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Tuesday 5 August 2008

The top women you wish were lesbian/bisexual, but aren't quite there...

So maybe I'm the only lesbian in history to have a batch of women listed under 'I wish you were gay'. But maybe there are others out there who have a huge crush on a straight female celebrity and it just gets you down... What better way to find out your views than blogging about it?!

First on my list: Tina Fey. (Below.)

To be honest, the best question to ask is 'Why shouldn't Tina be gay?!' I mean, she looks like a lesbian, she writes like one, millions of gay women seem to be besotted with her... Her last name even rhymes with gay for God's sake! We know she's gay friendly too - she welcomes her gay fans with open arms. Basically, we need more lesbians like her.

Alright, second straight gal that should be part of the fold? Sara Ramirez. (Below.)

Wow. Just look at her. Voluptuous, talented... And that lesbian storyline she is at the center of on Grey's Anatomy is just... Well, I'm speechless. Well done to the writers of Grey's, that's all I can say...

Perhaps the youngest beautiful girl on my list is Mandy Musgrave. (Below.)

We know this actress is beautiful, but she's also a role model to teen lesbians and bisexuals everywhere. Her character Ashley Davies from The N's South Of Nowhere is a gay teenager living in LA. Mandy also starred in Angela Robinson's Girltrash, starred in AfterEllen's Brunch With Bridget (starring out comedienne Bridget McManus) and has attended several pride ceremonies and GLAAD awards. Should she be gay? Oh yes.

Next up, the stunning Jennifer Beals. (Below.)

Probably best known for her role in 80s epic dance movie Flashdance, all red-blooded dykes know her better as The L Word's Bette Porter. Or Dean Porter as we like to call her... She's beautiful, talented, extremely gay friendly... She might as well be gay already dammit!

I could probably go on for days writing this list and these are just a few of my favorites. Who are your top straight ladies? Who do you just wish would become a lesbian and get it over with?!


Rosalie Kate said...
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Rosalie Kate said...

oooooooh Dean Porter ;)

I've already told you this, but LENA HEADEY
she plays gay (a little too well if you ask me)
she's... too many adjectives, but add them all up, you get perfect!

WolfsGotYourTongue said...

I agree with Rosiee...

Lena Headey!! LOL

and yes, I have a list..

Cheers :)