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Saturday 28 March 2009

Thankyou... Or good riddance?


Mostly, all I've heard about the L Word finale was that it sucked.

And yeah I guess it did: there were story lines left unresolved (such as whether Alice and Tasha stayed together) and no one even knows who killed Jenny.

But surely we should be thanking L creator Ilene Chaiken for giving lesbians their first ever mainstream show.

There have been highs - pot brownie parties, TiBette sex!, sou chefs - and lows - Dana's death, Tina having sex with men and Max in general - but the main thing is that there was something for lesbians to watch without having to cringe over constant boy/girl sex scenes. (Okay, so it included some heterosexual content too, but predominantly, the sex was girl on girl.)

Also, people always says that most of the actresses gracing our screen, which include Jennifer Beals, Laurel Holloman and Rachel Shelley, don't look like 'conventional' lesbians. But really, who cares?! They're all beautiful, talented and smokin' hot! Lately I've realized that lesbians just like to find stupid stuff to rant and moan about!

Take, for instance, the fact that Lindsay Lohan 'decided' earlier this year that she was gay. Of course, there was a huge uproar by the lesbian community claiming Lindsay was 'doing it for publicity.' Well... So what if she was?! If you don't pay attention to it and it turns out that a week later she's no longer a massive dyke, then who cares? Just let the girl do what she wants!

The last time I blogged, I gave some advice to the straight parents out there. Well, lesbians, now it's your turn: Stop complaining about stupid little things! Life's too short!

On behalf of all the lesbians-who-don't-constantly-moan committee, I say thank you Ilene, for laughs, tears and totally unrealistic story lines. :)

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