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Friday 16 October 2009

If I could visit any state, it'd have to be Arizona...

Can I just take a moment out to appreciate the genius behinds Grey's Anatomy newcomer Jessica Capshaw?

You eagle-eyed L Word fans might have noticed that Capshaw also played schoolgirl Nadia in season five of the show. (She was also awesome in that role too, by the way.)

Anyway yeah, Capshaw equals pure genius. And I'm not just talking about her looks!

As Dr. Arizona Robbins in Grey's, the lovely Jessica brings a level head to the surgery: every week without fail she seems to deliver a speech to a troubled patient or Doctor or some other poor soul, making you instantly fall in love with her.

Last night's episode (October 15th, 2009) saw Capshaw convincing her girlfriend's worried Father that being gay really is okay. Of course I know that the show's chief writer Shonda Rhimes has something to do with the perfection of Arizona, but the way in which Jessica plays her with such conviction brings a tear to my drama-loving eye.

Speaking of conviction, major kudos to Sara Ramirez (who plays Calliope Torres) this week.

Ramirez plays Arizona's girlfriend, who's Father (previously mentioned) is particularly hostile to his daughter's lifestyle choice. What I'm mentioning her for though is that she fought back at her Dad in the most kick ass way this week, it made me actually believe her.

My point is, these two straight (as far as I know!) women are absolutely flawless in their acting, and really do us gay ladies some justice.

What a pair of amazing women.


MeL said...

Love Arizona. Oh yes, and Callie as well. So sweet how Arizona told Callie's father that she loves his daughter. Awwww. :))

And I agree, Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez are doing a terrific job.

BTW, love the title of your post, and I absolutely agree. ;)

lezstar said...

Yeah, Arizona telling him she loves Callie was amazing. I just want to see her reaction when she finally tells her!!

Ashley said...

In my world, Sara Ramirez is a lesbian and we're going to get married someday.

AJ said...

I had no idea she was Nadia! Awesome!

Taylor said...

I am truly in love with this couple. I almost exploded! I was so excited at the end of the episode when Callie's father finally accepted her for who she is.
As for them both being straight Jessica is for sure. She is married and has a son. Sara is a little questionable but she is a very private person so she could have a man that nobody knows about.