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Wednesday 20 November 2013

LesBook Review: The Road To Her

by Mickie Green

The Road to Her is the story of Holly Croft, who seems like she’s got her life pretty well sorted.  She’s a recurring character on a popular soap opera, and by the sounds of it, she’s made a mint.  The book starts with Holly receiving the news that her character is shifting to the forefront of the show and striking up a relationship with another lady. Naturally, as a secret lady lover in real life, Holly has no problem with this and is excited to get started.

And this is where her problems begin.

Enter Elise, which I first read as ‘Elsie’ and thought I might have some burgeoning cross-generational romance on my hands.  Fortunately – or perhaps unfortunately depending on your standpoint – I’m just a bit dyslexic.  Elise – who is starring as Holly’s character’s new love interest – is everything you might want from a woman – she’s smart, she’s beautiful, and she’s got a sense of humour.  However, she’s also a bit of a prick – at least to begin with – so our heroine starts off hating the enigmatic newbie.  And thanks to her cruel jibes and Holly’s resulting histrionics, we hate her too, even though we’re 90% sure they’re going to end up shagging.  This brings in just the right amount of angst, until eventually – like Holly – we aren’t really sure when we actually fell for Elise, but we know we fell hard.

The setting – mostly the set of a soap – isn’t one I’ve encountered before and it was interesting seeing a familiar sort of story play out in a completely unfamiliar location. Though the book may have a certain measure of predictability, it was very well executed and there was a nice amount of twists and turns to keep you guessing.

Ultimately, The Road to Her is the kind of novel I wish I’d been able to read back when I was first coming out.  It’s an excellent piece of young adult fiction, and I truly enjoyed it. The message of ‘calm your tits, it’ll be okay in the end’ is hopeful and the two characters are sweet and believable throughout. Recommended!  

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