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Tuesday 18 December 2012

Lucas Silveira (THE CLIKS) Announces March 2013 Release

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Toronto, Canada – Lucas Silveira, the openly transgender lead singer of Toronto alt-rock band The Cliks, returns to the music scene after a 5 year-hiatus with a highly-anticipated new LP dubbed “Black Tie Elevator” dropping March 2013.

Founded by front man Lucas Silveira in 2004, The Cliks have gone through the highs and lows that make an artist a true veteran of change. Almost nine years since the formation of the band, The Cliks are still standing.
After a slew of line up changes, Silveira is the sole remaining original member of the band and, the Cliks, an extension of his personal vision.                                                                                                                  

The Cliks’ first two major label releases, Snakehouse (2006- Warner Music Canada/Tommy Boy) & Dirty King (2009-Warner Music Canada/Tommy Boy) brought the band international recognition.
They caught the attention of pop music icon Cyndi Lauper, who invited the band to join her on two consecutive True Colors tours alongside Margaret Cho, Debbie Harris, Erasure, The Gossip and The Indigo Girls to name a few.

The first “out” male transgender to be signed to a major record label, which drew as much publicity as controversy, he also became the first transgender man voted “Sexiest Canadian Man” by The Cliks have made headlines for their gender-bending style, being compared to David Bowie and other musical fashionistas. But Lucas’ rock icon take on the classic suit comes with the genuine desire to just be himself. Lucas is one of those beautiful people who lays it all on the table - uncensored.

After 5 years of living as a man but appearing to most as a woman, the image in the mirror needed to match the image internally. The voice coming through the speaker never felt familiar.  In 2009, Lucas took the opportunity to take a hiatus from the band to follow a very personal life-changing venture and began the formal process of testosterone hormone therapy; something he had been told by Doctors could cost him his singing voice. Knowing that his current existence was leading him down a road of deep depression, he felt his only option was to venture into the unknown and not let his fears dictate his choices

The result was a voice that was changed, deeper and huskier, but somehow more soulful. In 2010, his rebirth landed him in Brooklyn, NY, a home away from home to concentrate on songwriting. He recorded a solo album “Mockingbird” and wrote new songs for The Cliks next music venture.

Lucas found his songwriting style growing and changing towards a more soul/blues/rock styling. The result was a collection of songs that make up the new Cliks LP release BLACK TIE ELEVATOR.

BLACK TIE ELEVATOR, scheduled for release in March 2013, was produced by Toronto based musician/singer/songwriter Hill Kourkoutis (Hill & The Sky Heroes, The Weeknd) who’s understanding of Lucas’ vision was integral to the final sound of the record.

While the songs on this album may be a surprise to many, loyal fans of The Cliks know that with Lucas, change is constant, though the foundation remains the same -  songs that are real and true, lyrics that speak a universal language and music that will move and bind you to those words.

But we wouldn’t expect anything less from Lucas, an artist at heart who doesn't hold anything back in his music or in his life.

When he’s not creating music, Lucas can be found drawing and painting, acting, writing and doing public speaking events at Colleges & Universities on his personal story and experiences.

He has successfully sold many pieces of art on line and will be concentrating on creating a full body of work for an art exhibition. Notably, the cover for the new The Cliks record Black Tie Elevator, is a self portrait painted by Lucas.

As an actor, Lucas played the role of “Jimmy” in Phi-Films (Montreal, QC) award winning short film titled “HOPE” by award wining director Pedro Pires. He is currently preparing to play the male lead role in the short film “CANDY” by Cassandra Cronenberg, daughter of infamous director David Cronenberg.

Lucas currently lives in Toronto, Canada with his beautiful fiancĂ©e Skye Chevolleau who can be heard singing on the track 4 Letter featured on Black Tie Elevator.

No matter what the challenges that Silveira has faced, the vision he has had for The Cliks remains clear. When asked what that vision is, Silveira says “If it ain’t true, it ain’t worth it.”

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