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Friday 4 December 2009

Make way for SuperBeals!

I'd like to take a time out, just to worship this lady.

That's right, I want to worship Jennifer Beals. Also known as SuperBeals, 'The Beals', JJB and Bette Porter. Or, if you're straight, 'that chick from Flashdance.'

So why am I worshipping her? Well, can you think of a reason I shouldn't? Other than the fact that she's not gay, of course.

The main reason I'm writing this is because I've recently been re-watching The L Word from the beginning, and I realized that it is actually Beals who keeps everything together. The first season (clearly the best season) has so much dramatic content because of this lady. Keeps me on my toes she does.

In real life, Jennifer has done a lot to campaign for the rights of homosexuals. She frequently makes speeches about her life growing up as a bi-racial child that move people to tears. Her acting ability is second to none; go on, admit that you were stumped when you found out she was straight after watching L for the first time. No other straight actress makes lesbian sex scenes look so seamless.

So there we have it. This is why I love Superbeals.

Why do you love her?


Rosalie Kate said...

first of all, I'd like to copyright superbeals seeing as that was my coinage. :)

and, I love her because she's a much better actress than people give her credit for, considering they just think "Flashdance".

tracybrady said...

I don't.. but your articles about her was pretty great though

Janine said...

Argh! My gf is obsessed with her, but I don't get it! It's impossible for us to watch the show without her drooling everywhere. But I get her back when we watch Grey's hehehe (Arizona!).

lezstar said...

Ahh Janine I love Arizona too. But I have to say Jennifer Beals is drool-worthy. Let your gf know!

Thanks Tracy!

Rosiee - I copyright you :)

Potential Buddha said...

You are so right, this woman is amazing! Thanks for reminding us of it ;D

SALOU said...

hahaha..i love jeniffer Beals since flash dance! my goodness.. she's ridiculously hot in that movie..

Lala said...

I don't get it either, not the amount of adoration anyway. And her weepy "it was hard being me" speeches are so 1940's

Miss Éclaire said...

it's a shame she's not lesbian, really: in the l word, she's the godesse of the lesbians, the suprema diva.... playing too good for being a hetero. Jes.

Found your blog today, like it! Good work!

Luna said...

1)She's an amazing actress.
2) I'm obsessed with her
3) She's ABSOLUELY beautiful
4) Her sex scenes are flawless and inspire panty dropping in my dorm room.
5) She causes my gf to go crazy and beg me to fuck her like Bette fucks Tina, a request to which I gladly comply.

lezstar said...

Thankyou Anita, keep reading!

Luna, I'm glad you agree! TiBette sex is pretty much the hottest thing about The L Word, I have to agree. She plays gay far too well to not be.