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Sunday 27 April 2014

Rogers & Hollands Jewelers Expands Into the LGBT Market

Rogers & Hollands Jewelers Expands Into LGBT Market By Adding Rony Tennenbaum Wedding Jewelry to their Bridal cases in Two of their Chicagoland Locations

Chicago, IL – With marriage equality making major strides across the country, the burgeoning same-sex wedding industry is attracting a wide range of companies with years of experience in the wedding business. 

One of the largest family owned jewelry chains in the States, Rogers & Hollands, is expanding its demographic reach and marketing to include the LGBT community by adding a new wedding jewelry collection created to celebrate marriage and equality. 

The premier jewelry chain, which operates several stores throughout the Chicagoland area and throughout the Midwest, has just announced the addition of Rony Tennenbaum’s Jewelry collection to its bridal cases in both its Woodfield Mall location in Schaumburg, and in downtown Chicago’s Water Tower Place stores.
With stores across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Missouri and Wisconsin, Rogers & Hollandsbelieves that adding the Rony Tennenbaum collection will allow them a wider outreach and include same-sex couples as part of their all-inclusive accepted family of consumers.

Rony Tennenbaum Jewelry has been sending a strong message of inclusiveness to the LGBT community for almost a decade.  As a wedding jewelry designer for over 25 years, Tennenbaum’s unique wedding and engagement ring styling is built with fashionable timeless features and driven by a strong sense of sentiment.  Tennenbaum recognized the lack of attention the LGBT community was receiving in wedding jewelry and designed his brand to showcase high end designs beyond stereotypical rainbows and triangles. 

More than just a designer, Tennenbaum understands the need in educating a generation of retailers as well as consumers who are facing new traditions and etiquettes.  His outreach to the community on “The New Etiquettes of the Rainbow” is a step in teaching both retailers and consumers about the new options in wedding jewelry etiquette.  He also consults about making educated purchases.

As these etiquettes are being written by the LGBT community, visionary retailers such as Rogers & Hollands are seeking outTennenbaum’s expert understanding in the culture, tastes and needs of the LGBT community, as well as the jewelry and diamond worlds.

Already distributed in states such as: Connecticut, New York, Illinois, Florida, Washington and Virginia, Tennenbaum is thrilled to be adding his line of wedding jewelry to the Rogers & Hollands chain. In his opinion, the stores already have a strong loyal following and the outreach to include the LGBT community will only strengthen their foothold as a bridal destination.

At the helm of his brand, Tennenbaum is not only breaking the mold with his designs, but is also using his expertise and message behind his jewelry to be in the vanguard of a new generation of jewelry consumers, and taking with him any pioneers who wish to join forces with him and his message on the journey.

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