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Saturday 28 April 2012

RECAP: Lip Service - Season 2, Episode 2. a.k.a. WHAT THE F JUST HAPPENED?!

Hey all.

Sorry for the disappointing introduction, but I'm still in shock because of this damn TV show. Ugh. Check below the cut because this recap will (obviously) contain spoilers and I know some of you non-UK watchers may not have seen it yet...

Tuesday 24 April 2012

REVIEW: Uh Huh Her @ Sound Control Manchester, UK

Well, here's the Uh Huh Her gig review I promised... And what a gig it was!

In fact, the gig was so good that I've resorted to planning a tattoo of some UHH lyrics. It was simply inspiring.

Of course, many of the people were only there to see "Alice from The L Word", with one or two fans shouting "marry me, Alice!" at the top of their voices, which really irritated me. When will you all learn that Alice and Leisha (Hailey) are two completely different people!? i.e. One's real and one's a character from a television show. Is it really that hard a concept to grasp?

I however, unlike the select few others, was there because I am a huge fan of the band's music: I have every single one of their songs that I can find; both of their albums, both of their EPs... I'm a 'superfan', some would say.

As a huge Leisha fan, I was extremely surprised to come out of the venue in Manchester loving Hailey's band-mate Camila Grey more than I ever thought I could. Grey's voice was sultry, smooth and beautiful, and her stage presence was sick. She oozed both sex appeal and coolness, with that perfect little bit of nerdiness underneath her broody exterior.

(Photo courtesy of deloabsurdoaloincierto via Tumblr)

As Cam played the electric guitar, bass and synth with style and f*cking awesome talent, Leisha held her own too. My first thoughts were "oh my gosh, she's so tiny", but damn, can she rock out.

When it was time for her to play a song she wrote herself from Uh Huh Her's second album titled 'Debris', (which is about phone sex, apparently) she sang in a much deeper tone than any of us L Word fans are used to, but it was god damn sexy at the same time.

What particularly stood out was the duo's acoustic version of fan-favourite, Common Reaction, in which we could really hear the expertise of the couple's voices and technical acoustic guitar playing.

Perhaps one of my favourite moments, however, was the following dialogue that occurred.
Crazed Fan: Marry me, Leisha!
Leisha: Uhh... (With a sly smile). I'm taken.
Camila: I'm not scared of you people.
I'm not sure if the rest of the room heard this, because I'm pretty sure I was the only person in the room who screamed out in approval. They're definitely the hottest, coolest couple you can imagine.

On the whole, Uh Huh Her were just a pleasure to watch. Everything about the gig was simply perfection and the pair should be proud of themselves for achieving so much in so little time.

I'd recommend them to everyone - not just the lesbians! - and especially to those who are fans of Bowie, Arcade Fire, Blonde Redhead and the like.

Cam, Leisha... I salute you.

Friday 20 April 2012

Lip Service Is BACK!

Hey gays, lesbians and all those in between!

Today (as I write this, actually), season 2 of British lesbian drama Lip Service is back on our screens.

Why am I not watching it, you ask? Well, as I suck at most aspects of life, I completely forgot that it was on, so I'll be waiting for the online catch up.

So what do you all think will happen this season? Will Frankie (Ruta Gedmintas) and Cat (Laura Fraserfinally truly be together? And if so, what will happen to the hot cop?

I may or may not be providing you dykes with a recap or review of episode 1 of season 2 once I've watched it. And it will probably include a lot of praise for my favourite lovable nerd, Tess (played by Fiona Button). She's so adorable, I can't even...

However, tomorrow I will be witnessing the incredible Uh Huh Her live here in the UK, so a review of their gig will probably come first.

I know, you're all jealous.