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Thursday 25 February 2010

Need boi-ish clothes?

Great news, bois!

This post comes with new, upcoming UK website attached to it.

That's right, FINALLY a clothing website dedicated to boyish lesbians.

Part of tomboi's mission statement is to provide comfortable, unique clothes for lesbians who prefer a more boyish look.

The company is pretty new, so there aren't a wide range of stuff there yet, but what they have so far is good a start as any.

Available on the website are tops, (which are suitably matched to specific 'L Word' characters) bottoms and accessories, including a range of super gay belt buckles. Again, stock is quite limited because the site is quite fresh, but you can sign up to their mailing list quickly and easily that will update you on any new stock they receive.

Good luck and happy shopping!


purple_moogle said...

You know what I wants? Underwear like Carmen had. In the 'too hot' (don't touch) scene (not like her lacy stuff when she's dancing for Shane.

American Eagle Aerie has similar ones, Emily Hartl wrote them up in her AE blog. American Apparel do ones most like Carmen's like
then this site
but they're all pretty expensive =[

the best deals on nice ones are|0||P_Size|0&Ntk=PRIMARY# but it's still £7.50 each for underwear... :S

purple_moogle said...

Also, I forgot to say that the website with some of those on seems a bit like the one you linked to. The one you linked to has these
which are okay.. but why is everything so expensive?! I don't need them so I won't ever buy them.. if only they were cheaper