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Sunday 16 January 2011

Top Lesbian News of 2010.

I know I usually do this blog in December, but I thought it would make more sense doing it in January, just so I don't miss anything.

Obviously at the top of the gay news list for 2010 is the fact that Don't Ask, Don't Tell was repealed, giving gay service members in the US the right to fight for their country.

Helping the cause along the way was Adam Bouska's 'NOH8' campaign, in which hundreds of celebrities got their picture taken (as seen above) to support the marriage and civil service rights of gay people.

In a less up beat, positive side of politics, Constance McMillen made headlines this year refused to go to her high school prom, as the school would not let her take her girlfriend along with her.

Of course, there's always a silver lining - Constance's battle with homophobia from her school was so shocking that it earned her a place on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in which she was interviewed and respected like any other celebrity. Props, Ellen.

On the entertainment side of things, there were a lot of 'outings' this year. (Take singer Ladyhawke and Amy Winehouse, for example.) But there were also a couple of fake outings that made the media headlines.
Yep, that's right, Nicki Minaj was outed this year as 'bisexual', which excited lesbian fans of hip/hop and r&b everywhere. But Minaj later dismissed the rumours, tweeting that 'us ppl r simple'.

Lesbian fan favourites 'Calzona' are still going strong on Grey's Anatomy (and by 'strong' we mean haven't been killed of yet), whilst, as far as I know, the young lesbians on Pretty Little Liars are also doing the gay community proud.

Lesbian favourite and The L Word alum Jane Lynch continued to be nominated for several awards and was a fan-favourite on Glee in 2010 - her success being something which she finds so surreal.

Although this 'news' is possibly something negative, lesbian reality show The Real L Word started this year, created by our favourite(?) lesbian producer, Ilene Chaiken.

Fabulous (again '?') news for next year too - The Real L Word is back for a second series in 2011, with Whitney apparently being at the forefront. Hmm... Only time will tell, ladies.

So what did I miss? Anything worth noting?