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Thursday 19 June 2008

God dammit Tila Tequila!

Okay, so I didn't watch the first season of 'A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila', but all the hype about her breakup with Bobby Banhart after the first series has drawn me in.

It's the final next week, but I'm so frustrated with Tila for b
ooting off the hottest girls in the competition! Firstly, it was the gorgeous Sirbrina Guerrero (below) who she kicked out because she claimed that 'looks didn't mean everything to her', but she really never got the chance to talk to Sirbrina so why didn't she wait a little?! Fair enough, if she had a date with her afterwards and didn't like her, I could have understood. And besides, who would kick this off?!:

She's clearly cuter than Tila, maybe she got jealous.

Anyway, when it got down to the final 3, Tila again made the wrong deci
sion and picked off the sexy Brittany Rae, (below) meaning there is only one girl left, and she is by no means the hottest. (In my opinion!)Brittany was also this years only gold star lesbian, making her just that little bit hotter. (And I can never resist a girl with her lip pierced!)

So, for the final, Tila has chosen Kristy Morgan and Bo Kunkle to fight for her lo
ve. I've heard rumors about who is going to win, but I won't spoil it for you! In the meantime, here are the two finalists for you to decide for yourself who's hotter... (And I think we all know the answer!)


Queers United said...

omg i have to watch the finale, is it this tuesday?

lezstar said...

yep, it was yesterday. (July 1st)