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Wednesday 24 July 2013

Why Should You Watch Orange Is The New Black?

If you haven't heard of this show yet, you've been living under a rock.

Orange Is The New Black is the new, kickass, Netflix original series which centres around a woman who goes to prison for a crime she committed a decade earlier.

Based on a book of the same name, Orange has a starry cast, led by blonde newcomer, Taylor Schilling.

Photograph © Jill Greenberg, 2013
So why should you watch it and why is it appearing on a lesbian blog? Let us tell you.

1) This show is full to the brim with lesbian activity.

We're not kidding.

Everyone from That 70s Show's Laura Prepon to Natasha Lyonne (American Pie) show their lesbian tendencies in this masterpiece.

And damn, look how hot Prepon is these days:

Image: orangeisthenewblackx via Tumblr
2) Orange brings you the first real transgender woman in the mainstream media.

And my word, she is stylin'.

Laverne Cox plays post-op transwoman Sophia on the show, who is often seen giving the other ladies new haircuts and make up tips.

No seriously, this is amazing for transgender awareness. This show breaks boundaries. Get to watching it.

3) Captain fucking Janeway.

"What?" you might ask. Well, guess which Star Trek alum appears as Russian head chef, Red.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. I'm not a trekkie, but I can understand how this would over-excite some of your science fiction nerd vaginas.

Janeway commands you to watch this show. No one disobeys Janeway.

4) So, so great for feminism.

You're probably thinking "how does a show about a bunch of convicts help the feminist cause?"

Well, almost the entire cast is female, for one thing. Proof that TV shows do not need a strong male character in the central role.

In fact, this guy is one of only three main male characters in the cast:

Yes, that is the pie guy.

But even Jason Biggs' character isn't one of the typical 'masculine', dominating personalities we see far too much of on television. Another main male character is simply the villain, who is sure to get some feminist fires flaring.

What's more is, sexuality is treated as normal in this show. As it should be. The lesbians integrate with the heterosexual characters, and there are arguably even some bisexual (and otherwise sexually identified) characters in the pipeline too.

Different sexualities are treated equally. Women are portrayed as strong. 

A feminist triumph, if you ask me.


Of course there are a million more reasons you should watch this show, but I hope the four above help to convince you just that little bit more.

I'd recommend it to everyone (over 18, of course) from all sexual orientations, all genders and all walks of life. It's a truly amazing show that you're sure to become emotionally attached to.

Sunday 7 July 2013

Top 20 Gorgeous Ladies 2013

Ah, my favourite time of year.

Right around June/July, AfterEllen posts their hot 100 list of hot female celebrities, compiled by votes from readers.

Now every year, AE also compare their lists to lists compiled by a male audience (Maxim, FHM, etc) so I always make sure to compare my list to AfterEllen's list. It's like a response to the response of a list. Get it?

Remember, as ever, this list consists of ladies who have personally caught my eye this year. If I have left out your favourite lady, remember this is a personal choice and not to take it to heart!

Let's get started...

20) Jennifer Lawrence (New Entry.)

Known For: The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook, falling over while collecting an Oscar.

Why She's Loved: We thought about using a photograph from a photo shoot for J. Law, but it just wouldn't do her justice. Jennifer Lawrence shows us that it's possible to be super famous and super beautiful, but still be yourself. Oh, and she's a pretty good actress too.

19) Amy Poehler (New Entry.)

Known For: Parks & Recreation, Saturday Night Live, being Tina Fey's unstoppable lady friend.

Why She's Loved: Everyone loves a lady who can make you laugh, and Poehler never fails. It's been an amazing year for Amy, who recently presented the Golden Globe awards. All that and she's hot? Damn, grrrl.

18) Kristin Bauer van Straten (New Entry.)

Known For: True Blood, Once Upon a Time, being effortlessly badass.

Why She's Loved: As the sharp-tongued, quick-witted vampire Pam in True Blood, Kristin also plays (semi) gay on the show. Now I've loved her ever since I saw Romy & Michele's High School Reunion when I was 10, but now she's stepping into the limelight and we love it.

17) Marion Cottilard (New Entry.)

Known For: La Vie en Rose, Inception, that darn sexy European accent.

Why She's Loved: I personally had not heard of this lady until I saw musical movie flop, Nine. But even then I saw talent in Marion. She's such a good actress that she doesn't need to use her beauty to get by in the acting world. Although we're sure it doesn't hurt...

16) Kristen Stewart (Last Year: #20.)

Known For: Twilight, Panic Room, definitely being heterosexual...

Why She's Loved: Well, the lesbians love her because she's the closest thing to heterosexual since Ellen Page. Ha, we (sort of) joke. She's talented, despite that blip that we call the Twilight Saga and she's stylish-androgynous which we can't help but dig.

15) Jessica Capshaw (Last Year: #4.)

Known For: Grey's Anatomy, The L Word, her star-studded family.

Why She's Loved: Now it's definitely been a bumpy road for Grey's Anatomy's "Calzona", but JCap is still in our hearts despite what her character has inflicted upon our emotions. If she wasn't so gorgeous it might be a different story...

14) Julie Benz (New Entry.)

Known For: Defiance, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, being the sweetest person to ever exist.

Why She's Loved: Well, other than those mentioned above, Benz has also starred in some stellar TV shows including Dexter and Desperate Housewives (in which she played gay, no less!) Since we saw a young Julie in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we've had our eye on her. And man, she just doesn't age!

13) Sasha Alexander (Last Year: #5.)

Known For: Rizzoli & Isles, NCIS, being Sophia Loren's daughter-in-law...

Why She's Loved: On come on, isn't it obvious? Not only is Sasha gorgeous, but she has impeccable dress sense, she's adorable, and she's the Isles to Angie Harmon's Rizzoli! Pssh. (She also looks sexy wielding a gun. See NCIS for more details.)

12) Jennifer Morrison (New Entry.)

Known For: Once Upon a Time, House, those arms...

Why She's Loved: We're really, really sorry we couldn't find a picture of those arms but damn,  those arms! Most people prefer Lana Parrilla in this "Swan Queen" fantasy, but it's Morrison who caught my eye. Unf.

11) Kate Winslet (Last Year: #7.)

Known For: Titanic, Revolutionary Road, her British accent.

Why She's Loved: Where is Kate now? Who knows. When will she be making a return? Never soon enough. Not only is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind one of the most genius movies ever made, but Ms. Winslet is 100% bloody perfect.

10) Beyonce (New Entry.)

Known For: Crazy In Love, Destiny's Child, having the coolest husband in the universe.

Why She's Loved: I often find myself saying "but who doesn't love Beyonce?" because she is literally the Queen of everything. She's the first non-actress on my list, but that doesn't mean she doesn't act at all. In fact, she's been in a series of successful movies. What can't she do? Look anything but flawless.

9) Drew Barrymore (Last Year: #9.)

Known For: Charlie's Angels, E.T., having been around forever.

Why She's Loved: Where is she now? WHO KNOWS? But I hardly care because Drew is always in my heart. She's quirky and goofy but she's still rock and roll. And her dress sense? Ugh. And her talent? Ugh. Someone help me.

8) Angie Harmon (New Entry.)

Known For: Rizzoli & Isles, Law & Order, that damn hot raspy voice.

Why She's Loved: Not only is Harmon one half of our favourite non-lesbian, (yeah, right) crime-fighting duo, but she's also sexy as a single unit. She's kinda butch, but kinda not. Kinda serious, but kinda nerdy. We love her. (And yes, she will be the only known Republican on our list. Let's move on.)

7) Eliza Dushku (Last Year: #11.)

Known For: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, that damn hot raspy voice...

Why She's Loved: Well this lady has the only voice that could rival Angie Harmon's. She looks monumentally sexy kicking butt. She plays our favourite, take-no-shit cheerleader in Bring It On. Basically, no one knows where she is now, which is why we constantly watch Dollhouse reruns...

6) Sara Ramirez (Last Year: #2.)

Known For: Grey's Anatomy, Spamalot, that killer voice.

Why She's Loved: She's half of one of the most loved couples on television. Honestly, I personally love her because she's such a good actress, yet so underrated. I keep coming back to the above picture... Guess why ;)

5) Anna Silk (Last Year: #18.)

Known For: Lost Girl, Being Erica, being the most kickass heroine since Buffy.

Why She's Loved: Living up to the #1 heroine since Buffy title can't be easy, but Anna Silk has stepped up to the calling with grace. And she loves ladies as Bo. And we love her.

4) Troian Bellisario (Last Year: #1.)

Known For: Pretty Little Liars, web series Lauren, having another one of those voices...

Why She's Loved: Okay, I can't help but say it every time: Troian is perfect in every way. It really grinds my shit when people prefer Shay Mitchell over Troian just because she plays gay in Pretty Little Liars (not to say Shay isn't beautiful, of course.) But when it comes to talent, style, and intelligence, Troian is #1 hands down. Oh, and her music taste is impeccable.

3) Rachel Skarsten (New Entry.)

Known For: Lost Girl, The Vow, being one half of Valkubus.

Why She's Loved: Now I'm pretty sure the Lost Girl writers threw Tamsin into the equation to throw Doccubus off their balance. I'm also pretty sure they didn't expect viewers to love Rachel so much. But how can you not love this girl?! (A controversial choice, I know. Sorry, Dr. Lauren fans!)

2) Cote de Pablo (New Entry.)

Known For: NCIS, her perfect South American accent.

Why She's Loved: Okay, just look at her! I can't help but be obsessed with her. She speaks like a bazillion languages and plays the world's most watched Mossad agent in NCIS, and she does it all looking like that. Someone send a paramedic, I can't handle the hotness.

Who's number 1? I know, you're probably thinking it's someone from Glee. If this is you, please leave right now.

1) Tatiana Maslany (New Entry.)

Known For: Orphan Black, Orphan Black aaaaaand... Orphan Black.

Why She's Loved: Those of you who watch Orphan Black will understand why I've included so many photos of Maslany. And that's because she plays all of the characters. And excels at it. And looks hot as each and every clone. (Even madwoman Helena.) It's not only me who loves Tatiana - the critics love her too! She's favourite to be nominated for every award under the sun this summer. Not only that, but she plays gay as one of the clones (Cosima, pictured bottom.) Perfect in every way? Yes. Need we say more? No. Because you already agree.


So what do you gays think? I know, I'm often biased towards the more feminine ladies, so you're unlikely to ever see Tegan & Sara or Kate Moennig on my list.

Let me know in the comments who would be in your top 20! (And if you're here to complain that Dianna Agron, Zoie Palmer and Ellen DeGeneres aren't on my list, please don't.)

Friday 5 July 2013

Up & Coming Lesbian Music: Nicolette Forte

Looking for some raw, soulful music to dig your teeth into?

Nicolette Forte might have what you're looking for.

Just look at her, man! That lady is cool on a stick.

Her new single, Hold Your Hand, is due to be released on August 2nd, but you can get a pretty awesome preview of the song if you click HERE and head over to her SoundCloud.

For more information, you can visit Nicolette's official website at, or head over to her Facebook ( for day to day updates from the lady herself!

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Help a Lesbian Web Series Come To Life: K&A

I've actually not been more excited about a lesbian web series for a long time.

Unfortunately, this one needs you to head on over to KickStarter and get it, well... Kick started.

K&A is a (hopefully) upcoming web series in which two friends in Boston are trying to find significant others, but their chaotic, drink/drug fuelled lives get in the way.

A (Alex) is one half of the main duo; a character who labels herself a lesbian.

Head over to the series' kick starter page by clicking HERE, and see how this web series looks like a raw, more feminist version of HBO's Girls. Really, you'll see the similarities instantaneously.

But for now, check out this video of Alex, who appears to have made a shrine to Tori Spelling in her Beverly Hills 90210 days. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.