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Friday 4 October 2013

Lesbians on YouTube: Arielle Scarcella

If you may or may not remember, not so long back we interviewed the lovely "YouTube famous" Natasha Nicole Ponomaroff.

Well we thought it was about time to let you know about some more amazing lesbian vloggers from the YouTube universe.

Because YouTube is completely free to use, it's a great resource for LGBTQ information and advice. And 
that's where Arielle Scarcella comes in.

Arielle is no stranger to the online community - her videos have become relatively famous, thanks to her witty, useful commentary revolving around many lesbian and gay issues.

In her most recent video, Arielle asks lesbians to explain how they feel about their lesbian peers sleeping with men.
One of the huge stigmas in the LGBT community, are lesbians who secretly sleep with men. Can they still be lesbians if they don't fully fit the definition? Why do they sleep with men if they identify this way? You have to watch to find out!
Where can you watch? Go here for Arielle's YouTube channel:

Do you know of any other amazing LGBTQ YouTubers you think we should mention on All Things Lesbian?

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