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Thursday 20 February 2014

Kickstart This: A Gays In Russia Movie Project

MOSCOW, Russian Federation: Warmest wishes to your from Russia. Even though it can be very cold over here, we have very warm hearts! 

It’s widely known that LGBT community and human rights always were infringed in Russia but after latest laws that our government has supported last year, gay-community is in real danger. Day by day people who serve this country as solders, teachers, doctors, lawyers etc. are rejected and now even face homophobic attacks and death threats. 

WE a group of filmmakers, who support LGBT community, freedom of a person and tolerance in the world are preparing for next short film production. Our story is about an ordinary day of a lesbian couple that turned out to change their life forever. A school teacher became a suspect in trumped-up case against her and her child meanwhile her successful girlfriend came too close to an unpleasant truth about the way child adoptive system works. 

Unfortunately we a doing a very dangerous job here, so we can’t ask for support in Russia, it can lead us to jail. But we are devoted to our goal to make this movie, to tell this important story to all over the world! So we decided to ask help from all people who care!

To donate via IndieGoGo, click HERE.

This really is a worth cause.


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