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Monday 4 May 2015


by Lauren W

It is very rare for me to write a music review here on ATL, but I just couldn't help myself.

Tús Nua are a brand new band from Zagreb, Croatia, although they sound as though they've been performing for a lifetime.

Their sound is already so mature sounding and professional that you'd never know this band was only founded in September of 2014.

This duo is formed of Jordi (guitar/bass/synth/vocals) and Marija (bass/guitar/synth/vocals). Whilst listening to their first EP, "Existence", one cannot go without comparing them to a more modern, female Placebo (a great compliment, in my eyes).

The catchy, edgy rhythm and vocals within each of their songs causes the mind to jump to television and film soundtracks. When I first listened to track #2 on the EP ("Flowing Around"), I couldn't help but think that it wouldn't go amiss as part of a soundtrack to an angsty, sexy television show, such as True Blood or even The L Word.

On their freshman EP, guest drummer Emerge Dora seems to 'get' the band's persona and the way they want to come across, providing extremely fitting beats and clashes to create a sturdy scaffold for each of the tracks.

Self-labelled as 'hard to describe' in terms of genre, the band position themselves as somewhere between alt-rock and shoegaze; or at least a mixture of both, if you will.

It should also be noted that although this twosome hail from Croatia, they sing all of their original songs in the English language. Unfortunately, some listeners are turned off when they cannot understand the lyrics to a song. Personally, I'd listen to Tús Nua even if they sang in German, Arabic, or Zulu - their music is really that good.

You can get a FREE download of Tús Nua's "Existence" EP or listen to it online (also for free!) over at Don't miss this.

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