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Friday 9 January 2009

You learn something new every day...

I say 'every day' but I doubt that's really true... Imagine my luck when I learned two new things today!

Firstly, I learned the real defin
ition of 'pugnacious.' Which isn't really relevant to this blog... And the second thing I learned was how absent homosexual rights were in America right up until 1996.

Yes, that's correct. Gay people had NO rights whatsoever until 1996. Can you believe that?! Apparently I learned this around
4 weeks ago in my American Civil Rights class at college, but it wasn't until I was doing a spot of revising that I actually paid attention to this part. According to American law, the first act passed for gay rights was in 1996, which protected homosexuals from state discrimination, and also barred the passage of any new 'anti-discriminatory' legislation against them.

Now I hate to sound like a broken re
cord, but this makes me even more determined to abolish 'Proposition 8' in California. It is now obvious that most of the people who voted 'yes' on prop 8 were mis-informed about what it was about, and I think that if the vote was to be done again, proposition 8 would not exist.

So, without sounding like I'm nagging, please do everything you can to help the cause of prop 8, and get it over-turned once and for
all! I'm not married personally, but I know how awful it must be to be kept from marrying the person you love, and a lot of people I know who it is being prejudice against say that it really hurts to know that even their 'friends' don't want them to be happy.

Go here for advice on donating and spreading the word.

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