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Monday 28 December 2009

Bars to Visit: The Loft Lounge, Birmingham, UK

I was recently asked to recommend some good gay bars, so here's my first recommendation.

The Loft Lounge in Birmingham, UK, is a classy, modern bar, ideal for any sophisticated gays wanting a peaceful night out.

Service-wise, staff are very friendly and are willing to wait on your every need. The decor of the place makes you feel instantly very at home and comfortable.

The fact that the Lounge also serves food gives the place an L Word feel, as in, it's pretty much like The Planet. (If you don't know what I mean, brush up on your L Word.) I didn't have any of the food myself, but it smelled damn good.

The versatility of the people in there is also amazing. There was no drama, no fighting - even the straight people there just got on with what they were doing. That's my idea of a night out.

Of course, if you're up for a bit dancing, there are other bars in Birmingham that cater perfectly. (I've been told the best is The Nightingale on Kent Street.)

But if you want a nice night out - or even a date - I recommend The Loft Lounge with full approval.


Anonymous said...

I'd not really looked at any of the scene in Birmingham before, as I only visit every now and again, but it sounds like a nice place. I'll have to check it out when I'm there, so thanks :)

tracybrady said...

Best Lesbian Drama for 2009? Definitely not Lisa Miller and Janet Jenkins. Though, the Lohan/Ronson thing was totally tawdry too.