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Tuesday 28 April 2015

TV FANGIRL MOMENT OF THE MONTH: Person of (Lesbian) Interest

by Lauren W

You may remember the last time I wrote a "fangirl moment of the month" article, in which I ranted a lot about what the title of this segment should be. (Click HERE if you don't!)

Well, this month, I'm going to be doing a lot less ranting and a lot more incoherent fangirling because -


Yes, that is Sarah Shahi (Carmen from The L Word) and yes, that is Amy Acker (Fred from Angel) and YES, THEY ARE KISSING.

Once again, I am a few weeks late writing this one up as my favourite 'fangirl moment', but the point is, I got there in the end. And my gosh, it is glorious. (Plus, it's kinda still fresh for me, because I've watched this episode only about 5 billion times since it aired.)

Just to let you into the context of the show a little bit, Shaw (Shahi) is a badass former assassin who now helps people with the assistance of a gun and an adorable little guy named Finch (played by Michael Emerson). Root (Acker) is a slightly insane, badass computer nerd who enjoys wielding two guns at once to get the bad guys. You heard that correctly; two guns.

Throughout this past season (and the season before), Root has been overtly flirting with Shaw, whilst Shaw has been ignoring her advances; possibly because she's a self-diagnosed sociopath with no feelings for anyone except the team's German Shepherd, Bear.

And then, we found out Shaw DOES have feelings for one lady, and that lady is Root. *insert heart eyes here*

The witty dialogue between the two of them creates this amazing chemistry that you just can't fake, no matter how good the acting. Both actresses play their parts with conviction and professionalism... Oh, and they're both incredibly hot, too.

When it got to episode 11 of season 4, Root and Shaw finally got their kiss. (By the way, it's an amazing episode even without the kiss. It is currently holding a 9.9/10 rating on IMDb).

Here's another GIF, just because I like you:

Look at me and tell me those eyes aren't screaming "I LOVE YOU".

Anyway, right now PoI fans are FREAKING OUT because of this week's episode promo, so I guess I should give you a glimpse at that too. (Can you tell I'm trying to entice you into watching this show so I have someone to fangirl with?!)

You can watch Person of Interest TONIGHT on CBS at 10/9c.


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