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Friday 18 April 2014

Hot Salt Beef: The NEW Community/Dating Site for the Jewish LGBT Community!

HotSaltBeef, an exclusive and completely inclusive social networking site for Jewish LGBT (JLGBT) people, was launched on Sunday 6th April 2014.

After noticing a gap in the market for a networking site that integrates the social, cultural and community aspects of Jewish life specifically aimed at JLGBT people, Founder Allan Davis took a leap of faith and created HotSaltBeef — a social networking platform for JLGBT people where they can celebrate the things that connect them at their core, build a local and global online community, make business connections and perhaps even find love.

Hot Salt Beef is woven into the fabric of being Jewish. Who doesn’t like a Hot Salt Beef Sandwich? It’s something every Jewish person instantly associates with — it brings back memories of comfort, familiarity, belonging… and well, food.

Food forms a big part of Jewish culture. All the major Jewish festival revolve around the family sitting together for a big meal… It’s what brings us together.

And therein lays the philosophy behind HotSaltBeef: Family, safety, connection, community, conversation, comfort, love and belonging.

Being an exclusive social networking site for JLGBT people may seem like a shortcoming at first, but the truth is there are certain things that are so uniquely Jewish that we need a space where we can connect and converse comfortably without having to provide a ‘backstory’… We sometimes want to 'kibbitz' (gossip) in a chat room and 'kvetch' (complain) about the rising house prices, without feeling the need to explain what we are actually doing.

Apart from that, because of our displacement throughout history, Jewish people have an almost genetic urge to build communities and find a ‘place called home’.

HotSaltBeef has the potential to provide that sense of togetherness and 'home-coming' online… And that’s why HotSaltBeef is ‘keeping kosher’.

Instead of having a single focus — being a dating site only — HotSaltBeef is more like the bakery in a Jewish neighborhood… a place where you get your bagels, perhaps bump into your lawyer or doctor and if you like, flirt with the 'Shaineh maidel' (beautiful young lady) behind the counter. The dating element is still there but the focus is much more on community building — it is not about ‘sex’ or about posting photos of your tuchas (or any other revealing bits) for the world to see.

‘HotSaltBeef and Mustard’ is the newsletter and blog section, bringing news and views from around the world. The aim is to involve members from across the globe to contribute with their reviews, travel tips, fresh and relevant news events and historical insights to strengthen the fabric of our online community.

In terms of future developments, HotSaltBeef will soon include a Business Directory for members to promote their own business or to recommend a business that may interest the community, and also host a classifieds section to sell anything from rare Barbara Streisand CDs to advertising holidays.

While the site is still in its teething-phase, membership is limited to ‘invitation only’ and the first 500 members who sign up will receive a FREE membership.

For more information about signing up, visit

For more information contact Allan Davis:


Allan Davis, the Founder and creator of HotSaltBeef has been an out and proud Jewish gay man for over 30 years. His Gay and Jewish bits come in equal parts. Born in London in the 1960’s Allan had a very Jewish upbringing and education. He ‘came out’ in 1983, when the world was a very different place for LGBT people: being Out & Proud still raised eyebrows and marriage and having children wasn’t even an option. Thirty years later and the world is… well, almost as good as a Hot Salt Beef Sandwich. Allan’s only worry now is to convince his father to pay for a big wedding!

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