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Saturday 1 November 2008


The votes are almost in! The election ends on November 4th! (God forbid anyone who votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin!)

For those of you who don't know, proposition 8 is the law that, if approved, will deny the right of same sex marriage in the state of California.

I'm hoping that all of those reading this (if you live in California, of course) are voting 'no' on this preposterous proposition, and if not, then why?! Seriously. I have a few ideas why you may be voting for prop 8, but I also have some ideas why your reasons are utter bullsh*t.

1) Gay marriage will encourage people to be gay.
What?! Are you stupid?! This is basically the same as saying 'Hanging with tall people will make you tall' or 'Working with white people will make you white.'

2) Straight marriage would be less meaningful if gay people could marry too.
Hmm yeah, and straight people such as Britney Spears who get married for 55 hours just for fun don't take the sanctity out of straight marriage.

3) Straight marriages are valid because they produce children.
Wait a sec, didn't we already over-populate the Earth and fill up orphanages to the brim?

4) Gay parents will raise gay children, obviously.
And straight parents only raise straight children...

5) Religion does not support gay marriage.
And everyone in the world has the same religion, who's values are imposed on the entire continent of Northern America.

6) Children can't succeed without a male and female role model in the home.
So how come we don't forbid single parents from raising children?

I'm sure you see where I'm getting at. I could go on, as there are many reasons why I oppose Proposition 8.

So if you're not already, I encourage you to vote NO ON PROP 8. Not allowing gay marriage is making a hole in the American way of life: everyone is equal.


Rosalie Kate said...

have you seen the commercial for Prop 8 featuring Bridget McManus?

lezstar said...

I have. It's clearly the best :D