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Thursday 28 August 2014


Lea DeLaria of “Orange is the New Black” is the first guest on BK Beats!

Dedalus Moving Pictures ( premiered its newest web series Brooklyn Beats & Eats on Wednesday August 6th, 2014! In true BK fashion, Brooklyn Beats & Eats is an irreverent and hilarious take on art, food, talk shows and music.  

Deep in the heart of Bushwick, host Sheena Alexis Suarez invites fellow creatives to put on an apron and exchange recipes, stories and perhaps a few too many drinks in her kitchen. Local bars, restaurants and venues are also featured, introducing the faces behind some of Brooklyn’s most creative and successful concepts. Each episode features some of Sheena’s favorite musical acts taking a seat on her couch for a live performance in The Green Room. 

The premiere episode features Lea DeLaria (Orange Is The New Black’s “Big Boo”) and Brooklyn-based band Darling Din. Brooklyn Beats & Eats is our love letter to the crazy, complicated and creative borough we call our home. By sharing these ideas and stories we hope to inspire people to make their own crazy passions a reality no matter where they live. Stay tuned for our next episode featuring the one, the only, Yo! MTV Raps legend Ed Lover.

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