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Wednesday 10 March 2010


Yeah. I've given you 3 celesbian outings this year, and the fourth one is mine!

That's right, I came out to my parents yesterday.

I'm pretty much already out to everyone else anyway: members of my family and my friends already knew.

I know you're also probably thinking 'You should come out to your parents first!' But I have good reasons why I didn't. My Dad especially is usually extremely homophobic and my Mother cringes every time a gay person is on TV.

Also, I knew I could trust and rely on many of my friends and family more than I could rely on my parents not to judge me. Sounds really bad, but I just couldn't.

Anyway, you should all know that the whole experience has been quite strange, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Turns out, they weren't overjoyed, but my Dad took it way better than I thought.

I encourage anyone to come out to their parents, but only when they feel they are ready. You'll feel so much better when you have.

I've also started the poll (on the right). Tell me if you've come out or not yet, and leave a comment to explain you have or haven't!

Some coming out stories in the comments might be interesting too!


Jill said...

Good for you. I came out to my parents about 2 months ago. I knew they knew and that they were okay with it, but still I couldn't do it. My mother really put me in a position that there was no other way but telling them and than all that I could do was cry, cry because I had a broken heart and I could finally tell them.

Bruna Louise said...

big step huh!
its difficult, but its good not to carry that weight on your shoulder...
how did they react?

HMSunnyMH said...

I wish I could come out to mine, but they're kinda homophobic as well as yours... And rest of my family isn't better either.
But I have great supporting friends, and that's helped me through a lot. And thank God for the Internet! :D

Anonymous said...

I came out in 1967. I am not without understanding of the difficulties some face when attempting to make this decision. And I will not make a blanket statement that everyone who is gay should come out. I will say that I am a more fully developed me for having made the decision to come out when I did. There were, no doubt, challenges. But what in life doesn't present any? All of the ups and downs pale to the lightness of being all that I am. I honor and respect your choice to fully come out. Hopefully your story will inspire and guide others along the same path.

Louise Nevison said...

nice one!
i'm out to some of my friends and my sister, but i've yet to tell my parents. My mum is pretty homophobic, but im going travelling in a few months, so im planning on telling her before i go.

Jitka said...

Well, I came out to my friends. It wasn't such a big deal. 5 days ago I told my aunt that I was dating a girl. She was totally OK with it but she also advised me not to tell my parents. I have this girlfriend for one whole year now and I still don't feel like fully coming out.

Jitka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Taylor said...

Good for you! My girlfriend's parents were not overjoyed when she came out to them. They don't know that we are dating yet because they will make her life hell when they find out... I've been out to my parents for 6 months and it's been great. I guess everyone has a different experience..

Fabri said...

Hi.Congrats. I think it's big step in your life,and huge step in your relationship with your parents.What was a situation like?
If you want, i could write you my coming out story, ...once,now, you are the hero. Well done, good for you.

lezstar said...

Thank you all for your supportive comments!
I'm glad you all thought it was as big of a step as I did.
My parents reacted quite well. As well as they can, really.
Please tell your coming out stories!

Anonymous said...

Coming out to your parents can be really hard, so I applaud you for that. :)

I came out to my parents nearly two years ago. Mam took it really badly and disowned me and set me heartbreakingly nasty texts and everything. She's perfectly civil to me now but we'll never be as close as we were. Dad was cool about it. My sister already knew because I told her the summer before and she just doesn't care. The rest of my family found out off my parents and they were really supportive. The only problem is, my family don't talk about it. It's like it's a taboo subject and it bothers me.

Jo_Schmo said...

I'm glad you have a reasonably smooth(ish) coming out experience.

I am out. With the exception of a few people.
I came out to my brother and sister about 6 months before I came out to my parents. My brother and sister apparently already knew and they have been amazing ever since. I told my parents almost 3 years ago now and well they took it the worst possible way. I ended up leaving home for two weeks and going interstate. I came back though and went through 6- 12 months of hell after before I set off to france for a year.

We're civil now. My dad has dealt with it alot better than my mother has. We don't talk about it. which used to bother me cos it was like they were ignoring it, but I just learnt to not let it get to me anymore.

KrisQ said...

That's great! I came out to my friends and my mum last december. Mum didn't take it too well and she still doesn't like the idea but we're on good terms and kinda just avoiding the subject. My mum did out me to my aunt (dad's sister) which was weird cause then she outed me to my cousin but they're fine with it I guess since they're like attached to me. I can't expect any sudden acceptance from my mum but all's good. :)

Heatherr said...

I never came out, as such. My parents saw a love bite on my neck and assumed it was from a girl as she was the only person I was spending so much time with. My mother asked if it was a joke, and my father said it was a silly phase. They still believe that 9 months later. But I tend to keep my private life to myself now..

Scott said...

You insult your parents so terribly, and think it's something to "celebrate"?
It's not.
You should stop this!

Scott said...

And I just "love" how all the rest of you conceitedly pontificate about your "coming out" experiences, and how you've all insulted your parents and broken their hearts so...but that they 'have' to be "cool about it".
And as you all boast about how you're essentially leaving men for dead (still don't mind using the power, computers, buildings etc that we provide!) so as to arrogantly indulge in yourselves...I, and all men, take this a deeply personal insult!

Louise Nevison said...

Wow Scott, "You should stop this"? How ignorant are you?
Maybe you should re-read the responses.
No-one is insulting their parents or men.

Scott said...

You dare even attempt to put together the letters that form the word "ignorant"?!
Such a standard liberal/homo-centric ploy, to rashly label those who speak up against their arrogance and depravity as being "ignorant".
Ignorant of what, indeed, is the question, what is it that you propose that I, or anyone else not so kow-towed to the current state of things, are "ignorant" of?
It's actually, really, and obviously, the total opposite!
It is you that is (wilfully) ignorant!
There can be NO greater insult to parents than their daughters going 'lesbian'!
And, good God, how can you claim any different? DEFINITION 'lesbianism' is a total insult to men!
There can be NOTHING more insulting to men than girls and women going 'lesbian'.
If you do not consider this as being an insult to men, then I shudder to imagine what you may consider to be an insult to us!
The spread of either form of homo-sexuality is only made possible by the enforced ignorance of much of the populace.
I, am entirely NOT ignorant of what is going on, I am NOT ignorant of how evil, arrogant, wasteful, perverse, and INSULTING, 'lesbianism' is...and that is why I make such a concerted stand against it!

lezstar said...

Dearest Scott, I must say first of all that I have a lot of straight, male friends who don't find lesbianism (or me) offensive. However, if we offend you, I am deeply sorry. It's not intentional.
I actually enjoy spending time with men a lot, I just don't want to be in a relationship with one and I don't want to have sex with one. Just my personal choice.
Also, if you find it so insulting, please just don't visit the site and don't read my posts. I'm sure I'll be just fine with one less reader.

Thanks for your time.

Scott said...

Right there, you're actually illustrating much of what is wrong (and it's all wrong) with this!
What? Is there this new "hierarchy" in which hordes of females will be 'lesbian' and get the bulk of other girls/each other, whilst straight males "have" to hope for whatever girls and women who've stayed Straight...and, oh goody, "get" to be "friends" with these high and mighty 'lesbians' who may condescend to be "friends" (and just friends!) with them?
No way, nothing doing, not oj your life!
YES, men and women can and should be friends...but NOT JUST FRIENDS!
We are meant for MUCH more than that!
NO proper male, with any sense of respect and dignity, can be "friends" with a female that had gone 'lesbian'. We are friends with people who have our best interests at heart...clearly, those females (such as yourself) who have gone 'lesbian' do NOT have any males best interests at heart!
Let me guess...on a weekend night in a bar or club, you get far more attention and "pick up" FAR more girls than your "straight male friends"?
Who are 'not offended' by all this, and by all you're doing?
Any male that is "friends" with anyone gone 'lesbian' is a TRAITOR!
To so many, and so much.
What? Do these "friends" of yours have to feel so lucky that they get to be around the 'lesbian' party? That is, until it's time for any love and loving (which you're actually meant to be feeling and doing with one of them!), and then they are unceremoniously shown the door?
It's not good, it's not acceptable, it IS OFFENSIVE!
Any genuine male who claims that he does not find "lesbianism" offensive shows himself to have been clearly BRAINWASHED by what has been pushed in recent years!
Men NEED MUCH MORE than mere friendship from women...and as long as you ruthlessly and callously deny that to them, then you are offensive beyond measure!
Your arrogant "personal choice" IS OFFENSIVE, IS THE PROBLEM!
I see you still "choose" to use electricity and computers though?

This evil is shown off across so many websites and blogs, I confront it where it is. You CANNOT indulge in something so offensive, and show it off so insultingly... and then demand people "ignore" it!
I, rightly, take all 'lesbianism', and specifically here your vain, callous "personal choice', as a deeply personal insult!
You should stop this, and get back to truly appreciating, and loving, men. Men, not the emasculated, kow-towed cowards who feel that they've no more to hope for now than being "friends" with 'lesbians', and who feign a lack of offense at that which is patently offensive!
It's shocking how casually those females going 'lesbian' can be "fine" with less with!
All time costs, my time costs, do not so glibly "thank" me.
I'm even more insulted now!

Louise Nevison said...

You really like using that word "Offensive" dont you? I probably would feel offense from your close minded outburst but i really dont care about your opinion.

(by the way, the caps lock really helped to express your anger....well done!)

I can see from your profile that you want to "confront all the evil shit", don't worry about letting us know how that goes.

lezstar said...

When I said 'thank you' I was being sarcastic.
You're not going to change my mind, I'm afraid. Think what you want.
Frankly Scott, I'm over your comments.

Scott said...

Yes, I knew you were being sarcastic, and I despise sarcasm!
The callous 'gay' and 'lesbian' scenes revolve around insensitive, dehumanising cynicism and sarcasm, and I'm not wearing any of it.
What? You're over my comments? Like you're so casually "over" men?
YOU'VE made the arrogant decision to ply such a repugnant and insulting course (as SO many others have!) through "life", and so you FORFEIT any right to be 'over' anyone's comments about it.
My comments, are just the lifeline you need!
I'm not thinking what I want! I know what is right!
You're the one vainly thinking what you 'want'! Well, figure of speech, you're thinking EXACTLY what some very corrupting, malicious forces want you to think!
You're doing exactly what the media is telling you!
You already changed your mind once, in a really bad way, I'm imploring you to change it back, for the better, for good!

And,"Lou", I'll call what is offensive, offensive, just as long as people persist with indulging in, and showing off, such offensive behaviour and attitudes!
And there is NOT amount of cap-locks that could ever fully express how seriously, and rightly, ANGRY I am about this!
Keep your trite, hakcneyed 'sarcasm' about "letting us know how that goes"...there is a lot to confront, and you're not helping things...but TIME will tell how it goes...time will tell!

Unknown said...

Wow... i've never laugh that much...
What's wrong with you Scott?
Why are you even here, if you find us so OFFENSIVE?

(and yes, most of us are over man)

blammer said...

Congratulations!! I'm glad you had a good coming out!

As for me, I'm only out to my brother. I told him when I was 19, and his response was, "Yeah duh, I kind of guessed all along."

And to Scott, the general tone and attitude of your "rants" makes it show that women are to be subservient to men, or rather, they are owned by men. Being a lesbian is not an insult to men or any other person. That's just who we are, women who like women. We're the minority, the rest of the women are straight.

I'm sure a big charming guy like you can hook up with some skank that is totally straight.

Scott said...

I am not here to make you "laugh" Florencia (so sad you've such a lovely name, but such an ugly attitude), and if 'most' of you are so arrogantly "over man" then that is precisely WHY I am here, and elsewhere that I am confronting this evil.
If you're so "over men", then please, get out of the house you live in, stop using paved roads, disconnect from the power grid throw away your computer/CD player/TV etc, stop reading books, stop using medicine, stop taking advantage of all the produce, infrastructure, construction, developments and inventions that you take for granted from men.
If you're so callously "over" us then please be over EVERYTHING from us, not just cruelly 'over' what is most important to us.
You show yourself to be very cold, cruel, and insensitive Florencia, and it's not good at all!

Scott said...

And 'blammer', this post is a RANT!
All that homophiles, homocentrists, and homo-sexualists can do IS RANT!
To try and get their nonsense over, to try and convince people that their arrogance and depravity is "okay"!
You made this bad decision at 19? What could you possibly know then? You think you had such a handle on things to obnoxiously reject an entire gender? That's not right, at any age!
Promiscuity is RAMPANT in the 'lesbian', are to we imagine, that a "skank" is 'lesbian' is better than a "skank" who is still Straight?
You are NOT women if you are currently only "liking" other women! It's shocking, that because 'lesbian' is such a fittingly disgusting word, that some try and pretty things up and pass it off as being acceptable by calling yourselves "women who like, or love, women"!
Women, real women, like men, love men!
You are not "women who love women", and this is NOT the way you "are"! There is NO genetic or biological cause of homo-sexuality, 'lesbian' is NOT an immutable identity!
And you're all going to have come to some consensus on what angle is being pushed!
Because, one will claim on one blog that "most girls are lesbians now", and that we have to 'deal with it'...and then some try on the "oppressed minority" tactic, such as you have.
There is a LOT of females going 'lesbian' now, and it is wrong.
It is wrong WHATEVER the numbers!
Be it two girls, or two million, it's always wrong, that act itself is immoral, anti-social, and offensive.
Even if you do try and paint yourself as a minority doing this, how is that an 'excuse'? YOU are ALL meant to be Straight!
Even if just a selfish little minority...what is it that you mistakenly think entitles you to such a soft, easy, self-indulgent, irresponsible 'lifestyle'????
NO "minority" of people deserve such indulgence!
Do not lie...going 'lesbian' IS a stone-cold insult to men, to all decent people. What you are doing IS an insult, and I TAKE it as such!
What you are now doing is NOT who you "are"!
In my own defence, and that of other men, I am big and I am charming...the majority of men are very charming, you should reacquaint yourself with that.
I am NOT involved in a 'gay' or 'lesbian' scene, I do not "hook up".
Men need much more from you than that!

blammer said...

Seriously, Scott, you're so deluded. Have you been living under a rock? Women are not owned by you, neither are they born to just find a guy for the sole reason of procreation.

I am not a lesbian by choice, that's just how I am and if you really don't like how we are, or how the blog author is, please don't post your crazy comments here.

Scott said...

Yes, you entirely have gone 'lesbian' by choice! By vain, arrogant choice!
This is NOT what you "are".
There is absolutely NO genetic, biological or inherent cause of 'lesbianism'.
Despite the lies, this is not an immutable identity!
It is sheer, brazen audacity, to think that any person is 'born', 'meant to', or, God frobid, 'created', to only go with their own gender!
If that were the case, then WHY would you have fully a functional, normal, human female reproductive system?
That's just for starters.
The arrogant boast of people going 'gay' or 'lesbian' used to be that "we can choose whatever we want to do", it was all about vain 'choice'. When it was noted how utterly offensive this is to people, how absolutely unacceptable, alterations were made to claim that this is something one is "born" with. This is an absolute LIE, bears NO scrutiny, and is doubly offensive!
No, I have NOT been living under a rock!
What that I WERE, so as not to see all of this!
No, women are not owned by men! Yet women do OWE men!
Women AND Men are created for EACH OTHER! We are here for each other!
NO, we are not here "only" to procreate, there is far more to the Male-Female relationship than procreation!
Though I shall not belittle that, procreation is vital!
How do you think that YOU ALL got here???
At least that's what we have though, procreation!
You DON'T!
What you're doing is utterly and deliberately barren...and unless you maliciously take advantage of medical science (that was not developed for such a thing!) you CANNOT PROCREATE! You cannot conceive children, you CANNOT have babies!
You insult your heritage, and risk your legacy.
No, I'm not deluded. Women are MEANT to go with Men, that is LIFE, that is the Truth.
It is YOU, who are SERIOUSLY DELUDED, if you imagine that you are "born" to go 'lesbian', if you think that any of you can persist with going 'lesbian' without the damage done not being noticed, and so utterly deluded if you think that people will cease to be completely insulted by this and speak and stand against it!

lezstar said...

No one said they were 'over men'. I said I was over your comments. I love men, I've already explained that.
Seriously now, I cannot stress to you how much no one cares about your comments on this site.

Anonymous said...

I just read your post and I'm glad to hear the positive outcome of the whole event! I'm not gay, in fact I'm rather a male of the heterosexual nature, but it's a great sign to be hearing about the older generations coming to terms with something like homosexuality which has so much more of an open presence in the modern day world. I mean, even the Pope has come to accept all people, regardless of their preferences.

I see this as proof of the human race's development towards a better understanding of one another. Perhaps we are beginning to appreciate one another's personalities rather than judging them for the qualities that make them different. I enjoy positive thinkers like you. There just aren't enough in this world of ours. Not yet.

- Deft

lezstar said...

Thanks for the kind words, Deft. It's nice to know that straight men are on our side too :D

Unknown said...

Oh... i'm the one with the ugly attitude?

''If you're so "over men", then please, get out of the house you live in, stop using paved roads, disconnect from the power grid throw away your computer/CD player/TV etc, stop reading books, stop using medicine, stop taking advantage of all the produce, infrastructure, construction, developments and inventions that you take for granted from me''

Seriously? you don't wanna make me laugh?


Faith Li said...

Okay I'm sorry but I have to say to Scotty dearest: Let it go!!! I'm am actually a bit offended reading some of the stuff you wrote. And I'm not even gay....

Would you react this way if a straight woman didn't feel attracted to you? Insulted? Because if you really think about it, this is not really that different. Its all about preferences. I would also like to point out that, though you may not have intended to come off that way, your statements sound quite chauvinistic. Just sayin.....

Scott said...

Deft Monkey...just how does diverting away from each other on the basis of gender, stopping short of fulfilling responsibility and purpose, compromising life so severely, and dividing up into dead-end 'same sex' "lifestyles" qualify as "proof of the human race's development towards a better understanding of one another"????
My God, if anything, the preponderance of homo-sexuality in todays society shows the utter failure of so many human beings to understand one another...'lesbianism' clearly illustrates certain peoples malicious intent to NOT understand others!
How in the hell do severely biased 'gay' and 'lesbian' scenes count towards appreciating others qualities?
The vain homo-sexual scenes actually revolve around the absolute denial of any worthwhile qualities in the other, complimentary, gender.
There is absolutely NOTHING positive about 'lesbianism'.
You, Deft Monkey, have proven yourself to be quite the deluded, castrated, brainwashed tool in the hands of those pushing this. You've meekly accepted the fabricated status quo, and your lowly new "status" far beneath "lesbians".
You might be a deft monkey, but you're a poor example of a man.
Humanity is Woman AND Man, and we are here for each other, and to understand EACH OTHER!

Scott said...

Your attitude is ugly.
I did not write "from me" (though some is from me!), I wrote FROM MEN!

And are actually trying to DENY any of that?

Scott said...

And of course , any lowly "straight man", as long as he accepts that he has been defeated by "lesbians", who meekly accepts his lowly new 'status', who goes right long with the flow now, who shows himself to be castrated, weak, spineless, heartless, and no threat, who swallows his dignity and denies all truth, is see as being 'onside', and is thus "tolerable" in this new order. Not loveable, not desireable, but acceptable just as long as he denies any rights as a man, and meekly "accepts" that a whole new 'class' of "women", the 'lesbians', are far above and beyond him, other men, and all human responsibility and consequence.
It's not right.
'Deft Monkey' is the worst kind of coward. He may be Straight, but has been bent to fit!

Scott said...

Faith Li (what an ironic name, given the circumstances)...standing up for men, and men's rights, is NOT chauvanism! Defending men, and speaking about what men HAVE created and achieved is not chauvanism! Speaking up for men in the face of such rampant misandry, is NOT chauvanism! There is nothing more aggressively chauvanistic than 'lesbianism'!

How could you be offended by what I have written?
I am telling THE TRUTH!
The truth may be confronting, but it is NEVER offensive!
By definiton, 'lesbianism' IS OFFENSIVE!
There is nothing more deliberately offensive than homo-sexuality. Those going 'lesbian' take much malicious glee in the offense they cause.
And those indulging in it care not who they offend...but, allegedly, we have to "deal with it".
It's shocking that how severely offensive 'lesbianism' is flies over so many people's heads!
Or is made to seem so.

There is an E-N-O-R-M-O-U-S difference between Straight women who may not be attracted to a certain man, or may lack chemistry with a certain man...they still love MEN! They are still with and care for MEN...and those females so callous, so cold, so spiteful, so vain, so arrogant, as to UTTERLY reject men, to deny men what they need from them, and who divert into an utterly selfish, "lesbian" 'lifestyle'!
TOTALLT different situations!

If you genuinely felt me dearest, you would be one my side, the right would realise that I CANNOT LET THIS GO!
There's no way I can let this go!
HOW COULD I ever let this go???
On so much I cannot let this go, on my soul I cannot let this go!

lezstar said...

Scott, out of interest, what do you want us to do? Say 'oh, you're actually correct. I'll be straight now.'?

Just a passerby said...

Congratulations on coming out! It is always fun when you come out even though sometimes you may not be overly accepted but the weight lifted off your shoulder is always a very refreshing feeling. I have not come out to my parents and I dread that day but I hope that everyday I am getting closer to that day. I envy people who have gone through that battle as I am still awaiting mine. Anyways cheers to you and hope everything stays cool and they don't pull a fast one on you :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest Scott,

This isn't something you can defeat. You speak like a dictator and yet you are powerless.

You know, if you had stopped with your first comment, I would have respected you. You, in your own right, had a somewhat valid point, but then you decided to go ahead and start a war with the opposite sex. You said that I am below lesbians, that I have been "defeated" by them. On the contrary, you say that women are the equals of men, but if that were the case, you wouldn't be saying any of this. I consider it no loss to have lesbian friends who pay me the same respect that I do them. I am not some lap dog just because I accept someone else's different way of life. If I am a coward, do englighten me - what am I afraid of?

"On so much I cannot let this go, on my soul I cannot let this go!"

Life can easily let go of both you and your soul. The world won't care when you are lost, for you are a mere crusader who fights for one thing and one thing only - yourself.

- Deft

hi-ro said...

wow you are my shero. Great

Unknown said...

This is like talking to a 12 year old boy.

By the way... i had a great 'comming out of the closet' with my parents.

Have agreat day everyone.

And, Scott... nos vemos en el infierno.


Scott said...

You are so sorely mistaken Deft!
And if you were to wake up, to come back to the light, and speak against this evil...then watch, in an INSTANT, how viciously these "lesbians" that you think respect you would turn on you!
These females going 'lesbian' do absolutely think that they, and their gender, are far away and above men, better than men.
No matter the realities that each and every day of their lives they take advantage of the ideas and efforts of men, and that men and women are created to go with one another...these are ruthlessly ignored.
We are now enduring a fiendishly cruel, inhuman, 'lesbian'-centric gynocracy, aggressively enforced by political correctness.
And though you are fooled into thinking you somehow play a part in this, that you get "respect" for giving your meek consent to their audacity and selfish indulgence, you are ultimately as much a "nothing" in their eyes, that are filled with themselves, as any other man.
It is a V-E-R-Y precarious tightrope you now tip-toe upon, and if at ANY moment you show yourself to not be the lickspittle, the kow-towed lap dog of these girls, you WILL feel the spite of their ghastly hatred!
You are now a dog, on a leash, an invisible leash...but watch it snap if you dare step "out of line".
Those going 'lesbian' HATE THAT...that anyone is awake up to what is going on, and who may signal the warning to everyone else.

You make it sound as though this "lesbianism" is some kind of inherent, or natural,'s not.
As though 'lesbianism' has some natural purpose or positive doesn't!

It's STAGGERING that people use the phrase "difference" in regards those going homo-sexual...when it should SCREAM out to them, that by the very definition alone, these people DESPISE difference! See how much they 'respect' difference if you try to go into a 'lesbian' club! Which, alone, should already tell you how misandric and fearful/hateful of real difference they are!
Man and Woman are DIFFERENT...the union of difference is LIFE! Hetero-Difference...iS LIFE!!!

It's all wrong, and no amount of lies, deceit, insults, and linguistic games on your, or anyone else's part can make this all seem right or good!

You are a coward 'Deft'.
You are scared to raise a voice, even when deep down you know you should. THAT'S the sick hold "they've" got over you...that on one hand you're not invited to the 'party', but if you keep your mouth shut and nod along with everything, you still might be.

Take a stand, as a person, as a man, for what is right, for your right.

Make no mistake, those going 'lesbian' have NO genuine respect for you, they DO consider themselves better than men, and they do HATE and fear genuine difference.

What is most chillingly telling, as goes with ALL those pushing the liberal/queer-centric agenda, is how quickly you can write someone out of life!
Just like those going 'lesbian' do with men.
LIFE cannot do without those who seek to help it, to continue it.
If anything, life CAN do very well without anyone going 'lesbian'.
It's shocking how many people are to be "done with", "ignored", and left for dead, to make this whole 'lesbian' utopia seem s though it's working.
And it isn't. Nothing so malicious, so vindictive, so utterly negative, can ever 'work'.

The world needs a good dictator, clearly.
I am only a dictator at present in that I am saying what is right, those pushing the 'lesbian' agenda are the most ruthless and callous 'dictators'...without the dic(k), or the heart or spirit or moral foundation though.

Yes, I am indeed a crusader, fighting against a terrible evil, that is laying waste.
Someone has to be, and there needs to be more of us.
You, should get back on the right side!

Scott said...

In short "lezstar"...


For I am correct, and you should return to being Straight!

Scott said...

Typical 'lesbian'/feminist tactic try and belittle a man. To infantalise a man, to deny his manhood.
Thank God though, I indeed do still have much of my pure spirit as a 12 year old!

What is staggering though, is that if ANYTHING is a terribly regressive, stunted, 'girls vs boys', 'boys stink', worst aspect of childishness, it's what you're doing! It is 'lesbianism'!
Not childlike, no, but extremely childish...with a patholigical fear of adult relationships and responsibilities.
Not too mention that many 'tomboy'/'butch'/'andro' "dykes go out of their way to look like adolescent boys!
Which is disturbing beyond measure!

I want you to try and EXPLAIN your point though Florencia!
YOU have arrogantly denied all the things that men HAVE done and that you ALL take for granted...explain yourself and your feeble put-down.

You did NOT come out of any "closet", for you were not in one! You, like EVERY other woman on earth was created to go with a man, as men are with you. This is how your parents raised you. What you have done to them is an insult, to them, and to hundreds of generations of your ancestors.

I do not speak word looks as though it means 'inferno' or "flames", as though I am 'flaming' as some people stupidly put it now. The only flames, the only that of Hell, that your arrogance and behaviour will cast your soul into, unless you change things back, now!

Louise Nevison said...

Let it go Scott. You're embarrassing yourself. We get it, you're homophobic, theres nothing left to say.

Angry boy.

Unknown said...

- Infierno = Hell -

You know... i was pulling things out of my a*s when i said i was over men.
I thank god for having so many great men in my life. And sincerely i was expecting something mature to come from you, but it never came. I'm not the one who has to make things clear here, it's you. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?

What exactly do you want me to say... Something like this maybe...

'Ok, Scott... you know what?, you're so right... i owe you so many things, i'm gonna be heterosexual now, and play with men feelings, because i don't really wanna be with one, i never felt a conexion when i was whit one, but you have done so many things for me...and i mean... paved roads, you game me paved roads!'

Women have done so many things for you to Scott, and you are insulting them as well.
Why don't you try to respect others opinions and points of view? That will be a nice start.

Unknown said...

I have so many things i would like to talk with you Scott, (especially about what you wrote), but unfortunately, my English is not good enough to express everything I want (embarrassing but it's the truth)

Interesting talk though, but I better leave it here.


Heatherr said...

Woahh. I think we should all let this drop now. I mean, clearly none of us are going to change our opinions or life styles based on this argument, and quite rightly so really. We are all entitled to our own opinions. Scott is entitled to believe what he likes just as we are entitled to our own life style choices such as our sexuality. Arguing is obviously getting us know where, as none of us are going to change. If Scott has been brought up to believe this then let him, what he believes isn't effecting us is it? Well it hasn't effected me. Sure we can stick up for ourselves but this is ridiculous. Scott if that's what you think then fine, but you stated your opinion there's no need to keep coming back and arguing is there? This is our life so we make our own decisions on who we are, and who are you to say we are wrong. Also those are your beliefs, so we can't tell you you are wrong either. This is all a matter of opinion and of course people are going to have different opinions so maybe we should all just leave it now.

Anonymous said...

I think that's quite enough. I have no intention of furthering such a pointless argument on this post. If you don't appreciate what is being said, go and vent on your own blog, not here. You can call me every name under the Sun, it still won't make a difference. If every man in the world was like you, I can see why women would have a problem with respecting us.

I bid you good day.

- Deft

lezstar said...

RETURN to being straight? I never was, and I never will be, so there is so to 'return' to.
Sorry, Scott, but it seems no one wants to hear your opinions anymore.
I for one will not be reading any comments you post here from now on.
Thanks for boosting the comments on this post though. Much appreciated.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Thank all you great men and women (both straight AND gay, I might add) who have supported me in this blog against bigoted, fearful little boys. Much appreciated. Stay awesome.

Brinnie said...

Congratulations! Coming out is totally nerve wracking!

I came out to my mom, brother and stepfather last year. I knew they didn't have problem with gay people but i was still soooo nervous. they were all were super supportive. I was really shocked! I got all nervous for nothing. My Mom even started designing lesbian-themed t-shirts for me! she even opened an online shop. I thought you might be interested in seeing them and maybe posting a link on your blog:

I still have to come out to my dad though and other members of my family. I've got no clue how my dad will react as I don't see him very often so I don't know how he feels about that kind of thing :|

KayteeElizabeth said...

I tried to come out to my parents when I was 15, but my mother literally ignored it. My dad brought it up once in an argument. I've never hidden the fact I'm gay, I just don't flaunt it to my parents, my brother and sister's all know and are all fine with it and always have been. I'm totally out in public, it hurts that my parents still can't accept it, even though as a child I was raised very open minded and was always told if I came out as gay then it would be no big deal. I'm now 18 and have yet to introduce a girl to my parents as my girlfriend. :(
I was out for coffee with my mum and a friend of mine and she said "I knew you were gay the first time I met you." My mother was very touchy for a few minutes before excusing herself, when she came back she acted like nothing had been said. Lets just hope when I bring a girl home they accept us :)

NinaJay said...

i thought this was going to turn into Scott's coming out story after a while... poor guy seems to be locking something up inside

Jules said...

this scott character is kind of hilarious in a sad way. I wish some girl would just sleep with him so he wouldn't be so stressed out and feel like he has to blame it on lesbians.

I am not volunteering however as I am, in fact, a lesbian. good luck with that Scott.

More importantly, congrats on coming out. Living Authentically is the happiest way to live.

Thyme With The Matthews said...

Hey, my name is Sarah and I just stumbled upon your blog today. I think thats great about you coming out to your parents. I'm still ''in the closet'' with my family [their ALL are very relgious ppl] but my friends know that I am gay.
anyway just wanted to say ''HEY''

PHL said...

This is the first time I read ur blog and luckily I decided to choose this entry. It was so funny reading Scott's comments lol. I couldnt imagine there's still someone living with such a narrow mind on this earth.

I came out to some of my friends. Ive had to find out their attitude before I told them. They r really supportive. Never thought of coming out to my family coz they dont care about the sexuality issue. They (want to) think that Im straight. I feel ok with the "in the closet" status and with my family' assumption that I'll marry a man someday lol. It's not harmful to hide this truth.

Congrats to ppl who came out! :)

Emily said...

I told my Mum as soon as I knew. She SEEMED to be really understanding, but I'm not entirely sur how comfortable she is with it, especially when my gay friend slept over the other night.

Anonymous said...

Scott, you're awesome! I want to see if you can post an entire book's worth of crazy. Please post some more.

Seriously, I respect anyone who is a leader in their field and you are definitely ahead of the curve. That would be the curve that has 'Reason' at one end 'Eccentric' on the rounded bit - the curve - and "Licks his own underwear clean so alien bacteria can't take over the world' at the other end, you know - ahead of the curve. I can see you've got your skates on and are heading downhill with zeal and tongue out.

Would it be too much to ask if could you add some bible verses into your posts. It always adds a little je ne sais quoi to the atmosphere. I prefer the Old Testament. The book of leviticus often suggests that whole 'old world' kind of crazy. That could be the touch you've been looking for to set you apart from the also-ran crazies. You need to stand out in a crowd.
Imagine the feeling you'd get if you, Scott. were to take the lead and become the craziest nut job on the net? Imagine that. You could be howling one decibel louder than the rest of the pack with just a couple of Old Testament verses thrown in to the mix. Chief Lunatic at large. Perfect.
Doesn't that just fit with you? It's what you've always secretly wanted. I know. I can tell.
You probably understand crazy better than me, so I won't tell you your business but I humbly suggest you don't go the obvious route and quote the 'Man shall not lie down with another man' type verse (I understand it's a lesbian hatred thing you have but for the purposes of madness we'll assume that god is an equal opportunity bigot). Try something that substantiates your attempt to be the craziest guy ever. Quote something totally out of left field like the rules to purifying the tabernacle and claim it backs your case up completely. That will piss off so many people. It will be great.
Even better!!! Quote Shakespeare and claim the god said it in the old testament. That'll set the cat amongst the pigeons. It will piss everybody off in one fell swoop. christians, lesbians anybody with an education...everybody.
That's the winner right there for you.
Thanks Scott, I'm backing your run for craziest person on the net.

lezstar said...

@hemmerflix - thank you! You're awesome :)

garbonzo17 said...

@hemmerflix - i'll print the t-shirts.

geez, I thought I was gonna piss my pants by the time I hit the Shakespeare line... genius.

@lezster - good for you, and sorry it seems your dad turned out to be not so understanding.