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Thursday 18 April 2013

Up & Coming Lesbian Web Series: In The Deep!

Love the British? Love lesbians? Love British lesbians? Then this one's for you.

The Brits are coming! DreamCoat Productions presents In The Deep.

London, UK – DCP presents In The Deep, which stars Luke Wilson, Zebulun Delisser, Denver Issac, Olu Ubadike, Gareth Andrews and featuring Damilola Fashola, Nozomi Orlando and Mark Massett. More info can also be found on
DCP is proud to bring In The Deep a web drama series about four fun­loving best friends who live in the heart of London’s vibrant East End, each harbouring secrets of their own.This is not just another queer web drama series, it’s a story about people, their loves, lives and lies. Ade is stuck between two worlds, British­-Nigerian and gay. He lives a double life, hiding his relationships on both ends; Emilia has the confusing ‘thing’ with Riley, her straight best friend who also has a boyfriend. Wesley is struggling to decide whether to fight for love or let someone else sweep him off his feet. Rene realises that he finally has to grow up. 
The show’s creators see this as bringing something new and different online to a community that up until now did not have their story being told in the same light. This is a fun and light­hearted drama with real characters and real people, shot in a way that is not seen online, therefore raising the bar in terms of production quality. So the first two episodes were shot through the help of people who have worked on films like Prometheus, World War Z, Jack the Giant Slayer and X­Men: First Class, but they believe in this project that they’ve given their time for free, and now we are doing a fundraising campaign to help fund the rest of the production in terms of equipment, locations and post­-production. 
In The Deep was created and written by Joseph Adesunloye and Joy Gharoro ­Akpojotor. The episodes are directed by Joseph Adesunloye and Vins Blake, with Canadian director Sarah Warren slated to come on board to direct episodes further down the line. 
Check out the first episodes: / More info on our fundraising campaign:­the­deep­web­series/x/2492735.
The second episode will be available online by the end of the week, however it will be
password protected but sent to you for your viewing pleasure.

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