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Monday 6 January 2014

Lost Girl S04E08 Recap: "Groundhog Fae."

WARNING: This article quite clearly contains spoilers of the highest level!

by Lauren W

Alright, you're probably thinking "bitch, where's my Lost Girl recap?!"

Well, thinking ahead of time, I decided to save this recap until now, because there was no new episode this week. Cry cry.

Here goes!

Holy. Crap.
You may have seen this scene previously, as Showcase released it for the whole world to see a few weeks back.

But dayum, Bo. We see her (Anna Silk) washing her car with a whole lotta bubbles, revealing a whole lotta cleavage.

Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) can do nothing but stare. And neither can we.

After the car wash, Bo heads inside and leaves a 20 on the counter for the two creepy gas station owners... and helps herself to some free candy on the way out.

Summer Christmas doesn't sound like a bad idea...
Trick (Rick Howland) is attempting to teach Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) all about this weird fae summer Christmas celebration the Fae call "Yule". Only in Fae world, there's no Santa Claus, only Krampus - the anti-Claus. Clever.

The clan have set up a mini-festive party for Bo to enjoy, and they all vow to make this fun for her.

But where is Bo?

Still gorgeous, even with bad breath.
It seems they've left her in the car. But they wouldn't... would they?

Bo wakes up to the radio singing "don't forget about me this Christmas." Oh, the irony.

When she gets inside, she realizes there are a bunch of strangers at this party, including some "Choga" guy who wants her to... lick him? Oh, and the lovely Bruce.

Scariest puppy dog in all the land.
In Bo's room, Lauren and Dyson are pondering over whether or not they should give this mystical looking box to Bo. It is addressed to her after all.

Bo finds the pair of them - who shield her view of the box - and Vex (Paul Amos) also makes his presence known.

Bo leaves to find Kenzi, who is kinda busy.

Red hair, don't care.
Yup, she's busy making out with her new boy toy, Hale, (KC Collins,) when she says "my Kenzi sense is tingling". She just knows something bad is about to happen, but Hale is too busy thinking of a suave pick up line in response.

At the party, Bo is ranting about how her friends left her, how Lauren and Dyson have become "the wonder twins", and how Kenzi hasn't even bothered to check on her... all to some random old man who she doesn't know.

And the moment we've all been waiting for. Tamsin (the lovely Rachel Skarsten) arrives. And...

Don't waste too much time, will you?
YES YES YES. Valkubus is on. Tamsin says "I'm sorry" and all of a sudden her lips are on Bo's lips.

Bo is all "what was that for?" and Tamsin replies "you won't remember any of this in two seconds anyway."

Right on cue, a beach ball hits a bunch of glasses, the guests yell "OPA!", the lights flicker and - 

"Groundhog Fae." Cute, Lost Girl. Cute.
Yup, Bo is back in the car and "don't forget about me this Christmas" plays once again. Repeating the day, aw yeah.

Just as she did before, Bo pushes past two guests making out, Bruce saves her from the gross lick-y Choga guy, and in comes Tamsin.

Tamsin explains to Bo that she has been repeating this scene over and over, and she can't believe that Bo actually remembers... must be because they kissed, right? So why not do it again... right?

And now for the cutest, saddest thing Tamsin ever said.

When Bo realizes the kiss didn't change much, she looks around the room and says "nada!" Tamsin's reply? (Don't even talk to me about this because I'm dying because Tamsin is so perfect and ugh.) She says "speak for yourself." SQUEE.

Aaaand sure enough... OPA! The loop begins again. Bo wakes up, goes inside, pushes the people making out aside, but... Bruce is gone. Huh?

Seems Bo is already bored of this and decides they should have some fun instead...

Bo beats a sasquatch in an arm wrestle, Tamsin chugs a keg like a champ and then...


............oh right! There are other things happening in this episode. Dyson, Lauren and Vex are still getting their drink on whilst deliberating whether or not to give Bo this weird box.

Ladies and ladies, I give you The (Drunk) Wonder Twins.
Vex says he's bored of this threesome, and he will be the mediator in this argument.

But back downstairs, Bo is repeating her party once again. This time, she wakes up looking super pleased with herself. I think we all know why. (STILL FANGIRLING. HELP.)

Bo and Tamsin have a little heart to heart by the fire (SERIOUSLY, STOP. I CAN'T HANDLE THIS.) and before Tamsin can tell Bo what she needs tell her... someone gets sucked into the wall.

Yes, ladies. We're as confused as you are.
Once more, we repeat the scene aaaaaaand... Tamsin tells Bo this can't be her fault. All she did was take the bus (cute), get some gum at the gas station and came straight to Benzi Manor.

And they FINALLY realize that Trick will be the one to help them out of this situation.

Lauren and Dyson (and Vex) are still arguing over this box, by the way, that is until the drunken duo realize they have quite a lot in common and decide to hug it out. Um... Okay?

OH, and Lauren decides that she's gonna reattach Vex's hand. Drunken surgery. Wonderful news.

Unimpressed Tamsin is unimpressed.
Bo and Tamsin find Trick passed out drunk in the bath, but manage to shake him awake. (He also tells Tamsin she's pretty. Ha.)

Bo (whom Trick labels his "Grandubus") explains what is going on but before she can finish - the darned day restarts again.

It restarts a bunch of times actually, as we continually see Kenzi announcing that her "Kenzi sense is tingling" followed by Hale giving a bunch of squirm-worthy responses.

*childish giggle* heh, condoms.
It is during this scene that Kenzi shows Hale her assortments of penis protectors from Bo (which come in edible and fig-flavoured, by the way), and the audience realizes that Hale is in the same boat as Bo and Tamsin - he remembers each time loop too.

Bo once again explains to Trick what is going on, he tells Tamsin she's pretty (and she replies "I KNOW" - yes, we all know too), explains to Bo that he's terrified of The Wanderer... but once again the scene restarts.

At which point, we all want to punch the woman singing "don't forget about me this Christmas" on the radio.

Tamsin's facial expressions should have a show of their own.
This time, Bo and Tamsin try Hale for help and realize he's been stuck in the time loop too! Finally, we're getting somewhere.

Hale tells them this is definitely a Krampus prank, and that Krampus is clearly feeding on the regret of a select few.

Bo storms downstairs to the guy stood in front of the suck-y in wall, and NO! He sucks in Tamsin too.

Sometimes I get a bad screen cap but I'm too lazy to do anything about it.
Somehow, Bo and Hale figure out that both her and Tamsin (and Hale) took candy from that gas station and that's why they're stuck. Hale also reveals he's been making out with Kenzi for about four hours, and Bo tells him that's sleazy. Which it kind of is.

...and Kenzi overhears the whole confession. Oh :(

Good news though? Tamsin's disappearance has ended the time loop, so Hale gives Bo some special Yule dagger and she leaves for the gas station.

Still ship this. (Note to my friend, Mickie: YOU'RE THE ONLY PERSON WHO DOESN'T.)
Hale goes to apologize to Kenzi and tells her that he's nervous. And they did no way have sex without her remembering it.

Kenzi can't believe that he's nervous, but he tells her he's never done this with anyone he actually cares about before. SO CUTE. HELP. 

But oh dear, look what's happened elsewhere.

As much as I want to lick that, please don't turn into a lollipop.
It seems Tamsin has somehow been hypnotized and is strapped to a machine that turns Fae into candy.

Luckily, Bo uses the dagger Hale gave her to jam the machine, and Tamsin is temporarily saved.

Side note: Bruce is alive and being used as a slave because he broke the machine due to his gargantuan size. Yay!

Tamsin looks hella good in chain mail.
Bo unstraps Tamsin from the machine, but Tamsin looks super sad.

She tells Bo how it's all her fault that the Wanderer found her - years ago when she was the strongest Valkyrie that existed, she made a deal with him to find the Fae whose eyes were both brown and blue, who was neither dark nor light... And she took the deal because Bo just wasn't supposed to exist.

Bo forgives her for the past (eek), and they hug it out. And out pops Krampus!

I can't get over the "Krampus & Son" sign in the background.
Turns out, Krampus was the gas station guy (and the guy Bo was ranting to at the party) all along!

He sets Tamsin and Bruce free, but forces Bo onto his candy conveyor belt and forces her to admit that she's scared. For some reason this is all he wanted from her...

And he sets her free too. Woo! Of course, she ends up with Tamsin outside her car. Yes.

Sigh. Valkubus. Sigh.
Bo tells Tamsin that she's scared and Tamsin continues with her ridiculous cuteness by saying "I've got you." UGHHHH STOP THIS NONSENSE.

The pair of them realize that neither can go back into Bo's house, as the dark are unable to party with the light after midnight, and a wild Kenzi appears.

Quite adorably, Kenzi tells Tamsin she was worried about her, and Tamsin calls her "Moms". Nawwww.

We end with Kenzi giving Bo her box, explaining that Lauren had to leave to sober up and sew Vex's hand on properly.

And what's in the box?

A jar of black, swirly smoke. Of course.


What did y'all think of this episode? I can't stop watching it if I'm honest.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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