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Friday 29 November 2013

Editorial: Candy Bar Soho Closes Its Doors - Where Do We Go From Here?

by Lauren W

If you’re a British lesbian, you’ll still be in mourning about the loss of the most famous lesbian bar in Great Britain, Candy Bar. Diva Magazine has called it the End of an Era! Aside from the obvious, this worries me for a multitude of reasons. But what worries me the most? Well, where else is there for us to go?

Read the entire article where it was first published (Pink Lobster Dating) by clicking HERE!

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Skins' Lily Loveless To Star In New Feature Film, "Fear Of Water"

This film could not be more exciting.

It looks so authentic, genuine, and it doesn't hurt that it comes with a British, all-star cast.

Not only does Skins star Lily Loveless appear in the film, but blink and you'll miss Sara Stewart of Sugar Rush fame. The feature also welcomes newcomer, Chloe Partridge, who looks like she will not let us down.

And before you ask, you will be relieved to know that yes, this is a lesbian-orientated film. Score.

But what is it about?
The story revolves around 2 teenage girls with parallel lives but coming from different socio-economic backgrounds who meet one summer to discover friendship and a sexual awakening.
(Source: Fear Of Water Official Website)

Directed by young Brit, Kate Lane, she explains what inspired her to create the movie.
I wanted to tell my story of when I came out as a lesbian. I always felt different growing up but was afraid to admit to who I was until that infamous summer. I think I was about 16.  As soon as I admitted to myself and to others it was an amazing feeling of freedom I had never experienced... a breaking free of sorts! I made this movie with producer Rebecca Tranter who like me felt if we could help at least one girl in the world who was struggling with her sexuality... then the journey of making this film would prove successful.’
Amen to that.

Watch the trailer RIGHT HERE on All Things Lesbian:

Stay tuned for more information regarding the release of Fear Of Water!

Monday 25 November 2013

Lost Girl S04E03 Recap: "Lovers. Apart."

WARNING: This article quite clearly contains spoilers of the highest level!

by Lauren W

The good news? There's a bunch of Bo (Anna Silk) in this episode.

The bad news? Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Tamsin (Rachael Skarsten) are absent.


As anticipated, our first scene involves Dyson (Kris-Holden Reid) and Cleo (Mia Kirshner) finally getting to the train where Bo was being held captive.

"Such a good kisser."

Also kinda predictably, the pair find the maid Bo left behind with a smile on her face, and they realize that Bo is no longer aboard. All that time wasted.

Oh look, there she is! Running through some kind of woods in her gown. 

All that dirt and still we want her.
Bo also stumbles upon a creepy old house and is caught sneaking in by the owners. But more about that later.

Cut to Lauren's (Zoie Palmer) house, which The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) seems to have moved into! HELL YES! But what is she up to?

Channelling Elle Driver, are we?
Look what we have here: Crystal (Ali Liebert) flirting with an ever-so-adorable science nerd. 

Crystal is all "I need a little sugar" but Lauren (Zoie Palmer) once again shoots her down. Gosh darn, woman!

Bo wakes up to these two oddballs, who are knitting.

Bo's eyes turn super blue (like they do) and she hears someone whispering "kill them all." You know, after watching this show since the beginning, it's kind of worrying that this is one of the less creepy things I've seen.

The Father enters, who just happens to be played by Greg from Scary Movie (Lochlyn Munro). (I can't help it, that's how I will always remember him.)

Also known as "that douchebag from Charmed."
Greg/the Dad is not too fond of Bo being around. We don't quite know why yet, but Bo also recognizes that the daughter kinda reminds her of Kenzi. Oh, Kenzi. We do hate an episode without your presence.

He kicks Bo out of the house, but being the curious little Fae she is, Bo decides to explore first. And this show being as creepy as previously mentioned, she finds a holding cell in the basement.

Not exactly The Ritz, is it?
It's not that easy though. The family find Bo snooping around and Greg seems to be wielding a shot gun.

Bo expresses her disgust at how Greg keeps his family captive, but she clearly has the wrong end of the stick. He explains that for years his family have been inexplicably dying because a ghost has been haunting them. It all sounds very lame. But Lost Girl will redeem itself by giving the story some substance, I'm sure.

Whoa, whoa, sonny boy.
Bo volunteers to keep the daughter (who I believe is named Julia) company in her cell. But the Father is dead against it and kicks her out once and for all... or so he thinks.

Meanwhile, the Morrigan convinces this terrified looking guy to make her a new eye.

If women ruled the world...
It's kind of a shame, because she looks badass wearing that eye patch.

Bo, who looks super adorable, makes a quick return to Julia's cell.

How can someone so sexy be this cute?
Unfortunately, Bo is experiencing abdominal pains and mistakenly calls Julia "Kenz". Aw. 

Julia shows Bo a scrapbook of all the deaths in her family caused by that darned ghost, which includes this intriguing newspaper snippet:

Wait a minute...
Lost Girl, I'm kinda seeing through your plot twist here. But as long as you keep this damn sexy cast, I don't think I care that much. Anyway, Bo vows to get the daughter out of the cell.

Back in the woods, Cleo and Dyson have a (slightly strange) informant who has seen Bo.

And still not as strange as half the things on this show.
The dude in the ground (who's name is quite simply John - cute), says he has seen a succubus... but won't tell them which direction she went unless he gets a good ol' lick of Dyson's foot. Foot fetish? Really? Still, for comedy purposes, I like it.

Bo and Julia evacuate the house, which is surrounded by this line with a bunch of shoes tied onto it. According to legend, the ghost can't get into the house until she's tried on "all the shoes and untied all the knots." Also cute.

Cute, yet creepy.
Julia is quite clearly buying NONE of this shit, and runs straight under the line. It seems that Bo realizes that this is not a myth at all though, and that the ghost is actually a body jumper Fae. 

Yup, Julia is now possessed.

Just put the gun down, dude. This is CANADA.
Safe to say, Greg is not happy and volunteers to kill his own daughter. Drastic much? Then the plot twist is finally revealed (the one we saw coming) and Greg explains that it was really him who killed his family and not his father. Duh.

Anyway, he doesn't want his daughter to live with what he had to live with. (Fair enough.) So he will kill her in cold blood. (Not so reasonable.)

Anyone else in love with Ali Liebert?
Over at the diner, Lauren questions Crystal on why she's really there. She explains that she's just kind of bad luck, and she's decided to expect less from life. In fact, you can tell by Lauren's reaction that she finds this super endearing.

At which point, she invites Lauren to drop by with pizza and beer whenever she likes. Aw yeah. Wink wink.

Bo and Julia are fighting to the death when:

Ugh. Way to play the damsel in distress card, Lost Girl.
Dyson saves her. Yawn.

Fortunately, this next image saves the day.

But what could possibly save our lesbian hearts from that hairy dude, you ask?

Yes, that is Ali Liebert in her underwear. Let the fun commence.

Back at the spooky manor, the ghost has made it's way into Mia Kirshner's body. (No pun intended.)

Actually, I wouldn't mind watching this threeway.
But quite rapidly, the body jumper jumps back to Julia, who slits her Mother's throat. Wonderful news. Cleo explains she can fetch a plant that will stop the bleeding (take that, medical science), and runs off to find it.

And we cut to the pizza/beer party, hosted by Crystal. It doesn't take much until...

Ahem. Dr. Lauren, where is your hand right now?
Yes. Finally. The first sex scene of season 4. And it does NOT disappoint. Get in there, Lauren.

What? Oh, right. There's other stuff happening in this episode.

Who now?
Bo absorbs the chi of possessed Julia, and is transported to... The 19th century? This is kinda confusing. But then we realize the lady above is actually the body jumper, who tells Bo how this family's ancestors killed her boyfriend when he jumped in front of a bullet for her.

"Lovers. Apart." Ah. I get it. Much clearer than last week's title, "Sleeping Beauty School."

The Morrigan has an eye again! Sad face. And the dude who helped her out lets her know that he was the one helping Tamsin to get rid of Bo. Of course without hesitation, the Morrigan sets out to wreak havoc. I can't wait until she finds out that Bo isn't really gone...

Speak of the devil.

Ooh. Pretty.
Bo and Dyson bind their hands together (while Bo is possessed by the body jumper) and "get married". Apparently this is the only way to get rid of her once and for all. The bonus is that the body jumper and her husband now get to be together forever.

Lost Girl could not be less subtle with its metaphors, however. "Bo" and "Dyson" getting married? Come on, make it more obvious.

The spooky phone of death? New Fae, maybe?
Lauren gets back to work in the morning and is super creeped out because someone has constantly been calling, while looking for "Karen". Ut oh. They're onto her.

She starts to flee and runs to tell Crystal she has to leave. They kiss. It's bittersweet. Anyway, she runs.

Is it just me or is this strangely hot?
When it looks like Bo has escaped, we are reminded that Cleo was only helping Dyson out in order to get Bo back to Vex. (Paul Amos.)

What Cleo doesn't know is that Bo secretly got her health back, and she defeats her with ease. Cleo collapses to the floor. Is Mia Kirshner gone forever? Who knows.

Bo and Dyson steal a car and leave... and for some reason they have no memory of the death train.

In the meantime, Lauren is hitch hiking when yay! Crystal pulls up in her car.

But then...

Not so yay.
Crystal apologizes to Lauren and right on cue, someone stifles her screams and pulls her into the back seat.

Rather coincidentally, Bo and Dyson drive past the scene of the crime, and Bo suggests that they stop to help "those guys with the flat tyre." Yes! Obviously Dyson shoots her down though, and says he'd rather just get her home.


And there the show comes to an end for another week. And once again it ends with Dyson being an ass.

What did you think of this week's episode? Did you miss Kenzi as much as I did? Comment below!

All images are copyright © of Showcase Canada.

Sunday 24 November 2013

Macklemore Songwriter To Headline Dinah Shore Weekend

The Largest Lesbian Event In The World

Los Angeles, CA – Mary Lambert, the featured vocalist and songwriter on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ VMA award-winning pro-equality anthem “Same Love”, is confirmed to be performing at the original Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs also known as The Dinah.

The Seattle-based singer-songwriter and spoken word artist, Mary Lambert will take the stage on Sunday, April 6, 2014 at the Hilton Hotel for the grand finale of the Dinah’s legendary series of pool parties.
Lambert has single-handedly captured the attention of the entire nation and the LGBT community with her incredible breakout role in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ single “Same Love”. The song, a heartfelt plea for tolerance and gay rights, on which she wrote and sings its hauntingly catchy chorus, has allowed Lambert’s voice to reach millions.  It was recorded during the campaign for Washington State Referendum 74, which resulted in legalized same-sex marriages.

As one of the biggest music revelations of 2013, Lambert went from juggling several jobs to playing in front of thousands of people, touring across the country, and performing live on national television on such hugely popular primetime and late night shows as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, VH1, and The Colbert Report, to name a few. "Same Love" has sold over a million copies in the US alone, peaking at number 11 on The Billboard Hot 100. It won the award for “Best Video with a Social Message” at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and a highly acclaimed live performance with special guest Jennifer Hudson. 

Lambert recently expanded on the chorus of her marriage equality anthem releasing the very personal song, "She Keeps Me Warm," about being in love with a woman. The song's video has attracted more than 2 million views on VEVO and YouTube since the single dropped in the summer. Now stepping out on her own, Lambert is currently working on her first full-length album, which is set to drop in 2014.
A self-proclaimed “Femme lesbian”, Lambert will come home to the community she’s proudly and openly part of, with an exclusive live performance - her first ever – at the upcoming 24th installment of the largest lesbian event in the world: The Dinah. 

Friday 22 November 2013

Chelsea Lately Star To Headline The DINAH SHORE Comedy Night

Featuring Chelsea Lately’s Fortune Feimster

With Last Comic Standing’s Gina Yashere & Erin Foley

Palm Springs, CA - The Dinah Comedy Night brings together three of the most acclaimed female stand up comics,Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 8:00pm at The Palm Springs Convention Center, in what is poised to be an unforgettable evening of hilarious stand-up comedy.

Fortune Feimster, who landed her writer/performer spot with "Chelsea Lately" six months after her appearance on "Last Comic Standing" where she was a semifinalist, will be joined by another Last Comic Standing alumni, British comic Gina Yashere, and stand up’s fastest rising star, Erin Foley.

Guaranteeing a laugh-fest, Feimster, Foley, and Yashere offer the perfect explosive mix of comedy! This high-energy, uniquely creative, hysterical trio will deliver a diverse range of topics, styles, and flavors, giving something for everyone of all ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds to enjoy.

The loveable Southern comic, Fortune Feimster is a full-time writer and performer on E!'s popular late night talk show "Chelsea Lately" with Chelsea Handler . When not giving funny commentary on the latest news in pop culture, she can be seen imitating the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Honey Boo Boo, and Mama June.

Her co-star, Gina Yashere has been a stand up and TV star in the UK for several years.  She broke onto the American comedy scene with her appearances on NBC’s Last Comic Standing  (where she made it to the final 10) and on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC), as Madame Yashere, The Surly Psychic. The Hollywood Reporter recently named her "one of the top 10 rising talents". Her bombastic delivery, infectious personality and cheeky observations have wowed audiences not just in the UK and the US, but also around the world.

Without a doubt one of the lesbian community’s favorite rising stars, Erin Foley is a hugely talented comedian with a style and wit that has earned her a strong and respectable following. She’s also a gifted actress whose impeccable comedic timing and ease in front of the camera has placed her alongside the most sought-after funny ladies working in entertainment today. From New York City’s comedy club circuit to her Gays R Us show at the Hollywood Improv, Foley is on a roll and everywhere. She recently appeared for the second time on “Late Night With Conan O’Brien”, was just seen guest-starring in an episode of the hugely popular web series “Little Horribles,” and is set to be going on “Last Call With Carson Daly” next week.

Celebrating its milestone 24th Anniversary, Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, the largest & biggest lesbian event in the world, is, once again, upping the volume on your laughter, bringing together the perfect mix of the hottest lesbian comics on the circuit for an exceptional comedy night that is MUST SEE COMEDY!

To purchase tickets or for more information go to
$40 advance
$50 Door
$20 with a Platinum Pass

Wednesday 20 November 2013

LesBook Review: The Road To Her

by Mickie Green

The Road to Her is the story of Holly Croft, who seems like she’s got her life pretty well sorted.  She’s a recurring character on a popular soap opera, and by the sounds of it, she’s made a mint.  The book starts with Holly receiving the news that her character is shifting to the forefront of the show and striking up a relationship with another lady. Naturally, as a secret lady lover in real life, Holly has no problem with this and is excited to get started.

And this is where her problems begin.

Enter Elise, which I first read as ‘Elsie’ and thought I might have some burgeoning cross-generational romance on my hands.  Fortunately – or perhaps unfortunately depending on your standpoint – I’m just a bit dyslexic.  Elise – who is starring as Holly’s character’s new love interest – is everything you might want from a woman – she’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she’s got a sense of humour.  However, she’s also a bit of a prick – at least to begin with – so our heroine starts off hating the enigmatic newbie.  And thanks to her cruel jibes and Holly’s resulting histrionics, we hate her too, even though we’re 90% sure they’re going to end up shagging.  This brings in just the right amount of angst, until eventually – like Holly – we aren’t really sure when we actually fell for Elise, but we know we fell hard.

The setting – mostly the set of a soap – isn’t one I’ve encountered before and it was interesting seeing a familiar sort of story play out in a completely unfamiliar location. Though the book may have a certain measure of predictability, it was very well executed and there was a nice amount of twists and turns to keep you guessing.

Ultimately, The Road to Her is the kind of novel I wish I’d been able to read back when I was first coming out.  It’s an excellent piece of young adult fiction, and I truly enjoyed it. The message of ‘calm your tits, it’ll be okay in the end’ is hopeful and the two characters are sweet and believable throughout. Recommended!  

Monday 18 November 2013

Lost Girl S04E02 Recap: "Sleeping Beauty School"

WARNING: This article quite clearly contains spoilers of the highest level!

by Lauren W

Well one thing is for sure: you cannot be expected to understand much more from this episode.

Let's see if I can recap episode 2 for you in some coherent manner...

After a brief (and kind of unnecessary) plea from Trick (Rick Howland) as he asks Bo (Anna Silk) to come home, Dyson (Kris-Holden Reid) pulls up on his motorcycle at the season 3 finale crash site and finds...

Jungle child?
Who is this messy-haired toe rag?

Dyson drags the kid to Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) Manor... and the pair realize that the child is, in fact, Tamsin. (Rachel Skarsten).

You're shitting me, right?
In all fairness, the child actor does well at portraying a mini-Tamsin. She's got her sarcastic tone down... And she's also important to the plot line as Tamsin was the last person to see Bo. Huzzah!

Cut to Doctor Lauren/Waitress Amber (Zoie Palmer) in the cafeteria... Chatting to - oh! It's only Bomb Girls' Ali Liebert!

Nom nom.
Lauren is overly mean to her (grr, don't make me dislike you even more), and she leaves.

Meanwhile, Dyson and Kenzi are still pondering over what to do with baby Tam Tam. Trick tells them a valkyrie's memory comes back slowly, so this could take a while. Of course, because nothing is ever easy on this show.

Trick reveals all about what happened last week with Aoife (Bo's Mother), and Kenzi whips out the compass she stole in last week's episode.

Trick: Always the pessimist.
As always, Trick has bad news. The compass shows him that Bo is not even on this physical plane. 

BUT, we are about to find out where she is... Kind of.

Oh, Anna. That broken glass frames your face so elegantly.
Obvious. Don't know why I didn't think of this sooner. Bo is on some sort of hell train. (Note the obvious sarcasm.)

Trick gives us some more info about those darned Una Mens, who are apparently interviewing a bunch of Fae to figure out why the world (and by "the world", I mean Toronto) is in such a mess.

And one of those Fae is Vex. (Paul Amos.)

As Vex is tied naked to a slab, the Una Mens question him about the apparent death of The Morrigan. He tells them she's alive... but they shouldn't kill him because he can give them "her." (You should also note that the weird bitches make him eat part of their skin, too. Yum.)

Kinda stalker-ish, don't you think?
They do not reveal which "her" Vex is talking about just yet, but you should also note the Una Mens have a mask for the rest of the gang too. (Including "Claimed Human" (who?), "Human Terrorist" (oh, Kenz), and a mask that's just out of sight, but we'll assume those blue eyes belong to Tamsin.)

Back in the real world, Hale (KC Collins) and Dyson head out to a, seemingly normal, salon. And then look who shows up.

Yes, that blouse belonged to Shakespeare in 1585.
Cleo (Mia Kirshner) gives Hale a temporary Hindi tattoo on his hand (all will become clear), as she explains where they can find this Eddy character. And to find him, they will have to go via Astrid. Again, all will become clear.

No! Not the fairy dust!
Ut oh, baby Tamsin did a naughty. She drops Kenzi's magic down the toilet, prompting Kenzi to run over kind of like an addict who's stash has just been flushed. She proceeds to show Tamsin the sparklers she can produce with her hands... and then promises to make cookies.

Over at Astrid's place, she explains that the Hindi on Hale's hand cannot help. Why? Because apparently Cleo doesn't want them to find Eddy. What?

I did not sign up for this.
Yeah, by the way, this bitch has no mouth. Okay? Thankfully time was not wasted with this creep, as she gives Dyson a potion named "One Kiss". Dyson is equally as confused as us, apparently, because no one knows what it is or what it does. But I'm sure we'll find out.

Back in the loft, look what little Tam finds.

And still we are no closer to finding out what these cards mean.
She questions Kenzi. "Do you think Bo is stuck in the card?" Oh Lord, we hope not. (But probably yes.)

Over to waitress Amber, who has found a 'missing persons' ad in the newspaper, including this terrible artist's impression of Bo.

This is the best you could do?
Of course Lauren/Amber is startled by this weird (let's face it, it's weird) photo, prompting her to drop her waiting tray all over the floor. And Ali Liebert to the rescue! (By the way, her character's name is Crystal.)

Crystal notes that Lauren clearly has never waited a table in her life. True. 

No please, continue.
Crystal also flirts with Lauren, and continues to reel off a list of adjectives to describe her which include sexy, funny and cute. And courageously, the blonde asks her out. AND LAUREN REFUSES. Please, I know you love Bo but how could you turn this down? Damn.

Oh, look, Dyson has found Eddy. (As you can see I'm not really caring so much because Crystal has caught me off-guard.)

Mr. Wolf Man shows his anger. As usual.
Long story short, Dyson has found Eddy in a deep sleep. And apparently the only way to wake him is through a kiss from this woman. I think her name is Selene... and I know she's not that important. Anyway, Dyson uses the potion from Astrid to force her to kiss him. (Slightly rapey.)

Aaaand he's awake!

Here's your quick Bo fix for the episode, because she's barely in it once again:

Just me or does Bo go for the ladies more often than the men?
She sucks the maid dry (no pun intended), who keeps talking about the man who put Bo there. Who is this mystery man? We are still no closer to finding out.

Eddy, Dyson and Hale are on the hunt.

Help. Too much testosterone.
Hale gets all defensive because Eddy thinks Kenzi and Dyson are lovers. (Bleurgh.) And Eddy forces Dyson to describe what Bo is like in order for him to find her. It's kinda cute... but he's not a lady so I'm kind of over it within two seconds.

However, Dyson does give Hale a kick up the arse, and tells him he needs to suck it up and tell Kenzi how he feels. (True.)

What the hell is this?

In short, this scene is action-packed: 

1) Gross dude pervs on Lauren. 

2) Crystal tells her not to think too much of it. 

3) Gross dude chokes on breakfast. 


5) She identifies which Fae he is and dislodges something from his throat. 

6) Gross dude Fae is saved. 

7) ...Crystal got the whole thing on video. Oops.

That escalated quickly.
Cut to - oh, Hale took Dyson's advice, it seems! He likes her and now she knows it for sure. I actually ship these two and I'm not sure why...

Anyway, Hale realizes Kenzi is only so readily jumping into bed (or on the kitchen table) with him because of the perfume. What perfume? That part escaped my mind too. They stop kissing because baby Tamsin screams from the other room.

Oh wow.
Baby Tamsin is now adolescent Tamsin. Kenzi hilariously labels her "Portia DeGeneres Shakira David Lee Roth" (best Kenzi-ism of the season so far) and panicks because if she keeps growing so fast she'll be "Betty White by Tuesday". And this is why Kenzi is forever the best.

Plus side? Maybe if she keeps growing she'll grow into Rachel Skarsten sometime soon...

While this is all happening, Dyson finds some weird device near a train track.

Just looks like a vintage gas pump to me...
Dyson realizes that Eddy has been asleep for so long that he's actually useless... and Mia Kirshner, I mean Cleo, is the one who can really help.

She explains that she can commune with all the four elements and that she is actually now Eddy. What? I'm sure we'll find out at some point... Maybe.

(I have nothing witty to say. I just thought this was a great shot.)
Cleo predicts that a train is on its way and sure enough, one promptly comes and blasts Eddy to hell. Team Clyson.

She explains that they need to get the next train and they'll need a ticket... And Dyson thinks he actually has one!

Unexplained card to the rescue!
Dyson picks up the card from Kenzi and then receives a phone call from Lauren, who wants to come home.

At the same time however, Vex seems to have made a call to Cleo, who has somehow convinced her to bring Bo to him once she finds her. (It's his payment to the Una Mens in return for his life, if you'd forgotten.)

Cleo gives Dyson her "blood oath" that she will find Bo, which only makes Dyson suspicious. Why is she so eager all of a sudden?

This all looks like some deeply depressing princess movie.
Meanwhile, Kenzi finds one of Trick's... well, tricks, and puts it in a bag to take to him while teen Tamsin is sleeping.

In the diner, Lauren and Crystal are drinking what looks like tequila shots. She roots through Crystal's purse to look for that damn video of the weird throat-y Fae and Crystal catches her. Lauren explains the situation and Crystal duly deletes the video. 

Cute. I ship this. There was some weird chemistry in that hug. And Lauren tells Crystal her real name. The whole thing is super sweet. 

And finally I realize what should be endgame here. My current Lost Girl ships are as follows: Lauren/Crystal, Kenzi/Hale, Dyson/Cleo... and Bo/Tamsin. YES.

To end the episode, we see Bo. Finally. Who has sucked just enough energy from the help to escape the death train.

Next week, I am pretty sure we will follow Cleo and Dyson as they get to the train, see the drained maid, and realize that Bo has made a run for it.

Did you prefer this episode to last week's? What do you think season 4 is missing so far? Let us know in the comments!

                                             All images are copyright © of Showcase Canada.