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Monday 30 March 2009

Oranges Aren't The Only Fruit

In the past, I've blogged about the more homophobic goings on at my college. However, for once, I have some positive to write about on the gay front.

I was casually strolling past the DVD section in our college library (I was actually about to leave) when what should I see but the movie version of Jeanette Winsterson's Oranges Aren't The Only Fruit.

'Oranges' follows a lesbian girl and her partner who is adopted into a religious family. Obviously, the fact that this DVD even existed in such a close proximity to my own home (clearly ignoring my personal DVD collection) surprised me because in a small town like ours, most people have very old-fashioned views on homosexuals.

The fact that the movie was there for everyone to see - it wasn't pushed to the back, gathering dust, it was actually on the front row! - put a smile on my face and simply inspired me to write this blog.

So whoever put it there or suggested it should be available for rent in a public library, I salute you.

P.s. Since when could you take out DVDs in a library? Surely that is what Blockbuster is for...

Saturday 28 March 2009

Clementine Ford goes back in the closet...

My life is no longer complete: this week, The L Word actress Clementine Ford claims that she didn't previously come out in an interview with UK magzine DIVA.

A couple of months back, I blogged about Ms. Ford allegedly 'coming out of the closet' during an interview. (You can see the whole blog here.)

However, now she is saying the complete opposite. She claims that she never came out, and just spoke about how she didn't want to put a label on herself.

The article also pushed forward false rumors about Clemetine's private life with Kate Moennig (aka Shane McCutcheon) and twisted what she said about her work on The L Word.

She said of the article:

That Diva article also picked up quotes from a podcast interview I did with where the interviewer asked me if the sex on The L Word was real, and I very jokingly said, “Yes, we actually had sex. The L Word is porn. The secret’s out!” And the Diva writer printed it as fact that Kate and I had real sex on camera! I was like, “Oh, my God, I hate you!” I almost wrote a nasty letter and then I stopped myself because I thought, if anyone is stupid enough to actually believe that Showtime would let us have real sex, then that’s not my problem. So that was that. But it made me very angry.

So there we have it. Sorry to burst your bubble ladies... Still, whatever our Clem classes herself as, she's still beautiful.

Thankyou... Or good riddance?


Mostly, all I've heard about the L Word finale was that it sucked.

And yeah I guess it did: there were story lines left unresolved (such as whether Alice and Tasha stayed together) and no one even knows who killed Jenny.

But surely we should be thanking L creator Ilene Chaiken for giving lesbians their first ever mainstream show.

There have been highs - pot brownie parties, TiBette sex!, sou chefs - and lows - Dana's death, Tina having sex with men and Max in general - but the main thing is that there was something for lesbians to watch without having to cringe over constant boy/girl sex scenes. (Okay, so it included some heterosexual content too, but predominantly, the sex was girl on girl.)

Also, people always says that most of the actresses gracing our screen, which include Jennifer Beals, Laurel Holloman and Rachel Shelley, don't look like 'conventional' lesbians. But really, who cares?! They're all beautiful, talented and smokin' hot! Lately I've realized that lesbians just like to find stupid stuff to rant and moan about!

Take, for instance, the fact that Lindsay Lohan 'decided' earlier this year that she was gay. Of course, there was a huge uproar by the lesbian community claiming Lindsay was 'doing it for publicity.' Well... So what if she was?! If you don't pay attention to it and it turns out that a week later she's no longer a massive dyke, then who cares? Just let the girl do what she wants!

The last time I blogged, I gave some advice to the straight parents out there. Well, lesbians, now it's your turn: Stop complaining about stupid little things! Life's too short!

On behalf of all the lesbians-who-don't-constantly-moan committee, I say thank you Ilene, for laughs, tears and totally unrealistic story lines. :)

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Romeo and Julian?

It's been almost a week since this headline hit the newspapers (sorry for the late post!), but I'm sure some of you guys and girls in the US haven't heard about it...

Apparently, after a group of students from a mixed race and gender school in East London, it sparked a controversial argument about whether 'Romeo and Julian' (a pla
y about tackling homophobia, based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) should be allowed.

According to parents, they think it is ludicrous for 'such a literary masterpiece to be used as a basis for such a politically correct purpose'. Now, excuse me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't we be wanting to use well-known plays and books to put across today's issues so that the audience can relate to them?

Also, it was said that all parents want children to be learning 'Romeo and Juliet' and not 'Romeo and Julian'. Then tell me now why it is acceptable to teach children about suicide (which is not a part of every day human life - if you're emotionally stable, of course) but it is not acceptable to teach them about homosexuality (which is firmly a part of every day human life.)

Straight parents of the UK: the world is changing, get the f**k over it!

P.s. Sorry, gays, for posting such a gut-wrenching, vomit-worthy picture above. (Yes, I was deliberately trying to be heterophobic - which would cause absolute uproar if it were to be more mainstream. See how we feel hetties?)