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Tuesday 30 October 2012

Send In Your Questions for Girl/Girl Scene's Tucky Williams NOW!

And the exciting news just keeps on rolling in, lesbians.

Ever watched Girl/Girl Scene? Ever looked at Evan and though "damn, she's hot"? (Or maybe you think "damn, she looks like an interesting person"... whatever.)

Well this week, All Things Lesbian will be interviewing Tucky Williams herself! But we need your help.

If you have anything at all you'd like to ask Tucky, comment below!

Alternatively, send your questions to our official Twitter page,! And if you'd rather keep your question anonymous, email anything you'd like me to ask to

Submissions will close tomorrow (October 31st - HALLOWEEN!) at 7pm EST, so get in there quick!

Can't wait to hear from you!

All Things Lesbian Now Has Facebook!

Okay, okay, so we're a little late to the Facebook bandwagon... But it was time we pulled our socks up, right?

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Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend: One Ticket for Two Pool Parties!

Great news from me here at All Things Lesbian - I've been chosen to deliver exclusive coverage for you all to see about this year's Palm Springs Dinah Shore weekend!

Palm Springs, CA - After twenty-three years of blissful marriage, the City of Palm Springs and the famed Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend ( – the largest all girl event in the world - are officially renewing their wedding vows.
Celebrating the 2013 milestone “Silver Plate” Anniversary, the victorious pair is symbolically solidifying the lifelong relationship and commitment that run deep between both brides, and reaffirming the sacred union as two of the most popular gay Meccas in the country. 
The Palm Springs Convention Center (, the Greater Palm Springs CVB (, and the Bureau of Tourism ( are handing an exclusive VIP Rewards program to Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend on a silver platter (pun intended). 
For the highly anticipated 23 rd installment of the Dinah Shore Weekend (April 3-7, 2013), the city of Palm Springs has decided to encompass the Club Skirts group within their brand new VIP Rewards Program
As the official host city, Palm Springs is exclusively offering Dinah participants a VIP Rewards Card in association with local patrons to welcome one of their favorite loyal groups.  As many attendees arrive a few days earlier and depart a few days after the conclusion of The Dinah, the rewards card offers premier benefits to enjoy discounts at restaurants, spas, attractions and retailers, and discover the city’s hidden treasures. 
That's right, ladies - there are THIS MANY LESBIANS!
The 2013 Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend is already moving in that direction with all prime hotels located on the Tahquitz Canyon way block sanctioned for the event. The official host hotels are the Hilton & Spa Resort and the Zoso. Secondary Dinah hotels include The Courtyard Marriott, the Marquis, the Spa Resort Casino and The Renaissance Hotel. Dinah customers will have an opportunity to find out what downtown Palm Springs is all about and what the community has to offer. 
Palm Spring is one of the #1 travel destinations for the LGBT market. There is something truly special about Palm Springs. The city, dubbed "the new Gay Mecca" boasts more gay and gay-friendly restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, retailers and other businesses than any other one gay destination in the world.  Nowhere else in the world do lesbians get such a strong sense of community, solidarity and acceptance, feeling as much as home within the walls of the event as anywhere else on Palm Springs' playground. 
It’s no surprise Showtime’s hugely popular hit reality TV show, “The Real L Word” ( - the network's top-performing unscripted show in prime time- brought its cast and crew to The Dinah, not once but twice, showing on national TV the cultural and social phenomenon that the Dinah Shore weekend in Palms Springs has become. A place where lesbians from all over the world have the opportunity to escape for five days from the rest of their 360-day life of make believe, in the closet, and have the freedom to be who they are.  
Having reached epic proportions, The Dinah Shore Weekend doesn't just attract lesbians, but also straight women who come to the event to have the peace of mind to feel safe and also gain an extraordinary amount of self worth. It has also become a new hot party trend among many female celebrities who get themselves a girls' night out partying in a sea of women. From Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Natasha Bedingfield, Chaka Khan, Colbie Caillat, The Pussycat Dolls, India Arie, Chely Wright to Lady Gaga, among many other, these celebrities have all done it!
Gaga herself at the Dinah in 2009
The natural symbiosis between these two iconic LGBT hubs is a match made in heaven. More than a tradition The Dinah Shore Weekend has over these past 23 years  (and counting) intrinsically been linked to the Sunny Oasis, not only becoming a Palm Springs institution but as well the city’s hottest ticket!  
"2013 is poised to be our best year yet. With the onset of our Dinah Block party theme, and on the tails of two episodes of The Real L Word dedicated to The Club Skirts Dinah event, we are expecting the largest Dinah Shore in history," says Mariah Hanson.
On the activist front, HRC is coming onboard as full sponsor of The Dinah 2013, and will host a special soiree during the event. 
Joined in matrimony for twenty-three solid years, now the symbolic vow renewal ceremony commemorates the enduring bond and feeling of loyalty that has been and still is keeping the spark alive. 
Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs … a “shore” thing!

Looks amazing, right?!

For more information on this awesome annual event, check out the official website by clicking HERE, Dinah's Twitter by clicking HERE and their official Facebook page by click HERE!

Also, stay tuned right here at All Things Lesbian for even more exciting news as we get closer and closer to Dinah 2013!

Monday 29 October 2012

SEND IN YOUR QUESTIONS: Interviews with The Real L Word's Kiyomi & Lauren are coming soon!

Hey you gays!

Exciting news for us over here at All Things Lesbian - we've secured two interviews with the lovely ladies from the Real L Word (and Hunter Valentine) fame, Lauren Russell and Kiyomi McCloskey!

Remember them? Of course you do!

And what do we need from you? Why, your questions of course!

What would you like to hear from the lovely couple? Plans for the future? What is was like to star on the Real L Word?

Include your name if you wish and we'll include that with your question too!

Tuesday 9 October 2012

Gig Review: Hunter Valentine

Okay, so I saw Hunter Valentine 2 weeks ago and I should have probably reviewed this gig before now... But they still have a lot of touring to do so I figured I'd do it anyway!

If you don't watch The Real L Word, haven't watched Girl/Girl Scene or you're not a fan of Sick of Sarah, Tegan & Sara or An Horse, you probably haven't heard of this quartet.

Okay, I crossed Somer's face out because she's actually not in the band anymore - she was replaced by the incredibly down to earth Amy. (The band really need to do some new photoshoots).

I saw Hunter Valentine in a pretty small venue where I live in Ontario, Canada. There was barely anyone there - I'm not sure whether this was because no one knew about it or because not enough gays were willing to party on a Tuesday - but the band were great nonetheless.

Playing tracks from both old albums and the soon to be released Collide and Conquer, this quartet put on an unforgettable show.

Frontwoman Kiyomi rocks the mic.

My personal favourites were played (Liar Liar and Scarface) so that was a bonus - for me at least!

Both before and after the gig, drummer Laura was my favourite out of the four girls. Not only was she hilarious, but she played the whole gig with a broken ankle. What a trooper.

Laura soldiers on.

Of course it was a little awkward - lack of turn out even made the band feel kind of awkward. I spent a lot of the concert wishing there were more people to show these ladies some support... they really are an awesome band!

Nevertheless, they played on. Kiyomi sort of crowd surfed at one point. Bassist Vero asked which lesbians the two men in the front row belonged to - of course none of us knew who the fuck they were...

Vero - cool as a freakin' cucumber.

What's more is... I got to meet them! Eek!

They were all so lovely: Kiyomi told me she liked my name (duh) and Amy told me I smelled good. Mhmm, I got a compliment from the hot new girl. Jealous?

Fan-girling. *swoon*

I met the other three girls and had pictures with them too but quite frankly, you're not really all that interested, are you? Hah!

Honestly, I wouldn't say I'd choose Hunter Valentine over Uh Huh Her just yet (click HERE to read my review of an UHH gig) but I will say that I think big things are coming for HV.

Not only are they are ridiculously sexy, but they're so down to earth and their music is pretty awesome too.

For more information on Hunter Valentine's US/Canadian tour, click HERE to go to the list of upcoming concerts on the band's website.

p.s. It only cost me $5 to see them. BARGAIN!

Expedia: Supporting Gay Marriage

Hey you gays! Remember Jill & Nikki from the first season of the Real L Word?

Yes, the "normal ones", you remember correctly.

Well, you may or may not know that Expedia recently followed Jill's path to marrying Nikki in one of their adverts.

I knew about the commercial but only just got round to watching it... So in case you haven't seen it either, I've decided to post it here on my blog too!

Adorable, right?

Oh, and just for a bit of fun I've decided to share with you the hilarity of some of the comments the ad has received on YouTube:

Because there is clearly only one opinion on this matter...

Tell that to Bob & Carl next door who used their sperm to create two beautiful baby daughters.

Ah, the old "gay people are perverts" argument. Blah Blah.

There was a time when everyone became gay?... SHOW ME THIS MYSTICAL LAND OF RAINBOWS AND UNICORNS!
And then there was one legend who replied to the above comment with the argument "Well my dear, if everyone become a catholic priest or nun, how the hell we gonna have next generation?" I've never heard that argument before. KUDOS.