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Saturday 29 June 2013

Up & Coming LGBT Music: Reasons Be

Los Angeles, CA – Humble yet handsome is the brotherhood of Reasons Be. The pop duo is releasing their new single “Say Goodnight,” available on iTunes, with a music video to top it off. Two musicians couldn’t be more perfect together and the Reasons Be men have been getting recognized all over the indie music scene for their undeniable talent. Their tasteful music touches on real-life matters and relays them in a way that is salacious and satisfying. As their musical alliance gets stronger, the music gets better and their fan base gets bigger. The band has a huge following that are dedicated to seeing them rise to the top. 

Driven by a pop-friendly mix of electronic sounds and folk-inspired guitar chords, the single “Say Goodnight” is defined by the free-flowing and aesthetically pleasing sound that is signature to the band. Featuring compelling lyrics for the lover’s ear, the song kicks off with a soft introduction that bursts into orchestral layers of synths and rhythmic percussions during the chorus and carries throughout the song. Reflecting their undeniable chemistry, “Say Goodnight” showcases impressive harmonies and memorable lines that leave listeners singing after the song ends. Having done amazing production for big acts such as Puddle of Mudd, Rise Against, and Shinedown, producer and engineer Lee Miles utilizes his technical and creative chops to optimize the band’s acoustic sound and enhance it with mainstream capability. 

Directed at the hands of Yannis Zafeiriou(Extreme Makeover), the music video is a tear-jerking visual to the single with an even more pensive script. Completely shot in slow motion Cinemascope, the video starts off with news of a pregnancy and ends with the revival of a woman by angels, encompassing the circle of life. Throughout the video, which was shot at locations around Los Angeles, there are two angels who constantly watch over the unfolding storyline, speaking to the notion of never wanting to say goodbye – as the song goes. “'Say Goodnight' is our finest art yet.  It's relatable, powerful, and leaves you wanting more. The lyrics express the words your heart longs to say but maybe your mouth won't allow you to,” the pair explained. 

There are many things you can find on Craigslist these days. Scotty and R.E.L are thankful to have found each other over an audition ad. The two are able to convey heavy emotion through their songs because each of them has experienced difficult situations in their lives. Shining with optimism and ambition, Reasons Be is a sonic energy ball waiting to explode with good music for all to enjoy. In their own words and mantra, live life and let the reasons be and visit www.ReasonsBe.comor for all the juicy updates. 

Friday 28 June 2013

VIDEO: Remembering Stonewall

On this day 44 years ago, the Stonewall riots broke out.

This is an anniversary which many gay people from across the globe look back and thank the brave men who fought the police in these riots all those years ago.

Don't know much about Stonewall?

Let this short video explain it to you:

Today we remember this monumental step towards the ever-growing equality we know today as a gay community.

Thursday 27 June 2013

Tomorrow: Eden Pride COMEDY Show!


Just one more day until our EDEN comedians will be tickling your funny bone!  The EDEN Comedy Show is featuring Gina Yashere and Dana Goldberg, two ridiculously funny ladies!

Purchase your tickets here.  There are two seatings 11am and 1pm.
Join us for a night filled with comedic powerhouses that will make you laugh your way into Pride.

 Two sublimely funny ladies, two hours of non-stop laughter and one night of side splitting fun! This year our comedy show will be hosted inside of the historically significant Brava Theater.

Comedians Gina Yashere and Dana Goldberg will be making your body shake with their hilaririty!  These two funny ladies are gonna bring with their insightful observations, dry wit, on point commentary and so much more.  This is the one show YOU will not want to miss!

Monday 24 June 2013

Toronto Pride: An LGBT Comedy Extravaganza!

Our blog's Twitter (click HERE to go there!) recently promised you more awesome comedy. And we have not let you down.

All of you lovely Canadian (and visiting) LGBT-ers can head over to Toronto's gay town this week to pride yourselves crazy, and what better way to start than getting your funny bone tickled?!

I've been privileged enough to see this awesome show myself, and these guys never fail to get you giggling.

As Toronto's ONLY LGBT and women's comedy show, you gays are sure to have a blast.

There's no invite necessary and you only have to fork out 5 bucks to get in! It's events like this that show our support to the community, so get out there and have fun!

The show is THIS WEDNESDAY (June 26th) at Comedy Bar right on Bloor Street West and starts at 9pm - a great start to your pride week.

Click HERE to RSVP to the show on Facebook and invite all of your friends!

Go to for more info.

Saturday 22 June 2013

The Cliks on mtvU Freshman!

New York, NY - The Cliks' new music video "Savanna" has been officially added as one of the five competing videos on MTVU Freshman.

The winner will get regular rotation on MTVU and that’s 20-25 spins a week!  The video will spin on MTVU, on "The Freshman 5" show at least 15 times while the contest is going on!

The show spotlights emerging artists on air and online, with the chance for one of the videos to get an automatic add into rotation on the channel the following week. Fans can vote on these videos online, starting Monday 6/17, voting will end on Friday 6/28 at 2:00 PM (EST) and be tabulated. 

Let's make sure The Cliks take the prize home! 

After a five-year hiatus during which Lucas Silveira - the openly transgender lead singer of The Cliks - finally found his true voice (literally and figuratively speaking) - successfully going through a female to male transition process - he has now returned to the music scene with the a brand new Cliks album entitled “Black Tie Elevator”.

Silveira, now 33, made history in 2006, when he became the first out transgender man to be signed to a major record label. Silveira's band The Cliks, which formed in 2004, gained widespread acclaim after being featured on the soundtrack of the Showtime series "The L Word."

A stint performing alongside artists like Debbie Harry, Rufus Wainwright and Erasure on Cyndi Lauper's 2007 "True Colors" tour brought additional attention to Silveira and his bandmates.  The Cliks’ first two major label releases, Snakehouse (2006- Warner Music Canada/Tommy Boy) & Dirty King (2009-Warner Music Canada/Tommy Boy) brought the band international recognition.In 2007, the Toronto Star deemed a transgender "pop heartthrob," a title he cemented in 2010 when he was voted the “Sexiest Canadian Man” in a Chart Attack end-of-year survey.  
After half a decade of living as a man but appearing to most as a woman, he began the formal process of testosterone hormone therapy. The result was a voice that was changed, deeper and huskier, but somehow more soulful. In 2010, his rebirth landed him in Brooklyn, NY, a home away from home to concentrate on songwriting. He recorded a solo album “Mockingbird” and wrote new songs for The Cliks next music venture, the blues and Motown-inspired "Black Tie Elevator".

Transgenderism has been a hot topic lately particularly with the recent CNN interview of Kristin Beck, a former Navy Seal, who transitioned from man to woman and chronicled her life-changing experience in her book "Warrior Princess":

We also remember Jenna Talackova, the 23-year-old who forced Donald Trump to end a ban on transgender pageant contestants; not to mention ABC announcement that Chaz Bono had joined the popular "Dancing with Stars" primetime TV show a couple of years ago; as well as last year's breaking news about Tom Gabel, lead singer of "Against Me", who transitioned from man to woman and was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine.

Yet controversy is still swirling around the transgender issue as a majority of people still do not grasp the concept of transitioning from one gender to another. 
Learning about transgender lives can break stereotypes and help audiences see the human side of an issue they may not have encountered personally.
More than a story simply about a transgender’s ordeal, Lucas' tale is about an extraordinary journey into happiness and being at peace with oneself having found his true voice.

Please note that voting is unlimited - fans can literally vote all day long for the video. 


Friday 14 June 2013

Lesbian Advice #4: Am I Asexual?

Disclaimer: This advice column is completely confidential - all questions are anonymous and the author will never reveal an inquirer's identity. All Things Lesbian and its contributors are not responsible for the personal interpretation of any advice given. Advice written here is the opinion and suggestion of the author, and the decision on whether to take said advice is completely down to the individual reader. We're not professionals - we're simply here trying to make things a little easier for you. Enjoy!

Question 1: Does She Really Like Me?

Q: I met this girl. She already knew me because she recognized me from a Christian gathering. We became friends pretty quickly, like more quickly than with most people I usually meet. We're very comfortable with each other and there is no awkwardness at all, except when we're leaving each other (weird, right?)

I'm not exactly the type of person people can get close to so easily. I never talk about what I feel with other people, but with her I'm easily able to just say it. I find myself reading her texts over and over again sometimes, and hoping that she would text me, even when I ended the conversation.

The thing I'm confused about is that I don't exactly feel the usual "crush" feelings I get when I like someone. Usually when I like somebody, I am quiet and reserved around my friends if they're near, and I'll often look down. I'll also be nervous, and my heart would race faster. With this girl, I am not at all shy, or nervous. I am very open and happy around her. I don't feel like I like her, but there's just something that makes me want to be around her, to hold hands with, or to talk with. Is it normal to not feel nervous, or experience that feeling of adrenaline rush through your body when you like someone?

I'm not sure if she's even gay, because she is a religious Christian (also from Korea, the land where gays do not exist in their eyes). However, she has shown signs that are usually perceived as being interested in someone, or even liking them.

It also makes me wonder why I'm gay. Like, am I gay because I yearn for the care that girls are able to show to you that guys can't? Because I'm not sexually attracted to girls, I'm emotionally attracted to them. With guys, I'm sexually attracted but not emotionally. It's all very confusing to me.

But I’d like your opinion. Does it seem like she's just being super friendly towards me, or is there something beneath what she's doing?*

- F

*This question has been edited due to length and structure.

A - Hmm, where to start?

First of all, the way you describe her actions towards you does make it sound like this girl is into you. However, we all know that when we like someone, we can sometimes amplify or modify the meaning behind these actions. In other words, we often see what we want to see.

The only thing to do is make a move and see how it goes. Maybe you should ask about her feelings towards homosexuality before doing so. Remember: Not all Christians have negative views towards our people! Some, you will find, are very accepting. Figure out her stance first.

As for your 'not being sexually attracted to girls' but being emotionally attached, I think I can shed some light here. I'm no expert in this area, but it sounds to me that you're what some would label a 'romantic asexual' when it comes to girls. What I mean by that is you do not find yourself sexually attractive to women, but rather you want to do smaller things; cuddle, hold hands, form deep bonds and connections.

Again, I'm not an expert in this field, but you can click HERE for some awesome information on asexuality and its twists and turns.

Good luck with the girl and be fearless!

Question 2: Is There Any Point In Trying?

I am a 22 year old femme who decided to try online dating. I was suspicious at first, but then I met this soft butch girl who lived about 40 miles from me and is 20 years old. She said she had just gotten out of a bad relationship.

We instantly made a connection and she seemed too good to be true. After talking online for hours upon end, she asked me out on a date. I was still nervous, so I asked to speak to her on the phone. We talked on the phone for a few days and video chatted and facebooked, and after a week of talking to her every night, I felt comfortable enough to meet her.

She said she really liked me, and I felt the same way. I was having very strong feelings for her, and was excited we shared the same values. After two weeks of talking to her and getting ready to meet her for the first time, she texts me and tells me her ex found about me and is really angry. She said that she came to her house after seeing our posts on facebook and flipped out, begging for her to take her back. This girl had cheated on her with men, and they had a bad relationship for a year and a half. They had agreed to just be friends.

Now the girl I was talking to said that she realized she had unresolved feelings for her ex and that she was sorry but she couldn't meet me. But that she would like to stay friends and thinks I'm an amazing person and she still really likes me.

Personally I think that she had sex with her ex and is confused now...I'm so upset because we really had this connection that I have never experienced before. I still really like her... should I just give up, or do you think possibly she will come to her senses? And if she does, should I try again or is she just an immature bitch?


Confused Femme

A: This situation sounds like it sucks for you, so firstly, I'm sorry to hear that.

It does sound like you really like this girl, but her head (and possibly her heart) are elsewhere. I have been in the same type of situation many a time and unfortunately it'll happen more often than you think.

It looks like you have two choices: keep in contact, hoping that she will soon return to feelings you have for her, or move on. If it were me, I'd opt for moving on. If she really does have unresolved feelings for her ex, there's not much you can do other than let her figure it out. It may not end in your favour, but at least you'll not be stuck with the thought of "when I'm with her is she just thinking about her ex?" And that is something no one wants on their mind.

But who knows? Maybe she'll realize just how much she likes you and give it a shot. Only time will tell in this case, I'm afraid.


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Wednesday 12 June 2013

New Lesbian Web Series: Into Girls

Now we know you all love your web series', especially when they're lesbian-centered.

So why not watch an entire season of one that has just been brought to our attention?

Here, take a look at episode 1 and tell us what you think.

So? Will you be watching the rest of the season?

You can also keep a look out for season 2, which is coming out soon, we hear!

Click HERE to go to the series' YouTube page and let us know what you think in the comments!

Monday 10 June 2013

Up & Coming Lesbian Music: Jungal


‘Leave My Head Album Launch Tour’

BC and Alberta - June/July/August 2013

Australian roots/rock ladies 'Jungal' return to Canadian soil to launch their latest 
record 'Leave My Head' this summer across BC and Alberta. The new tracks signify
a new, more mature and darker sound for the trio, as they explore themes of emotional disorder and the ‘crazy in us all’. Certainly, since their last full length
release in 2010 Jungal have had some profoundly challenging but powerful  learning experiences about love, life, emotion and well being.  These have included 
relationship breakups, aspergers syndrome, losing a friend to drugs, coming out, 
and the whirlwind that was their first tour in Canada. Not to mention long distance 
relationships, clinical depression, as well as the time they unknowingly hired a 
tour van of a craziest man in Canada. Whilst recording in Melbourne, Australia 
at ‘The Aviary’ with Fraser Montgomery co-producing, the Jungal ladies were able to 
explore and express these experiences. The result, ‘Leave My Head’ the 5 from the Aussie trio.

Bringing ingredients of roots, rock, a dash of blues, and a sprinkle of soul to their 
cauldron, Jungal will serve up a feast of live music to Canadians this summer  through an energetic, rocking performance. The Jungal sisterhood are renown for giving audiences their all, delivering punchy melodies, powerful grooves and  some genuine girl power. These ladies know how to prowl, and spread their foot stomping, heart pumping goodness around the globe.

During their fourth Canadian summer tour, Jungal will perform a rather long string of performances of festivals and pub shows promoting the new album. ‘Leave My Head’ will be available for Canadian Audiences from June 21. Please check out for all the latest dates and info.

“Jungal doesn’t waste any time getting down to the business of rocking the house 
creating a maelstrom of frenetic energy backed up by the musical chops to rock the 
main stage of any festival."

(Paul Crawford, Music Director, Artswells Festival CAN) 

“Their energy abounds and their grooves spun our crowd into a dancing frenzy."

 (John Armstrong, Festival Director, Sasquatch Gathering CAN)


Bookings:      Victoria Beard –

Saturday 8 June 2013

Grammy Award Winner Eve To Headline Pride Festival

Hello fabulous EDEN attendees! 
Happy Pride month!   
We are so excited that you will be joining us at EDEN this year.  This is by far the most spectacular year yet and we can't wait to show you what we got in store for you.  Each night is gaymazing and YOU will have a most excellent experience!  Here is an update on all the events going on during EDEN Weekend.  If you have any questions just let us know and we will try to answer them in a timely fashion.  We heart you and look forward to seeing each and every one of you! 
The EDEN Crew
Thursday, June 27th 2013 EDEN Kickoff Event, Fashion Show and Afterparty  w/ AzMarie of America's Next Top ModelThe Supperclub657 Harrison, SF 9pm-2am  

Saturday 1 June 2013

MORE Up & Coming Lesbian Music: Seven Mouldy Figs

Time for something a little different for you gays here.

As you may have noticed, our up and coming section often features very electro, riot grrrl style music. Well, it's time to rock.

Sounding not dissimilar from other great all-girl rock bands like Hole and Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Seven Mouldy Figs get you dancing in no time.

Seven Mouldy Figs (7MF) is a post-punk band with elements of rock. It was founded in Zagreb in June of 2012 and it's been active since October of 2012. Everything happened accidentally when Jordi (guitar/bass guitar) finally managed to get N. (drums) to play drums for her for one concert after 5 days of talking her into doing it. For the needs of that concert, they named themselves Čudovišna lica (Monster faces) because of one inside joke, but later, together with the decision that they'll form a real band, changed their name to Seven Mouldy Figs. 
In January of 2013, 7MF published their first demo EP called „Anger studies“ which consists of four songs, and also in March they got a third member, Laura M. (bass guitar/solo guitar) and introduced her to the audience on March 9th of 2013 when they had their first concert. In April of 2013, they found a new lead vocalist, Ella. Band performs only original songs in English (maybe there'll be some funny covers in the future).