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Wednesday 17 February 2010

AfterEllen, We Salute You.

I'm guessing that most of you stumbled upon this blog because of

If you didn't, and you still don't know what AfterEllen is, I'm suggesting that you get there right now.

A lot of my advertising comes courtesy of AE, with links to my blog at the end of every comment I make. (Yeah, I've never published a picture of me on the blog, so click
here if you want to see me.)

Therefore, because of all the good they do for me, I thought they deserved a shout-out from me.

AfterEllen is possibly one of the best, if not the best, lesbian and bisexual entertainment website online today. They often publish new, official gay information before any other websites or news-site, giving gay women the resources they need efficiently.

Founded by Sarah Warn, the website was started in 2002, after she realized that there was so little great lesbian content on the web.

Just recently, the entire site was taken over by writer Karman Kregloe, who also happens to be married to out comedian Bridget McManus, who also happens to vlog on the site. It's like a big chain of inter-connectedness.

Many of the writers also vlog about the pros and cons of lesbianism, entertainment and general civil rights. Great shows such as Skins and Grey's Anatomy are also re-capped, alongside reviews of music, competitions and the occasional opinion poll for the readers to vote on.

So there you have it.

I can't really do the site justice. It's done so much for the lesbian community single-handedly, so you should just get there as soon as you can and check it out.

But don't forget to keep coming here! ;)


lookatthestar said...

"Yeah, I've never published a picture of me on the blog, so click here if you want to see me"

great way lure people to

lezstar said...

DAMN you caught me ;)