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Friday 29 August 2008

Gay Men and Gay Women hate each other?

So I'm going back to tenth grade, which is a long time ago, since I'm in college now. I don't know why I suddenly remembered this, but I thought I'd blog about it, just to hear your opinion.

Okay, I'm in a citizenship class with some of my friends. We are discussing gay and lesbian relationships with the community and leading the discussion is a guest speaker we have in school: a police officer. (Why we had a police officer in to talk about homosexuals, I have no idea.)

Anyway, so we're chatting about gays, and the officer comes up with the stupidest thing I ever heard. He says 'Gay men and gay women do not get along at all.' Someone next to me asks 'Why don't they?' The police officer replies 'They just don't. In gay bars, they stay away from each other.'

Annoyed by this, I put my hand up and say 'Well I get along
with gay men.' The police guy says 'But you're not a lesbian.' This left me even more pissed off with the guy, and I replied 'How do you know?' He then said 'I don't.' Then I just had to say 'Well I am a lesbian, and I have loads of gay male friends and get along with them just fine thanks.' Which then led to applause from all the gay and bisexual students in the room...

So I was looking for your opinion. Do gay men and lesbians generally not get along, or was the police guy just talking... well... crap? Do you have any homosexual male friends or is it some sort of stereotype for lesbians to steer clear of them?

Clearly the police officer wasn't as gay as this one.

Monday 18 August 2008

I kissed a girl and my Mom didn't like it...

I'm sure every person in the world must have heard Californian beauty Katy Perry's pop rendition of I Kissed A Girl. If you haven't, well... Where have you been for the past 3 months?!

The hit songs main sing-a-long lyric is 'I kissed a girl and I liked it', but this seems to be the complete opposite to what Ms. Perry's mother is saying.

Katy's Mom - a devoted Christian - has been quoted on many websites saying "I can't even listen to that song. When it comes on the radio, I bow my head to pray." She later went on to say "It clearly promotes homosexuality and its message is shameful and disgusting."

Now Christian homophobia is nothing new to us lesbians, but can somebody join me in telling the world: It's just a song! It's not as if Katy is pushing all teens and yo
ung confused girls to be gay, she's basically just trying to make money, which goes for most pop stars these days. Do they really care about music? Hell no. They just need the cash!

Mrs. Perry has also been quoted as saying: "Katy is not homosexual and I fear she has been lead astray by the Hollywood crowd." Hold on... Lead astray? Last time I
checked, you didn't 'turn' gay to follow a crowd. I mean, I can't see Katy hanging out playing poker and watching The L Word at Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi's Hollywood estate on weekends.

So, a message to any over the top God lovers: Get over it. And who can blame us for staring, when Katy dresses in outfits like this?!

Saturday 9 August 2008

Asda caters for gay ladies.

You may be thinking 'what the hell?' but it's true.

UK supermarket Asda (which is part of the Wal*Mart family apparently) has started selling lesbian magazine DIVA this week.

This month, the magazine stars The L Word military chic Rose Rollins, who plays Tasha Williams in the show.

I thought this was fantastic because Asda is a large chain supermarket with hundreds of people going in every day... And the fact that the magazine was displayed on the very front row at eye level made my day that little bit more.

Just thought I should tell you... ALL HAIL ASDA!

Tuesday 5 August 2008

The top women you wish were lesbian/bisexual, but aren't quite there...

So maybe I'm the only lesbian in history to have a batch of women listed under 'I wish you were gay'. But maybe there are others out there who have a huge crush on a straight female celebrity and it just gets you down... What better way to find out your views than blogging about it?!

First on my list: Tina Fey. (Below.)

To be honest, the best question to ask is 'Why shouldn't Tina be gay?!' I mean, she looks like a lesbian, she writes like one, millions of gay women seem to be besotted with her... Her last name even rhymes with gay for God's sake! We know she's gay friendly too - she welcomes her gay fans with open arms. Basically, we need more lesbians like her.

Alright, second straight gal that should be part of the fold? Sara Ramirez. (Below.)

Wow. Just look at her. Voluptuous, talented... And that lesbian storyline she is at the center of on Grey's Anatomy is just... Well, I'm speechless. Well done to the writers of Grey's, that's all I can say...

Perhaps the youngest beautiful girl on my list is Mandy Musgrave. (Below.)

We know this actress is beautiful, but she's also a role model to teen lesbians and bisexuals everywhere. Her character Ashley Davies from The N's South Of Nowhere is a gay teenager living in LA. Mandy also starred in Angela Robinson's Girltrash, starred in AfterEllen's Brunch With Bridget (starring out comedienne Bridget McManus) and has attended several pride ceremonies and GLAAD awards. Should she be gay? Oh yes.

Next up, the stunning Jennifer Beals. (Below.)

Probably best known for her role in 80s epic dance movie Flashdance, all red-blooded dykes know her better as The L Word's Bette Porter. Or Dean Porter as we like to call her... She's beautiful, talented, extremely gay friendly... She might as well be gay already dammit!

I could probably go on for days writing this list and these are just a few of my favorites. Who are your top straight ladies? Who do you just wish would become a lesbian and get it over with?!