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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Up & Coming LGBT Music: Re-Wyne

by Lauren W

We really enjoy listening to new, lesser known artists here at All Things Lesbian, and this time we've got something exciting for you.

Meet Re-Wyne, a female rap artist from Brooklyn, NY.

If you're a fan of Iggy Azalea but wish she was a little more raw instead of polished and frankly ridiculous, this is the girl for you.

The best thing about Re-Wyne is that she's actually the real deal. No gimmicks like Nicki Minaj, just raw talent to match fellow-Brooklynite, Lil' Kim. What more could you want?!

My personal favourites are Anti-Violence and the more explicit Hoes on my Strap (hmm, we wonder what that's supposed to mean...)

You can listen to Re-Wyne at - totally free!

Don't miss this. She's going places.


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