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Saturday 9 November 2013

LesBook Review: Superior

by Bo Sellers

What? Zoe Amos’ (pen name Janet Williams) “Superior” takes you on a fictitious journey after the Second Civil War.

That’s interesting… but how gay is it? Amos’ story follows young lesbian love and the trials arising from living in a protectorate. With vivid imagery and diction Amos allows the reader to delve into a new world far from the one we know. While the book is fiction, it parallels modern day struggles found accompanying same-sex relationships.

Cool! But is it any good? Formally creating characters with depth and hope, Amos engages the reader with suspense that will have you rooting for their survival. I personally found the read eloquent yet frequently pretentious. Struggling to understand the time-period until three-quarters in, I was re-reading previous chapters to grab my footing.  

Who should read this book? Regardless of my own comprehension, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for inspiration to live a life beyond the societal constraints they’ve been born into.

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