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Wednesday 9 September 2009

Let's fight this together!

So I'm pretty sure all (or most!) of you have heard of the 'No on Prop 8' campaign. Yeah? Well, photographer Adam Bouska has teamed up with a string of celebs who are also against prop 8, in a bid to start a silent protest against gay marriage discrimination.

Above is one of hundreds of photos taken by Bouska. And yes, your eyes did see correctly. The picture is of senator John McCain's daughter Meghan! Republicans aren't all so bad after all. (Did I really say that?...)

Anyway, I'd just like to point out what an amazing job Bouska and his team are doing. A lot of work obviously goes into capturing, editing and publishing the photographs, not to mention the videos they make and send out on YouTube!

As you can see, there are a lot of famous people supporting the cause - from actors to politicians - so here are just a few to get started. Go to for the full collection!

Thursday 3 September 2009

Skins US? No thanks.

I briefly mentioned Skins in my last blog. And I feel like I need to mention it again.

I wasn't actually a fan of the show until series 3, which saw the romance between Naomi (Lily Loveless, below right) and Emily (Kathryn Prescott, below left) blossom. (I won't give anything away, so there's no need to beware of spoilers!)

As you can see, they're impossibly adorable. My personal favorite being Naomi. YUM.

The way in which the relationship is portrayed by the writers is enough to draw anyone in. The reason I say this is because of the realism of both the storyline and the acting. Any teen living in the UK can recognize that the whole of the Skins franchise is exactly the same as real life.

Obviously, lesbian relationships on TV are often done in the wrong way (think Lesbian Vampire Killers and shudder as much as you like.) But Skins is different. It shows all of the things that would really happen - resistance, being frightened, giving in - showing viewers an overall realistic look into teen lesbian romance.

The fact that producers in America are proposing to create a 'Skins USA' however disappoints me.

British television, for whatever reason, is always allowed to be that bit more racy and explicit than American television. In fact, I'm surprised that The L Word got away with all the stuff they did. Take Sugar Rush as an example.

When it took to US screens, the public were shocked. Usually, they are confined to the 'peck-on-the-lips' sort of lesbian relationship. *cough* Spashley. But Sugar Rush displayed full on girl-on-girl sex scenes, leaving nothing to the imagination.

Say 'I' if you too don't want to ruin Skins by 'americanizing' it!