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Saturday 13 August 2016

TV's Top Female Bisexual Characters

by Lauren W

Let's face it: there is still a huge amount of biphobia in the world, even within the LGBT community.

What should we do to combat it? Celebrate bisexuality in all it's glory, of course!

I've taken it upon myself to come up with a list of who I think are the best bisexual ladies that have ever appeared on television.* Of course, I haven't seen every show in the world so feel free to leave a comment below with anyone you think I may have missed!

*Please note that this is completely my own opinion and I mean no disrespect to anyone not on this list.

Ilana Wexler (Ilana GlazerBroad City)

Why she deserves a place on this list: Okay, so Broad City have never explicitly labelled Ilana as bisexual, but it's definitely something we can infer. We've seen her have sexual relationships with both guys and gals, and she has a not so secret crush on her best friend, Abbi. She's the woman who brought the phrase "YASSS KWEEN" to our attention and her antics are ridiculous; she has just as much fun - if not more - than most men we see on our screens. Stay bisexual, kween.

Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor, The 100)

Why she deserves a place on this list: Completely opposite to Ilana, there's this badass. She's from a little show called The 100, perhaps you've heard of it? Clarke was the first female lead of a US TV show who happens to be bisexual and absolutely every lesbian leapt for joy when it was finally revealed that she'd have a WLW relationship with our late Heda, Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey). Not only is she gorgeous, she saves her people constantly. A bisexual who knows how to make us proud.

Annalise Keating (Viola Davis, How To Get Away With Murder)

From one female lead to another, Annalise Keating knows how to get shit done. As far I'm aware, she's the first African American female lead of a show to hold the bisexual torch. Not only does she cover up murders for a living, but she also intermittently dates Eve Rothlo (played by bombshell Famke Janssen). Her morals are often questionable but who cares? The layers and complexity Davis brings to Annalise is groundbreaking.

Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez, Grey's Anatomy)

As a lifelong Grey's fan, I couldn't leave the world's most loved ortho surgeon off this list. Callie discovered her bisexuality in season 4 of the show and was married to a woman by season 7. Talk about moving fast! What's more is Sara Ramirez is insanely talented and has been one of the show's MVPs for years now. Although she's taken a leave of absence (not for long, we hope!) she'll always be in our hearts.

Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi, The Good Wife)

Oh Kalinda. Kalinda, Kalinda, Kalinda. I can't help but sigh a big gay sigh every time I think about you. As one of my personal favourite TV bisexuals, I can't even begin to describe her well enough to do her justice. I just adore her. She's multi-faceted and smart and hot as hell. Side note: Why are so many bisexuals played by women of colour?! Gotta say, I love it!

Bo Dennis (Anna Silk, Lost Girl)

Phew, don't look at that GIF for too long, you might need to take a cold shower. Lost Girl is probably the queerest show of all time, if you ask me. It's more gay than RuPaul's Drag Race. Throughout the show's run, pretty much every cast member made out with, well... Pretty much every cast member. Bo was the hero Canada (and the rest of the world) needed, and damn did she look good saving the planet. Special shout out is due to the world's most famous Valkyrie, Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) who was also bisexual in the show. We miss you, Lost Girl.

Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi, Person of Interest)

Sameen. Shaw. My number 1 gal. I wanna be her best friend and I wanna be her girlfriend. This list was in no particular order, but I feel like I saved the best for last. Sarah Shahi (whom you probably remember playing lesbian DJ Carmen in The L Word) created such a strong, multi-dimensional character in Shaw and I couldn't be more proud of her. A woman of colour with a personality disorder who also happens to be able to shoot a gun to the highest level of accuracy and she's bisexual? Be still, my beating heart. There will never be another quite like you, Shaw.

So that's it for my list... Who did I miss? Comment below or send us a tweet on!

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