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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Gig Review: Hunter Valentine

Okay, so I saw Hunter Valentine 2 weeks ago and I should have probably reviewed this gig before now... But they still have a lot of touring to do so I figured I'd do it anyway!

If you don't watch The Real L Word, haven't watched Girl/Girl Scene or you're not a fan of Sick of Sarah, Tegan & Sara or An Horse, you probably haven't heard of this quartet.

Okay, I crossed Somer's face out because she's actually not in the band anymore - she was replaced by the incredibly down to earth Amy. (The band really need to do some new photoshoots).

I saw Hunter Valentine in a pretty small venue where I live in Ontario, Canada. There was barely anyone there - I'm not sure whether this was because no one knew about it or because not enough gays were willing to party on a Tuesday - but the band were great nonetheless.

Playing tracks from both old albums and the soon to be released Collide and Conquer, this quartet put on an unforgettable show.

Frontwoman Kiyomi rocks the mic.

My personal favourites were played (Liar Liar and Scarface) so that was a bonus - for me at least!

Both before and after the gig, drummer Laura was my favourite out of the four girls. Not only was she hilarious, but she played the whole gig with a broken ankle. What a trooper.

Laura soldiers on.

Of course it was a little awkward - lack of turn out even made the band feel kind of awkward. I spent a lot of the concert wishing there were more people to show these ladies some support... they really are an awesome band!

Nevertheless, they played on. Kiyomi sort of crowd surfed at one point. Bassist Vero asked which lesbians the two men in the front row belonged to - of course none of us knew who the fuck they were...

Vero - cool as a freakin' cucumber.

What's more is... I got to meet them! Eek!

They were all so lovely: Kiyomi told me she liked my name (duh) and Amy told me I smelled good. Mhmm, I got a compliment from the hot new girl. Jealous?

Fan-girling. *swoon*

I met the other three girls and had pictures with them too but quite frankly, you're not really all that interested, are you? Hah!

Honestly, I wouldn't say I'd choose Hunter Valentine over Uh Huh Her just yet (click HERE to read my review of an UHH gig) but I will say that I think big things are coming for HV.

Not only are they are ridiculously sexy, but they're so down to earth and their music is pretty awesome too.

For more information on Hunter Valentine's US/Canadian tour, click HERE to go to the list of upcoming concerts on the band's website.

p.s. It only cost me $5 to see them. BARGAIN!

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