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Wednesday 28 January 2009

Where for art thou?

Has anyone else ever felt like this every time that special someone is around?

I'm guessing most of you have, and if you haven't, I can tell you now you're positively missing out.

I've always believed in love, and I've always believed that it is the sole reason why us simple, yet so complex, human beings are here, but it wasn't until right about now that I truly believed it would happen to me.

Okay, so my girlfriend (I don't mention names, because of privacy... unless that person specifically asks me to,) is the only girl I ever want. Ever. She's intelligent, funny, and not to mention 100% beautiful. It's the little things we do when we're together that make those butterflies appear: when I can feel her smiling when she kisses me; the way I could look at her all day and not feel the need to say one word... When she says thing to me like "She needn't say anything, as her pure beauty spoke out to me like a Shakespearean sonnet read aloud on a summer's day."

I could ramble on forever about how much I am in love with her and how much more I love her every single day.

Crap! You think I'm getting all gushy and Romeo & Juliet. I must leave you with something out of context...

My GOD I love potato chip sandwiches.

Oh, and the sex is great too. ;)

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