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Friday 8 February 2013

Doccubus & Brittana in TV's Top Couples Poll!

You'll never guess what...

There are THREE gay couples in the final four of E! Online's Top TV Couples poll.

The only heterosexual 'couple' are Tony and Ziva of NCIS, which I'm also happy about because I'm a huge NCIS fan.

Vote for Doccubus (Lost Girl) and Brittana (Glee) by clicking HERE! There are only a couple more days to vote, so hurry!

But who should you vote for if both Doccubus and Brittana make it to the final couple? 

I'm going to make my plea for Doccubus right now.

1) You should vote for Doccubus because they are the most real couple on television right now. Brittana aren't actually a couple (the stupid writers hooked Brittany up with Sam. Not cool.) but Doccubus repeatedly portray a healthy same-sex relationship on TV week after week.

2) Damn Glee win every poll... Ever! Let's face it: Glee lost its pizzazz after the second season. Some may even argue during the season season. But Lost Girl gets better every week. It's sexy, fun, and mature all at the same time. Oh also, Finchel isn't a thing that happens in Lost Girl.

3) A vote for Doccubus means a vote for more Lost Girl visibility! Who doesn't know what Glee is, right? Whether you love it or hate it, you've heard of Glee. The thing is, not so many people have heard of the little Canadian show that could. So if Doccubus won, you'd be showing your support and spreading awareness of the show!

4) Brittana are cute and all, but Doccubus... I think this emoticon explains it sufficiently: *_* They are damn smokin' hot, and if you don't watch Lost Girl, you'll feel stupid for not doing so after watching the video below...

So, please. I am begging you. Just because you knew Brittana first does not mean they're worthy of this crown.

Doccubus are 100% the best couple on television I've seen for a long time, gay or straight. GO VOTE! (There will be a reminder of the final poll once we find out who the finalists are... Hold on tight!)

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