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Friday 30 October 2009


If you live in the UK, you'll have definitely seen this SEXY face before:

If you live in America or elsewhere, it is probably less likely.

This hunk of a guy is the leader of the British National Party in Britain. The BNP aim to work the British Empire into a white, heterosexual community. Of course, most of the British public aren't stupid enough to vote for him and his joke of a parliamentary party, and the chances of Mr. Nick Griffin becoming Prime Minister are even smaller now.

Last week, Griffin appeared on the BBC's Question Time: a show that talks of politics and other pressing issues live on television in front of a live audience.

The reason I am writing about Nick the Dick, as he has been appropriately nicknamed, is because of a certain lesbian that stood up during the show to voice her opinion. Dick had just expressed that he thought homosexual conduct in public was 'vile' and 'stomach-churning', causing a gay lady to speak up in protest.

I mean, what did he expect? Who ever thought of a lesbian as someone to keep her mouth shut?! Anyway, the dyke replied something along the lines of 'as for being stomach-churning? Well, the feelings mutual.' She actually implied that she found heterosexual PDAs vile also, turning Griffin's own argument upside-down.

Clever lesbian.

This post was basically to congratulate this anonymous lady in her courage of speaking out in the crowded room and giving us some good publicity for once!

Monday 19 October 2009

Is intelligence really attractive?

I suppose the main topic for this post is 'What do you look for most in a partner: beauty or brains?

I was thinking of this today in the library. How many times have you heard someone say 'OHEMGEE, geeks are totally hot because of the amount of useless crap in their brains'?

Okay, you've probably never heard anyone say that. But I bet you've heard at least one person say 'smart people are so sexy.' Well, I have anyway. And I can say that I totally agree.

To be honest, everyone thinks looks are important (if you say you don't, you know you're lying). But I have to say, when looking for a partner, I can't stand being with someone unintelligent.

For instance, I was once with someone for about five months, but her idiocy just annoyed me too much to stay with her. Like, I couldn't stand not being able to have an intelligent, serious conversation with someone I was romantically involved with.

Sure, most people like Megan Fox for her stunning looks and body, but could you really date her (and by date, I don't just mean 'have sex with') if she was as thick as two short planks?

Views? Do you prefer someone gorgeous or someone overwhelmingly clever? Both would be nice, but we all know that rarely happens.

Friday 16 October 2009

If I could visit any state, it'd have to be Arizona...

Can I just take a moment out to appreciate the genius behinds Grey's Anatomy newcomer Jessica Capshaw?

You eagle-eyed L Word fans might have noticed that Capshaw also played schoolgirl Nadia in season five of the show. (She was also awesome in that role too, by the way.)

Anyway yeah, Capshaw equals pure genius. And I'm not just talking about her looks!

As Dr. Arizona Robbins in Grey's, the lovely Jessica brings a level head to the surgery: every week without fail she seems to deliver a speech to a troubled patient or Doctor or some other poor soul, making you instantly fall in love with her.

Last night's episode (October 15th, 2009) saw Capshaw convincing her girlfriend's worried Father that being gay really is okay. Of course I know that the show's chief writer Shonda Rhimes has something to do with the perfection of Arizona, but the way in which Jessica plays her with such conviction brings a tear to my drama-loving eye.

Speaking of conviction, major kudos to Sara Ramirez (who plays Calliope Torres) this week.

Ramirez plays Arizona's girlfriend, who's Father (previously mentioned) is particularly hostile to his daughter's lifestyle choice. What I'm mentioning her for though is that she fought back at her Dad in the most kick ass way this week, it made me actually believe her.

My point is, these two straight (as far as I know!) women are absolutely flawless in their acting, and really do us gay ladies some justice.

What a pair of amazing women.

Monday 12 October 2009

And in other non-lesbian related news...

Myself and 2 of my friends have started a whole new website! is a site for reviewing pretty much anything: television; books; film; food and drink etc.

Make your way down there! There’s a comment box at the end of every post (pretty much like this blog) for you to share your opinions.

For any other information on advertising, or if you want to request a review of anything, email me at

Oh my goddess.

In regards to my ‘top 20 women’ blog, I have to say I have recently realized that I missed out a very important lady! (Who I’m pretty much certain is an actual goddess.)

Yeah I know, it’s not like me to make mistakes, but I haven’t realized the beauty of this woman until just recently. That woman is… Cheryl Cole.

I’d say it was quite probable that if you live in the States, you’ve never heard of Ms. Cole. She is, for your information, in a relatively new girl band from England named Girls Aloud.

Cheryl and her other four bandmates have been extremely successful in the UK – they have had 19 consecutive top 10 singles, with 4 of them topping the charts at number 1. Their single ‘The Promise’ (which is, by the way, one of my favorites) sold 77,100 copies in its first week, making it the fastest selling single in UK chart history.

Now, Ms. Cole is on the judging panel in the UK’s parallel to American Idol: a show called The X Factor. Aside from being the only reason I watch the show, I also approve of her accent (which is what Brits call ‘Geordie’ – Cheryl comes from the North-East city of Newcastle) and the fashion and glamour she brings to Saturday night television makes me love her even more.

So yeah, I suppose I’d just like to say that on my top 20 list now, my top three would be Eliza Dushku, Sara Ramirez and then Cheryl. (With just a little pinch of Jessica Capshaw, if you will.)
Do you approve? Or do you think Cheryl doesn't deserve a place on my list? (Say no, and you die.)

Wednesday 7 October 2009

You Gay Men Have It So Easy!

You heard. You know very well that every gay male ever is 100% physically gorgeous and 85% of our gay ladies aren't a pretty sight.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of beholder, but you know what I mean by 'physically attractive'. I'm talking about the pretty face, cute smile, perfect ass and pert breasts kind of attractive. (Although, clearly when I say breasts, I'm not talking about the guys. Substitute 'breasts' for 'abs'. Or...'penis'? I wouldn't know.)

Alright, alright, I understand that not all of you guys are exactly like the Armani models above, but to be honest, you're not far off.

Now if you compare your stereotypical gay man to your stereotypical lesbian, you know perfectly well which one is more attractive. Not saying that there aren't both butch and femme lesbians who are beautiful inside and out, I'm just suggesting that flawless gay men are so much easier to find!

I for one have never found an ugly gay man. Of course, I know a couple who are ugly personality-wise, but never have I found one otherwise.

So please, if there really is a God, Buddha, Allah or Vishnu up there, send some beautiful lesbians to me! I need the cuddles.

P.s. This is not a personal dig at anyone in particular, it's just an opinion! And besides, inner beauty is always the most attractive quality of all.