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Sunday 24 February 2013

Interview w/ Lover's Game Lesbian Web Series actress, Crawford M. Collins

Up and coming spin-off feature film from the web series Lover's Game sounds great, right?

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Watch this video to find out more about the project:

Director, Danielle Earle, recently contacted All Things Lesbian to ask if we'd like to interview one of the main cast members... And of course we did!

Check out this interview with Crawford M. Collins, who plays Annabella in the film.

All Things Lesbian: How did you become involved in this project?

Crawford M. Collins: I met Danielle Earle and Miranda McCauley in 2011,  during the season 2 auditions for "Brooklyn is in Love".  I was cast as 'Pam' the estranged, conflicted older sister to lead, Nikki (played by Katja Gerz).  So having previously worked with Danielle and having gotten to know one another so well over the course of filming, I suppose she kept me in mind for future projects .  We stay very connected on Facebook, share, and commend each other's successes.  Producer, Miranda McCauley had confided to me some time later, that Danielle had me in mind even before auditions commenced for the film.  Now THAT'S an honor.

ATL: Can you tell us a little about your character and what attracted you to them?

CMC: Annabella is an educated, pristine, young woman, but with a repressed, wild-eyed sensitivity to the world around her.  Her top-notch education, conservative family upbringing, and the pressure to live up to socially prescribed standards of the world around her, are beginning to have their effects.  Annabella is caught in a 'perfect-on-paper' marriage, but feels that the 'financial security' of her relationship has taken precedent over the mental and emotional refuge that she is desperately seeking in a partner.                

What really attracted me toward Annabella and her story were the resounding themes of dissatisfaction and longing that sometimes creep themselves into different times of our lives.  Whether gay, lesbian, straight, or bi-sexual, lack of camaraderie in any relationship always breeds disaster.  For Annabella, I admired her for taking the dive into something new and exciting, but I also had to explore her fear and anxiety dealing with acceptance.  She has the potential to be very happy, but her desire to 'keep up appearances' and maintain a glossy veneer to an otherwise unsatisfying relationship, it where he dilemma rests.

ATL: What is the atmosphere like on set?

CMC: Ha!  We're very relaxed on set!  While Danielle works with her crew, the actors chat up the scene work over cups of coffee...LOTS of coffee, what's happened previously before this moment, what's at stake, and we all pretty much just try to remain 'present' in our characters.  Also, lots of cigarette breaks (yes, I smoke, bad girl, I know) where we more often than not, talk character and the story.  Ben Leasure and Miranda McCauley who I have filmed exclusively with up until this point in production are both talented, focused, and very hard-working.  It's been a pleasure working with this little family of ours. 

Crawford M. Collins is a stage, film, and television actress based in NYC.  

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