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Monday 8 March 2010

Ladyhawke Comes Out!

Yep, that's a third celebrity outing on the blog this year.

For any of you who don't know, Ladyhawke is a New Zealand electro-pop goddess.

Her album titled 'Ladyhawke' won 8 awards in 2009 in NZ alone. It's really quite good, obviously. I'm a huge fan.

This is also why I felt the need to tell you, 'cause she really is amazing at what she does, and this news makes her even better!

Apparently, she came out in an interview with Stuff, and is in a fully-committed lesbian relationship.



Anonymous said...

Lauren my Love,
Ladyhawke presents really good. I have a question: Do you know The Indigo Sisters (USA)?
Look in the Blog of my splendid US friends soul sisters TwoMoms.
Kiss you tender,

TheLaughingGod said...

Um, Stuff is a website. the article was originally printed in The Press, Christchurch's main newspaper. I think it says a lot about NZ's accepting culture that this type of article (give it a read and see what I mean) was printed in the major paper of the most conservative city in NZ.

lezstar said...

Liam - of course it's a website! Well done for spotting the typo :)

Scott said...

What a turn for the very worse!
What a disgusting turn of events.
She's now in a "committed lesbian relationship"?
Committed? Committed to what? Vanity, superficiality, money, indulgence and excess?
NO female is a "goddess"...that's the kind of thing that illustrates the overly high opinion of yourselves that leads to 'lesbianism'.
Just how long will this "committed lesbian relationship" last? Until the next one rapidly comes along?

What an INSULT to such a fine movie this "ladyhawke" is!

Curse her for this brash conceit.

And never forget...MEN invented Electronic Music!
MEN invented Electro-Pop!

cjmax02 said...

disregarding Scott, who obviously forgets that he wouldn't exist without a WOMAN giving birth to him in the first place..

Ladyhawke kind of got outed.

Still, she's brilliant. :D

Unknown said...

Disregarding cjmax02 who also would not exist without a MAN...

Lets be honest here, Ladyhawke looks ugly. It is not hard to magine that she did not get a lot of male attention romantically, hence the switch to lesbianism.

lezstar said...

I think she's actually quite attractive, and has a look of Ke$ha:

Do you mean to say that all lesbians are ugly and can't gain attention off men, Cyborg? Want me to post a picture of myself - the writer of these blogs - and you can decipher whether or not I'm ugly?

RedKnight said...

I'd like to see your picture. If you don't mind, and/or fear that it might compromise your privacy. But I know that lesbians are just as attractive, if not more, than straight women. Lesbians are women whom are good looking and know it, and bi women think that I'm pretty attractive too. :) I'm a bi guy, by the way. Also, like Ladyhawke, I'm an Aspie. From what I understand, many Aspies are actually asexual though.

Anonymous said...

Also Cyborg, British scientists have recently discovered a way to turn female bone marrow into sperm, allowing women to reproduce without the need of male companionship. If you don't believe me look it up. Scott, men also have the tendency to jump from relationship to relationship, so you can't say men are 100% faithful to their partner. Of course not all men are like that and not all women are like that, please stop basing everything on stereotypes. Also some people don't really 'choose' to be gay, it's almost as if they were born that way, so you can't say they switched to lesbianism because of lack of male attention. Also why is it disgusting that she is in a committed lesbian relationship? In my opinion all love is beautiful, so I don't understand why you think same sex couples are disgusting by your standards, actually I think you're disgusting for saying that. Why do you assume that just because she is in a commited lesbian relationship shes 'commited' to vanity, superficiality, money, indulgence and excess? Also why do you think that lesbians have high opinions of ourselves? Is it because we're attracted to people of the same sex? its who we're attracted to, get over it! Why does that mean we have high opinions of ourselves? Stop thinking that there needs to be a man in a relationship to make it 'successful' because obviously there doesn't, through all these facts that I've mentioned I hope you see that. Let people be with who they want to be with, they have the right and the choice to choose, you can't choose for them! Stop restricting people into a little box, it's cowardly. People like both of you (Cyborg and Scott) are afraid of difference and change. In my opinion you guys are lacking in intelligence and empathy for saying those horrible things towards people of the LGBT community. If we were all the same and we followed what society has made us into thinking we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't have been able to question things and discover new breakthroughs in just about everything. I could keep writing stuff down but I think I will leave it at that because I doubt anyone could be bothered to read this rather large comment. I just wanted to voice my opinion because I have the right to! If you did read all of this comment, thank you for reading my opinion.