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Friday 26 March 2010

Gay? Die alone.

So apparently now, gays don't even deserve a funeral, never mind a marriage.

In an interview, Italian Bishop Francesco Nole claimed that 'irregulars' - including criminals and homosexuals - should not be given communions or funerals.

To quote him fully, he actually said: “Nothing surprises me anymore. Homosexuality, which is a disease, has become something normal. They sprout like poisonous mushrooms, and instead of feeling shame they celebrate this plague and the church itself minimalises these sins.”

Yeah, yeah. That's right.

When you're dead, your life doesn't deserve to be celebrated. Nuh uh.

We don't get any basic human rights now.

Is that okay with you?

In my opinion, anyone who believes someone doesn't deserve a funeral is a disease themselves.

Any thoughts?

Thursday 18 March 2010

Not Another Lesbian Let-Down

I'm pretty sure all (or most) of you have heard about the girl who recently wanted to take her (female) date to the prom?

Yep, Constance McMillen wanted to take her date - who was going to wear a tux to the event - to her high school prom in Mississippi. However, never did the pair imagine that the school would express concern with this and cancel the entire prom.

Yeah, that's right. They didn't even just ban the couple, they cancelled the entire prom over a pair of lesbians.

This led to bullying from other pupils, not because they were gay, but because they were all looking forward to prom and blamed its cancellation upon the couple.

Is this right? I think not.

What do you think? (Post in the comments!)

Wednesday 10 March 2010


Yeah. I've given you 3 celesbian outings this year, and the fourth one is mine!

That's right, I came out to my parents yesterday.

I'm pretty much already out to everyone else anyway: members of my family and my friends already knew.

I know you're also probably thinking 'You should come out to your parents first!' But I have good reasons why I didn't. My Dad especially is usually extremely homophobic and my Mother cringes every time a gay person is on TV.

Also, I knew I could trust and rely on many of my friends and family more than I could rely on my parents not to judge me. Sounds really bad, but I just couldn't.

Anyway, you should all know that the whole experience has been quite strange, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Turns out, they weren't overjoyed, but my Dad took it way better than I thought.

I encourage anyone to come out to their parents, but only when they feel they are ready. You'll feel so much better when you have.

I've also started the poll (on the right). Tell me if you've come out or not yet, and leave a comment to explain you have or haven't!

Some coming out stories in the comments might be interesting too!

Monday 8 March 2010

Ladyhawke Comes Out!

Yep, that's a third celebrity outing on the blog this year.

For any of you who don't know, Ladyhawke is a New Zealand electro-pop goddess.

Her album titled 'Ladyhawke' won 8 awards in 2009 in NZ alone. It's really quite good, obviously. I'm a huge fan.

This is also why I felt the need to tell you, 'cause she really is amazing at what she does, and this news makes her even better!

Apparently, she came out in an interview with Stuff, and is in a fully-committed lesbian relationship.


Sunday 7 March 2010

I love people who think I care :)

I went on my website '' today, only to find a negative message from a reader.

Here's what it said:

People might give a crap about your stuff if you stopped shamelessly pimping it in every AfterEllen comment you make. It’s sad dear, no one cares about your view so stop spamming the comments of decent writers." - from 'Yawn'.

In response, I would like to say the following.

How is it sad to want people to read your writing? I've had messages from a lot of lesbians, young and old, who say my blog is both entertaining and helpful for them, so maybe you should keep your 'sad' comments to yourself in future.

Also, that blog has nothing to do with, so maybe YOU should get your facts right before claiming that 'no one wants my opinion'. Furthermore, if you don't want my view, then simply don't read it. I'm sure you don't speak for the whole of the AfterEllen population when you say people 'don't care' about my view.

The 'visit my blog' section on the end of comments is on automatic and therefore it appears on every comment I make. I am also deeply distraught (good old British sarcasm for you there, by the way) that you don't think my writing is decent.

You're the first person to have complained, so maybe you should tell me by your real name if you have a problem, rather than go by an unimaginative code name.

That is all.

Yours lovingly,

I think that is what you call 'pwning'.