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Wednesday 30 October 2013

Exclusive Behind-the Scenes video for Upcoming Season 2 of "Kiss Her I'm Famous"


Featuring Actresses Noureen DeWulf from "Anger Management" & Tracy Ryerson from "The Real L Word"
Los Angeles, CA - Filmmaker Rolla Selbak just revealed a special behind-the-scenes video for the upcoming season 2 of "Kiss Her I'm Famous".
Narrated by Selbak, this exclusive video features special interviews with the cast and crew -old and new - as well as never-seen-before footage.

A sneak peek at the making of Season 2, Selbak takes us deep into production and shows us what enfolded on the set.  A few surprises are unveiled including the addition of actress Noureen DeWulf who is best known for her role as sexy therapy patient Lacey in Charlie Sheen’s hit TV comedy, Anger Management.

DeWulf's character is definitely a troublemaker! She's described in the show as an evil disney princess. She's the grower of her own Kombucha and somewhat of a hilarious anomaly. Catch her on the video in her trademark silk robe! 

Kiss her I'm famous is the new comedy that has made a name for itself on cyberspace during their initial season 1.

The first season of the show premiered this year to great success, with the trailer alone reaching 1 MILLION+ combined views on YouTube in less than a week!

Created and directed by San Francisco based award-winning filmmaker Rolla Selbak, the show is based on two hilarious and clueless characters played by The Real L-Word’s Tracy Ryerson and Ilea Matthews (The Violent Kind), who aim to create a celebrity sex tape to launch them into fame.  "Kiss Her I'm Famous" satirizes the booming business of the sex tape madness, and how celebrity wannabes utilizes their home movies as a ticket to greater stardom and a major payday. 

Selbak just wrapped the filming of the season 2 in Los Angeles and is now launching an IndieGogo Crowdfunding campaign for reimbursement of locations and equipment,:

Monday 28 October 2013

Mariah Hanson To Be Honored By The City of Palm Springs with 2013 Athena Leadership Award


PALM SPRINGS, CA - Mayor Steve Pougnet, the City of Palm Springs and the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce ATHENA Committee, are honoring Mariah Hanson for her tremendous contributions to the Palm Springs community by awarding her the prestigious 2013 ATHENA leadership Award.

The 27th Annual Athena Award presented by the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce and hosted by Mayor Steve Pougnet and CBS Local 2’s Brooke Beare, is one of the most prestigious events of the Coachella Valley season and will be held on Thursday, Dec. 5 at the Renaissance Palm Springs, 888 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way.

Hanson's visionary leadership as the founder of one of the city’s largest tourism boosters, the world famous and hugely successful Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend – also known as “The Dinah,” makes her the perfect choice to receive this award.  Hanson's incredible accomplishment with The Dinah has for the past 24 years not only continuously been promoting the Palm Springs destination but has also created a viable platform for the advancement of the LGBT community. As the largest and biggest lesbian event in the world, the Dinah offers a life-changing experience for myriads of women who come from all over the world to enjoy the freedom to be who they truly are without fearing the judgement, discrimination and prejudice of others. With The Dinah, Hanson provides a haven where acceptance and tolerance - in its deepest values - rule. 

Inspired by the goddess of Greek mythology known for her strength, courage, wisdom and enlightenment, the Athena Leadership Award is presented to exemplary community leaders who are honored for professional excellence, community service and for actively assisting women in their attainment of professional excellence and leadership skills.

Presented annually by chamber of commerce’s around the nation, the ATHENA award is a distinguished honor which pays tribute to women who demonstrate excellence and creativity in their business or in the community at large. In addition, they actively assist women in realizing their full leadership potential, according to Palm Springs Chamber CEO Nona Watson, who notes this year’s group of honorees are “truly spectacular women leaders making a difference in the Coachella Valley.” 

Other 2013 honorees joining Mariah Hanson are Helene Galen who will be awarded the “Community Icon” Award, and Carol Channing recipient of the “Jackie Lee Houston Angel Award”.
“Helene Galen, Carol Channing and Mariah Hanson truly exemplify the highest level of achievement when it comes to excellence in community leadership and all three of these amazing ladies serve as tremendous role models for future generations of women leaders,” said Mayor Steve Pougnet. “I want to thank them for their outstanding contributions to Palm Springs and I encourage everyone in the Coachella Valley to join the Palm Springs Chamber on Dec. 5 as we celebrate these three remarkable women.”

For more information about The Athena Awards, visit or call (760) 325-1577
For more information about Mariah Hanson and The Dinah go to:

Saturday 26 October 2013

LesBook Review: Beyond the Pale

Now I'm not sure about you, but when you think of lesbian fiction, would you even think to associate it with historical events?

I certainly didn't, but Beyond the Pale proves it can be done.

Beyond the Pale is a novel revolving around the trials and tribulations faced by two young Jewish girls who have to simultaneously face becoming an immigrant and also realising that they are, in fact, gay. (It is not my style to reveal too much of the plot, so I'll leave that up to you!)

From the get-go, this novel's concept is exciting and accurate. Personally, I've never come across another lesbian book that deals with plot lines that intertwine religion, world issues, identity and culture with lesbianism - something that is much easier to find in LGBT movies. (Think I Can't Think Straight and The World Unseen.) However, this book successfully combines a lesbian love story with a piece of historical fiction.

Not only is the plot forever evolving and thought-provoking, the use of language is exceptional. The traditional Jewish lexicon makes for pleasant reading, with the sound of Hebrew and Yiddish words alongside the English sounding like a song in prose.

Unlike many lesbian books, this reads more like a classic novel. The author - who's alias is, fittingly, Elana Dykewomon - is quite clearly educated and passionate: an all-round great writer. And like classic novels, the entire introduction to the book sets the scene. Rather than jumping straight into the usual predictable narrative, the writer gives you the perfect amount of background so that you can really understand the characters and get into their heads.

This book is suitable for all adults - gay, straight, Jewish or not. Those who are Jewish may particularly relate however, as some of the themes and events in the novel particularly resound with real life. That said, anyone who has struggled with their sexual orientation as a result of their culture and upbringing will relate to this book in some way - it really does have something for everyone.

From now on, if someone asks me for a good piece of lesbian fiction to read, I will no doubt be recommending Beyond the Pale.

Thursday 24 October 2013

Lesbians on YouTube: What Do Lesbians Think About THREESOMES?

Remember a couple of weeks back when we told you about lesbian YouTuber, Arielle Scarcella? (Click HERE if you don't!)

Well, being as professional as usual, Arielle has come up with yet another awesome topic for you to think about/giggle at: What Do Lesbians Think About Threesomes?

Check it out right here!

And not to worry, that's just one side of the story.

Ever wondered what gay men think about threesomes? Check out how their stories compare by watching the counterpart to Arielle's video right here, hosted by the lovely Matthew Lush, a.k.a. Gay God.

What do you think about threesomes? Would you ever venture there?

Let us know in the comments!

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Gay Male Privilege: Does It Exist?

by Lauren W

NOTE: This article was originally written for, so I'm sorry if you stumble across it twice!

This is a topic that’s becoming increasingly concerning for me as a gay lady. I’ve discussed this issue with my lesbian friends and the majority have agreed that this is not only a lesbian topic for discussion, but also an issue that concerns women as a whole.

What is this mysterious matter, you ask? Simply put, I want to talk to you and hear your concerns about gay male privilege.

For more, click HERE and head over to Pink Lobster Dating!

(If you want a gay male perspective on similar issues, click HERE!)

Sunday 20 October 2013

Lesbian DJCHILLZ: Docu-diary Parts II & III

Remember all that time ago when we told you about DJCHILLZ, the hottest British lesbian DJ in the country?

(Click HERE if you don't!)

When we first introduced her online docu-diary, you loved it. So we're here to bring you some more!

Check out episode 2 right here:

And if that wasn't enough, here's also a link to episode 3!

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Editorial: Choose Love

by Bo Sellers

Realizing I was a lesbian a short six months ago, I’m still dealing with the repercussions of  coming out. Technically, I was never closeted because as soon as I realized I was gay, I felt a weight off my shoulders and was overwhelmed with joy, so I began telling my closest friends and family members. About two months ago I came out publicly on Instagram. Granted it’s not the most traditional approach to updating people of your sexuality, but judging from the various conversations I've had with friends and family over the last few months, there really is no right way or right time...

I’ve always done things the best way I know how, which is through humor. I’ve laughed with a lot of people about my revelation, making jokes to enable a certain level of comfort for everyone privy to my newfound sense of self. But the truth is, it’s not a joke and I refuse to laugh at it any longer.

I’m gay.

When I first came out, I told people I was “bi but preferred women.” I’ve realized now it was a safety-net I allowed myself. Still coming to terms with my own preferences, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was feeling, but since most people need a label to understand something, I gave them one.

It’s been extremely difficult to handle everyone’s reactions. I’m crying about it much more than I ever imagined, but coming from super conservative southern foots, with multiple pastors in my family, it’s definitely going to be an uphill battle. It hurts to hear my love referred to as a “sin” or a “phase.” I’m also learning that people are discussing it behind my back, which is interesting as no one will bring it up in conversation with me unless I do. I never thought I would hear my own sister say “I don’t know if I’d ever come to your wedding. I can’t condone it” has been one of the biggest smacks in the face.

This wasn’t the topic I planned on discussing for my first article on “All Things Lesbian,” but it’s important to me, and if it helps even one other person feel less alone with their own struggle, than I’ve accomplished my goal.

I can’t broach this topic without also mentioning the extreme support I’m receiving from old and new friends I never expected to be there for me. I’m choosing to focus on the positive people in my life and remind myself how blessed I am for them.

Although we may feel like it at times, we aren't alone in this world. We are all highly connected and need to continue to love and support one another.  Fear and hate are no matches for love. By loving everyone, even in my darkest moments, I hope to prove life is worth living and all what we choose it to be.  

Choose happiness. Choose love.

Monday 14 October 2013

Who EXACTLY Is Writing This Blog, Anyway?

That's right, we've finally updated our writers page.

So just who are we?

This is me, Lauren, founder, editor and writer of All Things Lesbian: (@laurenwont)

Our first "guestbian" is Mickie, who looks like this (yes, she is dressed as a Mexican):

And our newest addition is the gorgeous, bright and bubbly comedienne of the bunch, Bo: (@BoSellers)

Want to know what we do in our spare time? Want to see if we share any mutual favourite TV shows? Click HERE and check out our bios!

Meanwhile, if you have any awesome ideas that you want us to write about or you want us to publicize your new web series, review a book for you, or if you have any other queries, email us at!

Friday 4 October 2013

Lesbians on YouTube: Arielle Scarcella

If you may or may not remember, not so long back we interviewed the lovely "YouTube famous" Natasha Nicole Ponomaroff.

Well we thought it was about time to let you know about some more amazing lesbian vloggers from the YouTube universe.

Because YouTube is completely free to use, it's a great resource for LGBTQ information and advice. And 
that's where Arielle Scarcella comes in.

Arielle is no stranger to the online community - her videos have become relatively famous, thanks to her witty, useful commentary revolving around many lesbian and gay issues.

In her most recent video, Arielle asks lesbians to explain how they feel about their lesbian peers sleeping with men.
One of the huge stigmas in the LGBT community, are lesbians who secretly sleep with men. Can they still be lesbians if they don't fully fit the definition? Why do they sleep with men if they identify this way? You have to watch to find out!
Where can you watch? Go here for Arielle's YouTube channel:

Do you know of any other amazing LGBTQ YouTubers you think we should mention on All Things Lesbian?

Let us know in the comments or email us with your ideas at!