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Sunday 16 September 2012

Small City Pride: Peterborough, ON

Why have I been absent from my blog for a month, you ask? Well, I have moved to CANADA!

Yep, I've only been here for two weeks and already it feels like home. Take a look:

That's right, I've got myself a little Canadian family already. (When I say Canadian, I mean international. Some of the people in that photograph are from places like South Africa, Australia, Trinidad, Norway, The Netherlands... I could go on.) 

Alas, I am only here for one year, but I can say that this crazy shit has already happened:

I am forever embarrassing myself to make people laugh, don't judge.

But why am I telling you all this, you ask?

Well, I also have myself a little GAY Canadian family forming too!

This weekend it was Peterborough Pride day in Ontario, so I thought I'd give you the low down.

Although its probably the smallest pride I've ever been to (the English prides in Manchester, London, Birmingham and Nottingham that I've been to are always on the large side), there was a great sense of community and, uh... pride.

My friends and I ended up in the parade by accident, but it ended up being the highlight of the day.

Although we have absolutely no affiliation with Peterborough Youth Services, we thought that marching amongst their people was most appropriate - I'm actually classed as an adult, but as a student I feel that 'youth' applies to me too.

So yeah, we partied down the streets and ended up in a field with a few gay stalls and a beer tent. Canadian alcohol regulations are pretty weird though, so we had to stay in the tent to drink. (This would never happen in England - pride = drinking in the streets).

For me, that was a downfall, but I still got to spend some time with some awesome people, including my main man, Dale, who I soberly danced with for the entire duration of the day.

Was it the best pride I've ever been to? No. But would I go again? For sure. long as I have these people with me:

Do you have any small town pride experiences? What about tales of city prides? Tell me about them below!


thepinkypromiseland said...

Hey, I like your blog :) and at the moment I am so sad for our poor country. They didn't allow us to have Pride... I am bloody 27 years old and never been on Pride :( It's hell being gay here ...

lezstar said...

@Dolly Valkyrie, thank you! But that sucks :( hopefully one day you'll be able to make it!

Unknown said...

Hi there
Going to b a little
Forward here ! And say I'm visiting Peterborough from Leeds. England on Tuesday and will be around a few weeks! Would b cool to chat to a fellow native , so can point me in the right direction
Add me on Facebook Frankieblunt

lezstar said...

@Frankie Blunt, are you talking about Peterborough in England? Or Peterborough in Canada?

Unknown said...

Canada lol ontario!

Unknown said...

Arrive Tuesday for a couple of weeks x

Unknown said...

Not been on here before , don't really know how to use it :/

lezstar said...

@Frankie Blunt, ah awesome! Then yes, I will probably see you around!

Unknown said...

U fancy chatting, would really find it useful to know we're to hang out etc.....
I'm 21 x

lezstar said...

@Frankie Blunt, sure! Direct message me on Twitter ( or facebook ( and I'd be happy to give you a few hints!