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Monday 11 November 2013

Lost Girl S04E01 Recap: "In Memoriam"

WARNING: This article quite clearly contains spoilers of the highest level!

by Lauren W

FINALLY. Lost Girl is back. I can practically hear the fandom's sigh of relief.

So how did the season premiere fare this time? Let me summarize for you.

We start with everyone's favourite human, Kenzi, (sorry, Lauren fans), rolling out from underneath a super cool pick-up truck, of course.

Ksenia Solo, still cute as ever.
Kenzi, along with some witty comments about the (presumably) Fae that drove her there, finds a creepy-looking, probably mystical box that is bound together with rope. Will we find out what's in Pandora's Box? Who knows. But Kenzi does mutter the words "The Una Mens" before she gets caught. Click HERE for an ultra-creepy Lost Girl webisode about these mysterious creatures.

Obviously Kenzi is saved from the wrath of a dark Fae male by everyone's least favourite cock-block, Dyson (Kris Holden-Reid) and Hale (KC Collins). But only after she proves to the unnamed Fae that she is not human.

What the hell? Kenzi is Fae now?
That's right, Kenzi's hands omit adorably Kenzi fireworks. And this is how you know this first episode is going to be a major mind-fuck.

Cut to Bo (Anna Silk's) and Kenzi's apartment and... Wait, WHAT?

Ew. Ew. No. This is wrong.
Kenzi and Dyson are making out? STOP. My eyes are burning. If Kenzi can't be with Hale, she has to be with Bo. Not the wolf man. Please. No really, stop that.

The mind fuck continues as the pair of them have clearly got no memory of Bo even existing. Can someone unscramble this mystery now? My brain hurts.

Aaand cue plot twist! Aoife, Bo's biological Mother, turns up at the door.

Who cares how old this woman is? LOOK at her.
And what's that? She's asking Kenzi to find her long lost daughter, Bo. So where the hell is she? I don't think we're finding out any time soon.

Aoife explains to the pair of them that parts of their memories have been erased when she shows them a weird-ass blemish in her eye.

So of course Kenzi and Dyson agree to help.

Enter Trick (Rick Howland) talking some more about The Una Mens (who?) and advising Kenzi to go see some eye guy named Snook. Or Snuck. Snooki? Anyway, he looks like this:

Little bit gross, little bit annoying. You get the picture.
They find out that Snook(uck) isn't responsible for the weird eye splodges and... OH! Guess what? Kenzi and Dyson have been affected too. Who is responsible? AND WHERE IS BO?

Kenzi returns to Trick, who imparts some knowledge. He tells her to restore their memories they have to find some compass. Apparently the name of said compass flies over Kenzi's head too, as she names it "Ricky Martin". That will do. Not sure how the compass fixes things but there ya go.

Collectibles? Really?
Trick notices that some of his collectibles have gone missing... and of course Kenzi has tried to jack them. This isn't particularly crucial to the plot, but it was a humorous scene. And we all know how well Ksenia does comedy.

Next up, ah, the return of Vex (Paul Amos). Love him. Hate him... Love to hate him.

The original sass-master at work.
There he is and apparently he's the new leader of the Dark Fae. Rest in peace, Morrigan. He proceeds to burn his assistant's face with an iron and hire a caterer who can cook fugu. It makes a lot more sense when you actually watch it... In short, Vex is planning a party.

As Dyson and Hale enter a nightclub to find the compass, Kenzi (after leaving a quick, heartfelt voicemail for Dr. Lauren (Zoie Palmer) on her cell phone), is accompanied by some guy who rubs magic fairy dust into her shoulders. So THAT's where she's getting her Fae powers from.

And the award for creepiest dude of the season goes to...
Yes, he gets touchy feely, and we soon find out that it's because Kenzi can't afford to pay him. So obviously he suggestively thinks of "other ways" for Kenzi to settle her debts. Ew. And off to the party she goes!


Oh. My.
What a transformation! I mean, she always looks hot but damn, Kenzi rocks a backless dress and an up-do. Dyson, Kenzi and Hale set to think of ways to impress the host of this party. (Who just so happens to come in the form of Star Trek's George Takei.)

And what better way to impress than via Argentine Tango? You'll see...

Just when you're about to see Kenzi and Hale hit the dancefloor, WHOA hello Mia Kirshner.

Sorry, having L Word flashbacks.
Is that Crazy Eyes? Is it Jenny Schecter? Nope, it's Cleo apparently. And despite not doing much this episode other than flirt with Dyson (seriously, why? He is not attractive), she's in this episode and hopefully returning for more. We shall see...

Anyway, here's a snippet from the tango, including Dyson getting so jealous that Hale is dancing with Kenzi that he once again cockblocks and joins in.

Damn, legs.
And if you didn't know Ksenia was a trained dancer and actually starred in the Oscar-winning Black Swan before, well now you do.

Kenzi scores a rose, which means a visit to George Takei. Oh, I should also mention that he's a snake and he wants to eat Kenzi.

Do I get bonus points for this awesome screen cap?
Back in the party room, everyone's fleeing because Vex has arrived. Yes, he may have forced a woman to snap her own neck, but he also arrived wearing killer heels. And who can't appreciate a man who can do a cartwheel in 6 inchers?

Vex, giving FrankNFurter a run for his money.
Basically, he declares himself the new leader of the Dark Fae, Dyson and Hale stop him from causing too much chaos, and they find out that Vex has also lost all memory of Bo ever existing.

Oddly though, Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) is only mentioned once throughout the entire episode... WHERE ARE OUR LADIES?!

Dyson saves Kenzi from George "The Snake" Takei and in some random back alley, it's Trick and Aoife!

Aoife loses her memory... and becomes nice? What?
Aoife greets Trick with a sincere "Hi, Daddy" (aww), until Dyson and Kenzi realign the Ricky Martin compass and everyone's memory is restored! Not such a great thing though, as Aoife goes back to being a royal bitch. Why? Also a mystery.

The good news is, Dyson and Kenzi instantly remember Bo. Bazinga. Hit the jackpot.

Cut to the unidentified box from the beginning of the episode and... Is that Dr. Lauren? She's a redhead? Her name is Amber?

Lauren/Amber finally remembers her darling. Yay!
One last thing...

We know those eyes anywhere.
Looks like Bo is awake! Not sure where she is, and I am suddenly realizing that the settings for most of Lost Girl are kind of ambiguous. 

And that concludes our first recap! Did I miss anything? What did you enjoy about the season premiere? Let us know in the comments!

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widdershins said...

EMEGHERD! It's back already? ... skipped through your post so I didn't get any spoilers ... will go watch poste haste. Thanks for the heads-up!