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Monday 25 November 2013

Lost Girl S04E03 Recap: "Lovers. Apart."

WARNING: This article quite clearly contains spoilers of the highest level!

by Lauren W

The good news? There's a bunch of Bo (Anna Silk) in this episode.

The bad news? Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) and Tamsin (Rachael Skarsten) are absent.


As anticipated, our first scene involves Dyson (Kris-Holden Reid) and Cleo (Mia Kirshner) finally getting to the train where Bo was being held captive.

"Such a good kisser."

Also kinda predictably, the pair find the maid Bo left behind with a smile on her face, and they realize that Bo is no longer aboard. All that time wasted.

Oh look, there she is! Running through some kind of woods in her gown. 

All that dirt and still we want her.
Bo also stumbles upon a creepy old house and is caught sneaking in by the owners. But more about that later.

Cut to Lauren's (Zoie Palmer) house, which The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) seems to have moved into! HELL YES! But what is she up to?

Channelling Elle Driver, are we?
Look what we have here: Crystal (Ali Liebert) flirting with an ever-so-adorable science nerd. 

Crystal is all "I need a little sugar" but Lauren (Zoie Palmer) once again shoots her down. Gosh darn, woman!

Bo wakes up to these two oddballs, who are knitting.

Bo's eyes turn super blue (like they do) and she hears someone whispering "kill them all." You know, after watching this show since the beginning, it's kind of worrying that this is one of the less creepy things I've seen.

The Father enters, who just happens to be played by Greg from Scary Movie (Lochlyn Munro). (I can't help it, that's how I will always remember him.)

Also known as "that douchebag from Charmed."
Greg/the Dad is not too fond of Bo being around. We don't quite know why yet, but Bo also recognizes that the daughter kinda reminds her of Kenzi. Oh, Kenzi. We do hate an episode without your presence.

He kicks Bo out of the house, but being the curious little Fae she is, Bo decides to explore first. And this show being as creepy as previously mentioned, she finds a holding cell in the basement.

Not exactly The Ritz, is it?
It's not that easy though. The family find Bo snooping around and Greg seems to be wielding a shot gun.

Bo expresses her disgust at how Greg keeps his family captive, but she clearly has the wrong end of the stick. He explains that for years his family have been inexplicably dying because a ghost has been haunting them. It all sounds very lame. But Lost Girl will redeem itself by giving the story some substance, I'm sure.

Whoa, whoa, sonny boy.
Bo volunteers to keep the daughter (who I believe is named Julia) company in her cell. But the Father is dead against it and kicks her out once and for all... or so he thinks.

Meanwhile, the Morrigan convinces this terrified looking guy to make her a new eye.

If women ruled the world...
It's kind of a shame, because she looks badass wearing that eye patch.

Bo, who looks super adorable, makes a quick return to Julia's cell.

How can someone so sexy be this cute?
Unfortunately, Bo is experiencing abdominal pains and mistakenly calls Julia "Kenz". Aw. 

Julia shows Bo a scrapbook of all the deaths in her family caused by that darned ghost, which includes this intriguing newspaper snippet:

Wait a minute...
Lost Girl, I'm kinda seeing through your plot twist here. But as long as you keep this damn sexy cast, I don't think I care that much. Anyway, Bo vows to get the daughter out of the cell.

Back in the woods, Cleo and Dyson have a (slightly strange) informant who has seen Bo.

And still not as strange as half the things on this show.
The dude in the ground (who's name is quite simply John - cute), says he has seen a succubus... but won't tell them which direction she went unless he gets a good ol' lick of Dyson's foot. Foot fetish? Really? Still, for comedy purposes, I like it.

Bo and Julia evacuate the house, which is surrounded by this line with a bunch of shoes tied onto it. According to legend, the ghost can't get into the house until she's tried on "all the shoes and untied all the knots." Also cute.

Cute, yet creepy.
Julia is quite clearly buying NONE of this shit, and runs straight under the line. It seems that Bo realizes that this is not a myth at all though, and that the ghost is actually a body jumper Fae. 

Yup, Julia is now possessed.

Just put the gun down, dude. This is CANADA.
Safe to say, Greg is not happy and volunteers to kill his own daughter. Drastic much? Then the plot twist is finally revealed (the one we saw coming) and Greg explains that it was really him who killed his family and not his father. Duh.

Anyway, he doesn't want his daughter to live with what he had to live with. (Fair enough.) So he will kill her in cold blood. (Not so reasonable.)

Anyone else in love with Ali Liebert?
Over at the diner, Lauren questions Crystal on why she's really there. She explains that she's just kind of bad luck, and she's decided to expect less from life. In fact, you can tell by Lauren's reaction that she finds this super endearing.

At which point, she invites Lauren to drop by with pizza and beer whenever she likes. Aw yeah. Wink wink.

Bo and Julia are fighting to the death when:

Ugh. Way to play the damsel in distress card, Lost Girl.
Dyson saves her. Yawn.

Fortunately, this next image saves the day.

But what could possibly save our lesbian hearts from that hairy dude, you ask?

Yes, that is Ali Liebert in her underwear. Let the fun commence.

Back at the spooky manor, the ghost has made it's way into Mia Kirshner's body. (No pun intended.)

Actually, I wouldn't mind watching this threeway.
But quite rapidly, the body jumper jumps back to Julia, who slits her Mother's throat. Wonderful news. Cleo explains she can fetch a plant that will stop the bleeding (take that, medical science), and runs off to find it.

And we cut to the pizza/beer party, hosted by Crystal. It doesn't take much until...

Ahem. Dr. Lauren, where is your hand right now?
Yes. Finally. The first sex scene of season 4. And it does NOT disappoint. Get in there, Lauren.

What? Oh, right. There's other stuff happening in this episode.

Who now?
Bo absorbs the chi of possessed Julia, and is transported to... The 19th century? This is kinda confusing. But then we realize the lady above is actually the body jumper, who tells Bo how this family's ancestors killed her boyfriend when he jumped in front of a bullet for her.

"Lovers. Apart." Ah. I get it. Much clearer than last week's title, "Sleeping Beauty School."

The Morrigan has an eye again! Sad face. And the dude who helped her out lets her know that he was the one helping Tamsin to get rid of Bo. Of course without hesitation, the Morrigan sets out to wreak havoc. I can't wait until she finds out that Bo isn't really gone...

Speak of the devil.

Ooh. Pretty.
Bo and Dyson bind their hands together (while Bo is possessed by the body jumper) and "get married". Apparently this is the only way to get rid of her once and for all. The bonus is that the body jumper and her husband now get to be together forever.

Lost Girl could not be less subtle with its metaphors, however. "Bo" and "Dyson" getting married? Come on, make it more obvious.

The spooky phone of death? New Fae, maybe?
Lauren gets back to work in the morning and is super creeped out because someone has constantly been calling, while looking for "Karen". Ut oh. They're onto her.

She starts to flee and runs to tell Crystal she has to leave. They kiss. It's bittersweet. Anyway, she runs.

Is it just me or is this strangely hot?
When it looks like Bo has escaped, we are reminded that Cleo was only helping Dyson out in order to get Bo back to Vex. (Paul Amos.)

What Cleo doesn't know is that Bo secretly got her health back, and she defeats her with ease. Cleo collapses to the floor. Is Mia Kirshner gone forever? Who knows.

Bo and Dyson steal a car and leave... and for some reason they have no memory of the death train.

In the meantime, Lauren is hitch hiking when yay! Crystal pulls up in her car.

But then...

Not so yay.
Crystal apologizes to Lauren and right on cue, someone stifles her screams and pulls her into the back seat.

Rather coincidentally, Bo and Dyson drive past the scene of the crime, and Bo suggests that they stop to help "those guys with the flat tyre." Yes! Obviously Dyson shoots her down though, and says he'd rather just get her home.


And there the show comes to an end for another week. And once again it ends with Dyson being an ass.

What did you think of this week's episode? Did you miss Kenzi as much as I did? Comment below!

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