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Saturday 18 October 2008

I'm disgusted, quite frankly.

Okay, I thought most of this had come to an end, especially in this country, but homophobia in 2008?

Basically, the point of this blog entry is about the punishment of a lesbian couple in the college I go to. I'm not really fond of either of the girls, but this is because of their personality and traits, not their personal lives or sexual orientation.

It came to my attention the other day that the two ladies - let's name them X and Y - were being punished for kissing in school. To put it bluntly, I was f**king outraged. The staff and committee at the college wouldn't even dream of punishing a heterosexual couple for public displays of affection.

Now I'm sure if I asked the teacher responsible for putting the punishment into practice if they were homophobic, they'd say no, but clearly this is homophobia. I'm sure they wouldn't have a problem with an African American couple kissing. If 2 Muslim students were kissing, would they tell them to stop it and punish them? Of course not!

They wouldn't allow racism in the school, so why are they allowing homophobia? Is it just me, or does anybody else think something should be done about this?

Protest much?

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