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Friday 7 August 2009

Top 20 Gorgeous Ladies

I totally decided to copy my friend's blog. But it was just so tempting! I've actually been thinking of doing this for a while too, so I don't feel THAT bad.

So here goes, from 20 down to 1!

20. Mandy Musgrave.

If you've never heard of South of Nowhere, I don't blame you. Not because the show sucked or anything, it was actually quite good. But you've probably never heard of it because it was stupidly cancelled after 3 seasons! Anyway, here we have Mandy Musgrave, who played bad girl Ashley Davies in the teen drama. With her sexy voice and even sexier body, how could you go wrong?!

19. Kathryn Prescott.

Chances are, if you're not from the UK, you've never witnessed the greatness of the Naomi-Emily relationship on Skins. But it is the show that has forced me, along with many other lesbians, to fall in love with cutesy Miss Prescott. Seriously, she is so adorable!

18. Laurel Holloman.

Unlike Mandy and Kathryn, the lovely Laurel Holloman seems to be a classic lesbian favorite. Debuting in lesbian flick The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls In Love, Laurel later went on to play the charming Tina Kennard in The L Word.

17. Rachel Shelley.

From looking at the picture above, you instinctively realize the sheer sex appeal of Rachel Shelley. Another L Word veteran, she also starred in horror The Children and TV Series Ghost Whisperer last year.

16. Mia Kirshner.

Again, another L Word alumni, but you must understand that creator Ilene Chaiken just cast so many beautiful women, I couldn't refuse them a place in my list! Kirshner is one of the few who is a well known figure who is also out in the public eye. She used her looks to captivate us all in movies such as The Black Dahlia and Not Another Teen Movie.

15. Melinda Clarke.

Now this O.C. beauty is what I call the definition of 'M.I.L.F'! Nothing more to it.

14. Clementine Ford.

She was hot when she was in the closet, and she's even hotter now she's out. Daughter of Cybill Shepherd and actress in her own right, pictures like the one above helped us realize that Ford has an androgynous side too. And we like it!

13. Kate Hudson.

Sparkly and bubbly on the outside, Kate Hudson has an air of classiness about her. Whatever it is that makes her so sexy, we can't resist the nice, girl-next-door type in the end.

12. Jessica Capshaw.

Starring as Dean Porter's fling Nadia on The L Word and now as half of 'Calzona' (a delectably cute lesbian couple on ABC's Grey's Anatomy,) there's no doubt that Capshaw is a favorite amongst the sapphic kind.

11. Lily Loveless.

The other half of the Naomi-Emily couple on UK drama Skins, there's something about Lily that makes us want to buy her a drink. She seems fun, intelligent and undeniably HOT!

10. Bridget McManus.

I'm a strong believer that someone can 'laugh you into bed', and this is a perfect example. Comedienne Bridget is sexy, sassy and downright hilarious! With an awesome personality and looks to match, what's not to like?

9. Charlize Theron.

The picture says it all, doesn't it? One of the most well-paid actresses in Hollywood right now, Ms. Theron is utterly beautiful. And with all that talent added to the most stunning body, I wouldn't say no!

8. Jennifer Beals.

From her 80s debut in Flashdance to her 6 year stint as Bette Porter in The L Word, Jennifer has always been a lesbian favorite. Well who can blame us? As one of the older women on the list, she's still one of the most naturally beautiful!

7. Leisha Hailey.

Musicians are hot. Musicians who are out are even hotter. Out musicians who are painfully funny are smokin' hot! All that, and she has the cutest laugh ever. No wonder all the lesbians want Leish.

6. Olivia Wilde.

Any hot blooded female (or male, for that matter) wouldn't say no to Olivia. The fact that she has now played bisexual characters in both The O.C. and House, do you think she's trying to tell us something? We surely hope so!

5. Jill Bennett.

One of the lesser known ladies on our list as a whole, Jill Bennett is everything a lesbian should be: quick-witted and beautiful with a 'don't give a f*ck' attitude. Part of Jill's sex appeal is that she's not afraid to be herself. She's loud and she's proud and we love it.

4. Angelina Jolie.

I'm pretty sure that no 'hot women' list is complete without Angelina Jolie somewhere in it. She's frequently described as the most beautiful woman in the world, and I can see where they're coming from. The fact that she's openly bisexual doesn't hurt, either...

3. Megan Fox.

Some would say Megan is just the next generation Angelina Jolie. But with the Transformers movie already scooping bigger bucks than any of Jolie's flicks, who knows where we'll see Megan next. She's been known to say some god damn stupid things, but she still makes me drool.

2. Sara Ramirez.

One look at Sara and you'll know it's true: curves are so sexy. Spanish accents? Also super sexy. The fact that Ramirez and a fantastic voice too makes me fall in love with her that little bit more. And I'm not complaining that she's currently playing gay on ABC's Grey's Anatomy with our number 12!

So who will it be? You're probably thinking 'but any one of those ladies could be number 1!' That may be true, but it's down to personal choice here. So here goes...

1. Eliza Dushku.
Since Buffy ended, we saw very little of Dushku. But now her new show Dollhouse has started, we're seeing a little of Eliza every week, which should actually be part of the law. Everything about her is sexy: from her body, to her talent, to her voice. And if you don't agree... Are you sure you're gay?

So that's all! Who are your favorite ladies that I missed? Which of the ones I have mentioned stand out to you? Comment below!


Matt said...

I'd have sex with #2 and #4 any day. Well maybe not. But still, I likes ma Jolie and ma curves!

Rosalie Kate said...

You didn't actually link to my blog, but thank you for trying haha.

And I thought I liked your list, until I saw Jolie and Fox.

Generally, rather pleasing to the peepers, and that picture of Rachel Shelley is... well, there are no words.

Anonymous said...

My number 1 would definitely be Jennifer Beals. Angelina Jolie would come second, although she fades in and out of my list from time to time. I've never heard of some of your top 20 (20, 19, 11, and 5) but I am generally hopelessly out of the loop when it comes to famous people. Most of the others I find varying degrees of attractive, but some not at all. When I first saw Megan Fox I thought she was pretty hot, but she doesn't seem to have much going on upstairs, which kind of killed it for me lol. I can't decide who else would make my top 20, I don't even know if I have a top 20!

-Brooke (found you via AfterEllen - I think)

dianakcv said...

Allysa milano please :)
kristen stewart
Malin Akerman
Gabrielle Christian

Lindsay lohan??(jus a lil bit)

I agree with:
Mandy musgrave
Megan Fox
Eliza Dushku

Anonymous said...

What about Katherine Moennig!!?? She is the sexiest woman on the L Word. That voice, that sexy andro look, those abs, that hair, those eyes! Everything about her completely draws me in. Another one to add is Ashley Greene. She may be relatively low key but she has many acting creds coming out in late/early 2009-2010. She is stunning and such a sweetheart. But if no one else I think Kate Moennig should for sure be on the list. She's pretty much the only original L Word main character you left out. Other than that your list is fantastic! Olivia Wilde has been my girl crush ever since she played Alex on the OC.

lezstar said...

Diana - Ahh Alyssa Milano was my first celeb girlcrush! She almost made it.

xbostonbabyx93x - I'm one of those lesbians who didn't quite latch on to the appeal of Kate Moennig. Sorry! I did foresee someone pointing this out though.

Anonymous said...

lezstar- I can totally understand that. I personally am attracted to her, but I can definetely see how someone might not be into that particular look. The weird thing is, I'm andro like Kate/Shane, but I'm attracted to her. I'm usually into the more femme girls (like Ashley Greene), but there's something about the badass look that gets me everytime (like when Olivia Wilde played Alex on the OC; and did you see Angelina Jolie in Wanted?!). In another sense, it doesn't make sense for me to like the more andro/badass girls because I am one, so the relationship wouldn't exactly work out...

Justine Homesweet Thorne said...

Lily loveless should take up EVERY SINGLE SPOT ON THIS TOP 20 <3 <3 <3 <3

lezstar said...

After recent Skins watching, I am beginning to agree DJ :)

happy said...

very nice list except that i'd put angelina jolie in the #1 spot then everything in their order!

Unknown said...

love love love jennifer beals. and briget mcmanus is smokin. but id also add...

gabrielle union
moon bloodgood
olivia munn
jessica white
kate winslet
stacy dash many...

but i would definitely get rid of meghan fox. yuck


The Dawdling Inscriber said...