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Tuesday 5 May 2009

Things hot up on 'Britain's Next Top Model'

This week, the girls of UK TV show Britain's Next Top Model were required to get 'up close and personal' on their photoshoot.

Obviously, some of the contestants were quite hesitant, but the shoot demanded them to 
kiss and canoodle - often with their worst enemies! One of my personal favorite photos of this week was of Jade getting rather close to Lauren.

Some of the ladies however, started out with horrendously homophobic comments towards the situation. Many approached the situation with comments such as "it looked absolutely disgusting" and one said "I'd rather kiss a frog than a girl." Umm...what? *cough* freak.

Anyway, it seems that most of the girls who were scared at first actually ended up enjoying the whole thing - proving my theory may be correct about everyone being gay! Good times. And in the words of my girlfriend "I don't know what they were complaining about!" Amen to that!

Another of my favorite photos was this sexy shot of cocoa-skinned Kacey caressing Russian beauty Viola's leg.

Let's keep every shoot this sexy, yes?


Firebolt said...

The second picture is HOT! The first one, not so much. It kind of lacks feeling. Anyhow, Britain's got modelling talent and it's been put to some good sexy use. :D

LickingLesbian said...

I love the second picture...any room for me in there???i could help out ;)

Lana said...

the girl int eh first picture looks so emnotionless and scared, the 2nd pic on the other hand is smmmmoookkin sexy