discreetly so people will have an easier time remembering the little quotes I throw at them.

ATL: We've noticed that you're very into personal health and exercise. What advice would you give to young women who are looking to be that little bit healthier?

N: Yes, I've recently become quite the health nut! My best advice would be this; throw away all the scales you have in your life. Numbers mean nothing now. People tend to focus too much on the numbers and not how they're feeling. You should want to get into shape to better your health! Losing weight and inches are all added incentives of course, but they shouldn't be the main focus. This is lifestyle change, NOT a diet, so be easy on yourself! Change starts when you do.

ATL: Do you think it is important for lesbians and bisexual women to "come out" in the media?

N: I wouldn't necessarily say it's important because coming out is much more of personal journey. Could we use more members on our team in the media eye? Of course! And we welcome them with open arms. But coming out should never be anyone's issue aside from the person coming out. Does that make sense? I hope it does!

ATL: Who inspires you?

N: I'm going to have to be super cliche right now and say that my mother is my biggest inspiration. She is the prime example of what hard work and a great attitude can get you in life. She migrated to the U.S when she was 14, knew NO English, had no family out here, and was able to not only put herself through high school AND college, she was able to get her citizenship completely on her own and her PhD later down the road. She has always been so inspiring and has given me the positive outlook to life that I carry with me today. 

ATL: We've had a lot of questions regarding your very public relationship with YouTuber Jenna Anne. Does that get annoying? How do you overcome something so personal that was once so visible to the public?

N: I wouldn't say annoying, but it does get a little tiresome after a while. I feel like I've answered so many questions regarding that relationship! I was so young, Jenna was so young, I learned so much from it that I will forever carry with me. One thing being to maybe not post so much of my personal dating life online because of the repercussions. It's hard going through a break up, it's even harder when you have 40,000 people wanting to comment on it, but as I said, I learned and I don't regret a thing. When getting through a break up, it's important to remember that things didn't work for a reason. Life has other plans for you and that in itself helped me tremendously. I got excited about the future, I let my past remain there, and I moved on.

ATL: Do you ever attend fan conventions? Have you ever had any weird fan experiences?

N: I've been to Vidcon but that's about it. Have I ever had any weird fan encounters? No not at all! Anyone who has ever recognized me from the internet has always been so sweet when approaching me. I've befriended many of the people who have come up and introduced themselves. That takes a lot of courage! And I love when people say hello!

Time for some fan questions!

"Tash, do you think that there are enough LGBTQ role models in the public eye? When you were growing up who did you look up to? Also you should know that you're my role model and I think you're absolutely beautiful!"
- @Leanne_Ashley, UK

N: Dear @Leanne_Ashley, to answer your question, I do not think there are enough LGBT role models in the public eye, and I wish there were more! Coming out though is such a personal journey though and many aren't comfortable with being so open in the media eye. I hope that with the coming of time though and as sexual orientation becomes more accepted as the "norm", we'll get more LGBT role models emerging. Growing up I looked up to my mother. She's always been my biggest inspiration. The women is just amazing!

"I really want to come out to my family, but I'm scared! How did you do it?" 
- Isobel, CA

N: Dear Isobel, coming out to my family was definitely a nerve wrecking experience! I came out at the end of my senior year as a goal to myself. I knew that going into college I wanted to be 100% comfortable with who I was, no more secrets, and that was my push to come out. I sat down my family members individually on different days, that way I would get practice in regards to talking about it. I realized that with the more people I came out to, the easier it became to do it.

"I follow you on Tumblr and see you writing the nicest things about your future wife. How can a girl capture your heart?"
- Chloe, ME

N: Dear Chloe, you are the sweetest! Thank you for taking the time to read my writings. That honestly means so much to me! How can a girl capture my heart you ask... well, I really don't have an answer to that question. The heart wants what the heart wants, I don't have any control over her (although at times I wish I did!)

Click these links to follow Natasha on Twitter and Tumblr! (And HERE is a quick link to her YouTube channel, just in case you've been missing out!)

Interview w/ Lover's Game Lesbian Web Series actress, Crawford M. Collins

Up and coming spin-off feature film from the web series Lover's Game sounds great, right?

In order to get the feature film up and running, the producers need your help. Click HERE to donate just a little bit of money in return for some awesome gifts!

Watch this video to find out more about the project:

Director, Danielle Earle, recently contacted All Things Lesbian to ask if we'd like to interview one of the main cast members... And of course we did!

Check out this interview with Crawford M. Collins, who plays Annabella in the film.

All Things Lesbian: How did you become involved in this project?

Crawford M. Collins: I met Danielle Earle and Miranda McCauley in 2011,  during the season 2 auditions for "Brooklyn is in Love".  I was cast as 'Pam' the estranged, conflicted older sister to lead, Nikki (played by Katja Gerz).  So having previously worked with Danielle and having gotten to know one another so well over the course of filming, I suppose she kept me in mind for future projects .  We stay very connected on Facebook, share, and commend each other's successes.  Producer, Miranda McCauley had confided to me some time later, that Danielle had me in mind even before auditions commenced for the film.  Now THAT'S an honor.

ATL: Can you tell us a little about your character and what attracted you to them?

CMC: Annabella is an educated, pristine, young woman, but with a repressed, wild-eyed sensitivity to the world around her.  Her top-notch education, conservative family upbringing, and the pressure to live up to socially prescribed standards of the world around her, are beginning to have their effects.  Annabella is caught in a 'perfect-on-paper' marriage, but feels that the 'financial security' of her relationship has taken precedent over the mental and emotional refuge that she is desperately seeking in a partner.                

What really attracted me toward Annabella and her story were the resounding themes of dissatisfaction and longing that sometimes creep themselves into different times of our lives.  Whether gay, lesbian, straight, or bi-sexual, lack of camaraderie in any relationship always breeds disaster.  For Annabella, I admired her for taking the dive into something new and exciting, but I also had to explore her fear and anxiety dealing with acceptance.  She has the potential to be very happy, but her desire to 'keep up appearances' and maintain a glossy veneer to an otherwise unsatisfying relationship, it where he dilemma rests.

ATL: What is the atmosphere like on set?

CMC: Ha!  We're very relaxed on set!  While Danielle works with her crew, the actors chat up the scene work over cups of coffee...LOTS of coffee, what's happened previously before this moment, what's at stake, and we all pretty much just try to remain 'present' in our characters.  Also, lots of cigarette breaks (yes, I smoke, bad girl, I know) where we more often than not, talk character and the story.  Ben Leasure and Miranda McCauley who I have filmed exclusively with up until this point in production are both talented, focused, and very hard-working.  It's been a pleasure working with this little family of ours. 

Crawford M. Collins is a stage, film, and television actress based in NYC.  

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Lesbian Short Film: Consequences

Remember that lesbian short film by the wonderfully talented Dani van Herk we introduced you to? (If you don't, click HERE!)

Well, Dani specializes in lesbian short films, and here we have another one for you to view!

This one is slightly longer and brand new, but the lesbian drama and the hot Australian accents remain.

Check it out!

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Up & Coming LGBT Music: Tunde Olaniran

We've got some awesome new music here for you.

Meet Tunde Olaniran, the American born, half-Nigerian bundle of awesome.

Tunde describes his music as modern Motown with a twist of Euro-electronica and all the soul of Nigerian funk.

Sounds crazy?

Check out how awesome his single "Brown Boy" is. Trust me, it's a grower!

Sunday 17 February 2013

Lesbian Advice #2: Am I Transgender?

The month is February, which means it's time for a new Lesbian Advice!

Let's do this.

Disclaimer: This advice column is completely confidential - all questions are anonymous and the author will never reveal an inquirer's identity. All Things Lesbian and its contributors are not responsible for the personal interpretation of any advice given. Advice written here is the opinion and suggestion of the author, and the decision on whether to take said advice is completely down to the individual reader. We're not professionals - we're simply here trying to make things a little easier for you. Enjoy!

Question 1: A Trio of Troubles.

Q: I have 3 questions that I need some advice on. Help? - JE

1) How do you know that you are a lesbian?

A: Have you ever sat around with your girlfriends while they talk about guys and not felt comfortable? Maybe you stared at that cute girl's butt for too long in the grocery store. When you think about sex, do you picture yourself with a man or a woman?

Thinking about these questions may be one step closer to you figuring it out. Discovering your sexuality can be different for everyone, but if you find yourself being attracted to girls it's possibly time that you explore that. You might adventure out there and try to date/have sex with/kiss a woman and absolutely hate it. And that's totally fine! Remember there is a huge spectrum of sexual orientations out there. Figuring out what you like best is part of the fun! And in the end if you realize you're not gay, there's nothing wrong with that either. Explore your surroundings.

2) How do you know the straight lady you are in love with can accept you?

A: The problem with this one is, you can't be sure. Maybe subtly dropping the idea of homosexuality into conversation would be beneficial here; see if she's okay with gay people, whether she supports same-sex marriage, heck, even ask if she thinks Brittana are a cute couple. Get creative, and if in the end she doesn't accept you, she's simply not worth your time.

3) Is it possible for an Asian to be with a Caucasian?

A: I find it incredibly sad that some people still need to ask these sorts of questions. Love is not based on race, it's based on emotions. Remember that it is okay for anyone of any race, gender or sexual orientation to be with anyone they like. Personal traits should not matter.

Question 2: Am I A Man Trapped Inside a Woman's Body?

Q: How can I tell if I am not just a man trapped inside a woman's body vs a lesbian? I am attracted to women, and have dated a few of them, but part of me also acts a bit masculine and I love the feeling when wielding a dildo and I make love to my partner. It actually feels a bit more natural than without it. - A

A: I understand your dilemma here. Personally, I love the feeling of fucking a girl while wearing a strap-on, but I know deep inside that I am female. Although your gender should not be anyone else's business, it can be taunting when faced with such questions as these.

It sounds to me like you could do with some soul-searching. Do you feel like a woman? Or do you feel more comfortable as a man? It's also important to remember that you don't need to fit into society's gender binary system. Maybe you feel both male and female, and there's totally nothing wrong with that. 

There is a great information booklet you can read for free online from the Vancouver Coastal Health service. Click HERE and you may be a little closer to understanding who you feel you truly are. (And whoever that person turns out to be, remember that person is awesome!)

Question 3: I Thought I Was Straight!

Q: I was at a Valentine's Day party this week and I started to chat up a nice woman. By the end of the night, she had charmed her way back to my bedroom. We got there - a little tipsy! - and I woke up in the morning thinking the night before had been a dream. When I rolled over, I saw her lying naked in my bed and it all came flooding back to me. 

I had always thought I was straight and I never do one-night stands. I feel like my world has been turned upside-down; I thought I had to be in a committed to relationship to have sex with someone. I feel a little dirty and that I have let myself down a little, but I also feel some emotion or connection I've never experienced before. It's weird and scary, but I kind of like it. I thought because she'd given me a real orgasm (something I'd never felt before) it could be clouding my judgment. Any advice on this would be great!* - EB

A: I definitely understand why this would be a scary time for you. When you realize maybe you weren't who you thought you were, an identity crisis is completely normal.

There are two sides to this. Maybe you are straight. Maybe this was a one-time thing and the booze got a little too much for your self-control. However, maybe you do like women. Maybe you're bisexual, maybe you're gay. Exploring yourself and experimenting may be your answer here. Maybe try kissing a girl or chatting to a girl when you're sober, and see where it takes you and how you feel about it.

Also, you should really not think of yourself as "dirty" because you had a one night stand. Those kinds of thoughts are all related to slut shaming and oppressing women's sexual desires. If you want to have sex, go have sex! Of course you should always be safe about it, but if you want it, there is no one that can tell you you shouldn't be doing it. Explore your sexual fluidity while you explore what you like in the bedroom. And if you want to go back to only having sex in committed relationships, that's completely fine too! Just do what you feel is best for you. Hope that helps!

*This question has been edited due to length and structure.


We love answering your questions here at All Things Lesbian!

To get your question in for the March issue of All Things Lesbian's advice column, email in which your email will remain completely anonymous!

(If your problem was not answered in this issue, it will be carried over to an upcoming month. Some questions may not be published at all, but ATL tries our best to reply to each and every email, so send in your questions now!)

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Lesbian Favourite Jennifer Beals Set to Return to TV!

Great news!... and bad news.

The good news: Jennifer Beals is set to return to your television screen! Eek!

The bad news: The new series she'll be starring in is run by *gulp* The L Word creator, Ilene Chaiken.

(Picture credit:

If you're a Beals fan, you'll know she played the marvellous, sassy, badass, Bette Porter in The L Word and she's been on the big and small screens since the 80s, her big break being the camp yet awesome dance movie, Flashdance.

Since then, she's had bit-parts in hit TV shows such as Castle, Lie To Me and the not-so-hit TV show, The Chicago Code.

Anyway, she's making a big return pretty soon with new show, Venice.

Although it doesn't look like there's much in the way of LGBT regarding Venice, J. Beals will be back on your screens!

If you're a Twitter user, you may have spotted this tweet yesterday:

And that got the lesbians excited. They were speculating everything from an L Word spin-off to an L Word movie, but this is what we got.

Not gonna lie, I'm slightly disappointed it wasn't more The L Word orientated...

What about you? Are you disappointed Venice will have nothing to do with The L Word? Or are you just glad to see Beals back on screen?

Let us know in the comments!

VLEZ: Lesbian-Friendly Underwear

Fed up of all the main retailers carrying underwear "for women" that just isn't your style?

Do you find that when you go to the men's underwear section, it's just not the right fit for a female body?

Look no further!

VLEZ is an underwear line specifically catered to a lady-lovin' audience who are looking for some great underwear to properly fit their shape.

Cutely named 'baller', 'stud' and 'femme', their underwear is much more female-friendly and clearly more comfortable than some of the men's fit underwear you find in stores.

To find out more on these awesome boxers, go to to browse the entire collection yourself!

Monday 11 February 2013

E! Online's Top TV Couple Final: Doccubus vs. Brittana!

Okay, get how awesome this is: two same-sex female relationships in the top TV couples final!


We already made our bid on why you should vote for Doccubus (click HERE to read our reasons!)

So just a head's up, you only have until Wednesday to vote!

Click HERE to register your vote for Doccubus! for your favourite couple!

Sunday 10 February 2013

Havana Brown to Run the Dinah's White Party!

PALM SPRINGS, CA -  What do Lady GaGa, Ke$ha, Dev, Katy Perry, The Pussycat Dolls and Colbie Caillat (among others) have in common? Besides the fact that they’re all international mega-superstars, they’re also first and foremost Club Skirts alumni, and chances are, you’ve all discovered them first at The Dinah.

Carrying on its solid unique reputation for spotting and booking breakthrough artists on the verge of becoming music’s next new biggest sensation, The Dinah - the largest girl party music festival in the world - brings you this year again THE buzz-heavy breakthrough artist of the moment: HAVANA BROWN.
Currently rocking radio airwaves with her hit single "We Run The Night" featuring Pitbull, Havana Brown is one of those people who truly has it all- looks, personality, an Australian accent, and, not to be overlooked, an overwhelming amount of musical talent. Already an internationally known DJ, Brown has toured with an impressive array of artists, including Britney Spears, The Pussycat Dolls, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Enrique Iglesias, and Pitbull. 

Quickly rising pop star Havana Brown, who is taking the world by storm after an amazing live performance on America’s Got Talent, a fresh new EP "When the Lights Go Out", and the dance club hit ‘We Run the Night’ (ft Pitbull), will perform at Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend "White Party" on Friday, April 5 at Hotel Zoso in Palm Springs, CA.

Get your tickets now:

Friday 8 February 2013

Doccubus & Brittana in TV's Top Couples Poll!

You'll never guess what...

There are THREE gay couples in the final four of E! Online's Top TV Couples poll.

The only heterosexual 'couple' are Tony and Ziva of NCIS, which I'm also happy about because I'm a huge NCIS fan.

Vote for Doccubus (Lost Girl) and Brittana (Glee) by clicking HERE! There are only a couple more days to vote, so hurry!

But who should you vote for if both Doccubus and Brittana make it to the final couple? 

I'm going to make my plea for Doccubus right now.

1) You should vote for Doccubus because they are the most real couple on television right now. Brittana aren't actually a couple (the stupid writers hooked Brittany up with Sam. Not cool.) but Doccubus repeatedly portray a healthy same-sex relationship on TV week after week.

2) Damn Glee win every poll... Ever! Let's face it: Glee lost its pizzazz after the second season. Some may even argue during the season season. But Lost Girl gets better every week. It's sexy, fun, and mature all at the same time. Oh also, Finchel isn't a thing that happens in Lost Girl.

3) A vote for Doccubus means a vote for more Lost Girl visibility! Who doesn't know what Glee is, right? Whether you love it or hate it, you've heard of Glee. The thing is, not so many people have heard of the little Canadian show that could. So if Doccubus won, you'd be showing your support and spreading awareness of the show!

4) Brittana are cute and all, but Doccubus... I think this emoticon explains it sufficiently: *_* They are damn smokin' hot, and if you don't watch Lost Girl, you'll feel stupid for not doing so after watching the video below...

So, please. I am begging you. Just because you knew Brittana first does not mean they're worthy of this crown.

Doccubus are 100% the best couple on television I've seen for a long time, gay or straight. GO VOTE! (There will be a reminder of the final poll once we find out who the finalists are... Hold on tight!)

INTERVIEW: Up & Coming LGBT Music, Syren

You know what there's not enough of? Lesbian bands.

I mean sure, we currently have Hunter Valentine, Sick of Sarah and the like, but how about something different?

Check out this great interview we have with the lead singer of Syren, a band originally from the US and who are now stationed in the UK.

All Things Lesbian: For our readers who haven't heard your music, describe your sound in 5 words or less.
Erin Bennett, lead singer of Syren: Passionate, Lesbian Pop/Rock

ATL: Do you think its important for LGBT musicians to "come out" in today's media and political climates?

EB: That's quite difficult. I think it is important for LGBT people in music to know that they CAN come out but it is still very difficult to build a largely successful career if you do. More artists are coming out as bisexual (such as LadyGaga and Jessie J) and you also get the odd male (Will Young, Adam Lambert) who come out as gay. There are not many 'out' lesbian singers in today's mainstream pop world. 

But for every artist that faces the difficulties of publicly coming out it builds a firmer foundation for new artists who want to begin their career as an openly gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans artist. I believe the world's attitude towards homosexuality is slowly changing and music is a perfect way to push that more further forward because everyone loves music, music touches everyone in one way or another. That's what I hope to do as an artist.

ATL: You're based in Scotland but born in Texas. Did you ever perform in Texas? Would you say the
atmosphere/music scene there is different to the UK?

EB: (Laughs) Seems I played all the states but Texas. I'd love to go back one day and do a gig there though. Especially in my home town of Ft. Worth.

The music scenes in the UK and USA are relatively the same. There are tons of hard rock bands and metal bands in both countries and there seems to be a massive folk scene in both countries as well. The states seem to have a bigger Country music scene than the UK, but that's a typically American style of music. However, the live scene in America seems slightly more accessible for bands and artists but I think that's probably because the US is such a massive country. The UK is smaller so the music scene is far more competitive. Truth be told though, I think that breeds better music because you have to be really unique to stand out amongst the thousands of bands that flood the venues around the country.

ATL: Who are some of your musical (and general life) influences?

EB: I was hugely influenced by Heart, Queen, Janis Joplin and Alanis Morrisette. They were so expressive and musically skilled. I wanted to be THAT. But I grew up listening to everything from Motown, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and these days draw huge influence from artists like KD Lang, KT Tunstall, Lissie and The Pierces.

As a general influence, I most admire Benazir Bhutto. She was such a brave and beautiful woman and a real inspiration to women all over the world.

ATL: Some of the proceeds from your music went to UK based charity, Breast Cancer Care. Why? What are some other charities you're in support of?

EB: Back in January 2012 I lost my wife (and Syren drummer) Jo to breast cancer. It was a very rare but aggressive cancer that is very hard to detect until after it metasticizes. (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) I wrote 'Never Give Up The Fight' in her memory and released it in aid of Breast Cancer Care because they had offered Jo so much information and support during her treatment. I went on to win Songwriter of the Year at the 2012 Scottish New Music Awards for that track and have since tried to use it as a way to reach out to women and encourage them to get educated about breast cancer. So many women (as well as men, actually) just don't know enough about how to look out for it.

I'm also a huge supporter of LGBT groups throughout the UK. I have recently been involved with some of Scotland's LGBT groups in small-ish towns. Some LGBT people may feel uncomfortable about coming out in such a tight knit community so I try to help inspire people to feel a bit more confident and safe when they decide to come out.

ATL: Would you be interested in playing at any UK LGBT pride festivals? Do you you have any up and coming gigs that our readers should know about?

EB: I would love to play at Pride Festivals throughout the UK. Syren is now a five piece band and we have already played a couple of LGBT events. We will be playing the McGal Lesbian Festival in Dunfermline, Scotland in late August as well at the Rainbow Kilts Festival in the Scottish Borders in September.
Apart from that we will be performing in Seaton, Exeter in the end of March as part of Hawkwind's 'Hawkeaster' Festival. Any other gigs will be confirmed and listed on our website and facebook pages. 

To keep a watchful eye on Syren and their tour dates check out their website ( and their Facebook, (

Tuesday 5 February 2013

The UK Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Today, I am so proud of my country.

I am based in Canada right now; a place where they don't care who you marry, as long as you both like hockey. AMIRIGHT?

Today, my country became a place where we don't care who you marry, as long as you both like tea and crumpets.

Okay, I'm playing on stereotypes here. (But it's true. Shush.)

At a time when only 11 countries (not including the UK) have national legal gay marriage, this is historic. Yes, the United States are one fifth of the way there, and Mexico and Brazil are following suit too, but the UK just became the 12th country to pass a same-sex marriage bill on a national scale. (Okay, not entirely true as Scotland are not included. But two of our four countries are 100% gay approved.)

Today in the House of Commons, there were intense debates on the issue. Some crazy religious people used the same old "Adam & Steve" argument, whilst others claimed they were "protecting marriage."

One MP claimed he was opposing the bill in an attempt to "protect the sanctity of marriage." Said MP has also been divorced and is now re-married. I wonder which marriage he was protecting the sanctity of?

Anyway, the best argument in my opinion came from Kate Green, an MP who represents Stretford and Urmston (a constituency within Greater Manchester).

Green - a straight, married woman dedicated to equal rights for all - used her wisdom to turn all of the opposing arguments face down. She was correct in saying that all of the opposing arguments are not valid. HELLS YEAH.

In the end, the commons voted and the bill was approved, 400-175. A huge majority!

We're still waiting to hear from the House of Lords (a.k.a. the Senate, for you North American folk), but chances are, they will not overturn the bill.

Fingers crossed!

Once again, I am so proud of my country today. Thank you all for being such awesome people.

Saturday 2 February 2013

The Real L Word's Cori & Kacy Have Bad News

There's no way to make this post less sad, I'm afraid.

Remember the adorable couple from season 2 and 3 of The Real L Word?

Now you do.

Unfortunately a couple days ago, Cori and Kacy announced the loss of their unborn child.

To read what the pair have to say in their own words, click HERE.

Do not hesitate to send good vibes and well wishes their way via their twitter accounts. (Click HERE for Cori and HERE for Kacy.)

Alternatively, comment on this article and we'll send a link with all of your love their way.

New LGBTQ Music: Ricky Rebel

Never heard of Ricky Rebel? Well actually, you probably have.

Ricky previously fronted a boy band, toured with Britney Spears, and was signed to Michael Jackson's record label since the age of 15!

Not only that, but Ricky is gay and absolutely gorgeous!

To read a great interview with Ricky, click HERE and check out his new music video below - very Gaga-esque!

Friday 1 February 2013

LESlieVILLE: A New Lesbian Web Series!

Know what's great? Being able to access great lesbian content... for free!

Check out this press release for brand new web series, LESlieVILLE.

LESlieVILLE is...
...a webseries about connection, attraction and navigating between lust and true love. It's the story of two girls meeting, clicking, but one is already in a relationship. Still, the two carry on with their "friendship" firmly wrapped up in denial about what they're really doing - falling in love. 
Filmed in the fall of 2012, this original indie webseries is premiering online on February 6th, 2013. Created by queer, indie filmmaker Nadine Bell (SPACE Channel, Out with Dad, The Devil's Mile), LESlieVILLE is a ten episode series exploring what happens when a woman meets the love of her life... while still dating someone else.  
Bell’s main purpose in making LESlieVILLE was to give back to the community.   She feels it's extremely important for young queer men and women to have the chance to have some balance against the heteronormative feed that viewers ingest all their lives.  "I'm geeky for my people you know?" Bell adds. "I get obsessive fan girl over the silliest shows for the barest hint of girl/girl love. Seriously, I've watched everything.  I think you have to classify yourself as a geek when you are watching unsubbed German and Spanish soap operas to see gay content, trying to extrapolate the storyline as best you can!” 
Among her cast are a Dora Award nominated actress, an actress stepping into her first feature film role directly after completing LESlieVILLE, a New York City and theatre scene alumni, and an internationally awarded science fiction author. And the crew is no less impressive. "I was honoured when Nadine asked me to be her cinematographer. I jumped at the opportunity, how could I not? I fell in love with her script immediately. I'm so proud of what she's done, and that I could be a part of this beautiful series," says Jason Leaver, international award winning creator of the queer webseries Out With Dad.             
  "...Sight", the first episode of the series, will go live on February 6th on The first three episodes will also be screened for the public and the media at The Flying Beaver Pubaret (488 Parliament Street, Toronto, Canada). The event will run from 7 pm to 10 pm.
Sounds awesome, right?
And for all of you lucky people in Toronto (including me!), you'll be able to go to a screening of the series next week!
Put it in your diaries, ladies.

Lesbian Short Film: The Reason Behind Me

Lesbian filmmaker Dani van Herk recently contacted us to tell us about her new lesbian short film, The Reason Behind Me.

The short has already been showcased at the Mardi Gras Film Festival in Sydney - a sure sign of success!

The entire thing is only 12 minutes long, so if you like great cinematography, Australian accents and hot blondes in suits, this one's for you!

Check it out right here, on All Things Lesbian: