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Thursday 20 March 2014

LESBIAN APP 'DATTCH' REVIEW: Red Head or Sky Diving? There’s an App for That!

by Bo Sellers

I've been online dating since I was 15 (my mom met my step-dad in a chat-room on AOL in 1997 so it’s never been weird for me) and have tried every website and app imaginable.  Recently single, and ready to flirt, I got totes excited when I heard of a new lesbian app sweeping North America.  

DATTCH, originating in the UK, offers yet another outlet for gay and bi ladies alike to filter through eligible-prospects in hopes of finding true love’s first kiss. You can privately connect your profile to Facebook, or make an independent account linked to your email. After making a profile, and posting a half-naked pic, in hopes of attracting a suitable rebound solution to my throbbing heart, I began my trolling.  

The aesthetically-appealing app offers two columns of women on the home-page, making it easy to rifle through the ones that speak to your poonahnah versus the ones better suited for a drunken make-out sesh in a dark dive bar. See a hottie you want to remember? Add her to your wishlist.

The application also offers a fun tab where you can read a blog that caters to various LGBT topics. My favorite feature has to be the “Would You?” tab, as in, “Would you rather message this red head, or would you rather drink a margarita?” “Would you rather learn more about blondie? or would you rather go for a hike?” I learned a lot about myself on this tab.

In summary, that I’d pretty much rather do anything than send out a message platonically conversing with a random chick, that will probably end after a flakey ‘hello’ ‘hi’ ‘you’re pretty’ ‘kthanksbye.’  Nonetheless, it was a fun game to play with about as much emotional investment necessary to choose what you want for breakfast.

The app is easy to navigate and is a fabulous time-killer while your quinoa is simmering. While I feel it has definite potential to create some impactful love connections state-side, the selection ladies is quite limited for now, so there’s only one way to solve that problem, download it.  Seriously.  I need someone to chat to about my failed relationships while I watch trashy TV and paint my nails.

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